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1- How many siblings do you have? age differences?

2- Do you think that ages makes a difference as to if you relatd as kids? Or even as adults

3- Do you think siblings are a blessing, or are they overrated?

4- Did your own family dynamics play a part into your decision to have x amount of kids?how many kids do you have, or want?


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Tara - posted on 08/31/2011




1- How many siblings do you have? age differences?

I have 1 sibling, he is 19 months older than I am.

2- Do you think that ages makes a difference as to if you relatd as kids? Or even as adults

No we didn't relate as kids and not much as adults. Not because of age, but because we have two very different personalities.

3- Do you think siblings are a blessing, or are they overrated?

I think they can be overrated and can be a blessing. I would have turned out pretty much the same without having a sibling. We were never close, never did stuff together... even as young kids, my mom said we were like neighbours who didn't like each other.

4- Did your own family dynamics play a part into your decision to have x amount of kids?how many kids do you have, or want?

No not at all. I have 6 kids. I don't want more and I'm fixed so closed for baby business.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 08/31/2011




1. I have 2 sisters, one 10yrs older than me (we are best friends) one 4 years older than me (we do not talk, and she and I used to fight terrible).
2. sure it matters.
3. I love my sisters even though one of them I don't get along with. The older one is a blessing. The other...well...jury is still out on that one.
4. Absolutely. I never wanted kids at all. But I only wanted 1 or 2. I did not want 3 because of middle child syndrome that my sister is text book case of. I did not want to have that issue with my children.

Sarah - posted on 08/31/2011




1. I have one sister who is 6 and a half years older than me. I also have a half brother who is 16yrs older than me, but I've only met him just recently.

2. As my sister was that much older than me, I think I was more of an annoyance to her than anything else! Especially when she hit her teens. We weren't very close really, but we didn't hate each other or anything. (very often anyway! haha!) She was always there for me if I needed her.
Once I was out of the "teen" years, we got on much better, and when I had my eldest, it was kinda nice because it was me doing something before her, so when she got pregnant, I was the one giving her advice rather than the other way around!

3. Although I wasn't super close to my sister to start with, she's definitely a blessing! I'm really glad I have a big was nice to have someone to ask about things that I was embarrassed to ask Mum about and stuff! I wouldn't be without my sister.

4. I guess I always assumed I would have 2 kids, just because that's the way it was in my family. I wouldn't have wanted only one child (not that there's anything wrong with having just one!) but I wouldn't want any more than 2!!
It did make me think about the age difference though. I didn't want there to be a big difference between my kids like with me and my sister. In the end, my girls ended up being 4yrs apart, which I think worked out quite well!

Becky - posted on 08/30/2011




I have 3 siblings. A sister who is almost exactly 2 years younger, a brother who is 4 years younger, and a sister who is 11 years younger.

I do think our ages made a difference in how we related as children. My brother and sister and I fought a lot, but we were also best friends. We had a lot of the same interests. My youngest sister was almost more of a parent-child relationship than a sibling relationship because she was so much younger than I was and I helped take care of her a lot. But, our family dynamics weren't exactly normal either. By the time she came along, I was in boarding school with my 2 other siblings. She started at boarding school in my grade 12 year and then I moved back to Canada and my family came back for a year and then went back to Africa. So I missed out on a large part of her childhood. I was always very protective of her though, and still am. I think as adults, our personalities make more difference in how we relate to one another than our ages. I'm close to both my sisters and my brother and I get along fine, but we're not super close. I think a large part of that has to do with the fact that we just have different values and beliefs.

I totally think my siblings are a blessing. Especially growing up the way we did, away from our parents much of the time. At least we had each other. My sister and I lived together here in Calgary as adults until she got married and were a huge support to each other. She's still my best friend.

Yes, I think our family did affect how many kids I wanted. I wanted 4, just like we had, but my husband would only agree to 3. But I couldn't imagine only having one child.

[deleted account]

1) I have 1 older brother who is about 2 and a half yrs older.

2) We always seemed to fight i think a little further apart would have been good.

3) A bit of both. My brother and i were building an awesome friendship after he left school and then when my daughter was born he was a brilliant uncle. Then he met his now wife and everything fell apart. He has never met my 2 younger children we have barely spoken in 3 yrs. Sometime i miss what we did have but i know it would never be the same because of his horrible wife. I would be happy if she fell off the face of the earth!

4) yes it did. I knew i wanted more then 2 children. I wanted 4 but ended up with 3. I wanted more because i have seen what the divide has done to my mum and i hate that she relys on me as much as she does. I wish she had him as well and i don't want to do that to my children.

[deleted account]

1. One sister. 3 years younger.

2. As kids we fought. But by the time we were teens, we were best friends. She's still my best friend.

3. blessing

4. At first I wanted a lot of kids. When I was a kid, I always wished there were other people to play with other than my one sister. But now we are DONE at two. A lot of factors went into that decision.

Ez - posted on 08/30/2011




1. One brother... 2 years and 9 months younger than me.

2. I loved the age difference. We were close enough to get along as little kids, but far enough apart that we had different interests as teenagers.

3. I love having a brother, and hate the thought that my daughter may wind up being an only child. We fought as kids, of course. There was blood shed lol. But once I moved out (at 19) we started getting on again. Now he is one of my closest friends, and has been a wonderful support to me as a single mum. He can still be a dick lol, but he's a good brother, and a wonderful uncle.

4. The relationship I have now with my brother is largely why I don't want Milla to be an only child. I don't want her to miss out on having that close blood tie. I'd love to have at least one more baby, but given my situation, I have no idea if or when that may happen.

Lacye - posted on 08/30/2011




I have 2 older sisters, 35 and 42, and I have 2 step brothers, 28 and 35.

I do think the age difference did spread myself and my older siblings apart and I just never liked my stepbrother that is a couple years older than me because he is just a total asshat.

I love my sisters but I don't see the big deal with my stepbrothers.

Yes. I don't want to have more than 2 kids. I think that is enough for anybody. When it was 4 of us in one house, my sister was married with kids when my dad and stepmom got married, there was no time to spend with my dad or my stepmother (who was so busy paying attention to my asshat stepbrother).

Amanda - posted on 08/30/2011




1-i have a sister who is a year and 2 months younger then me
2-no i don't think age makes a difference on how sibilings relate as kids or either relate or u don't.
3-well personally i think they are a blessing...i may of had sibling rivalry with my sister but i don't know what i would ever do without her
4- i do believe that my own family dynamics did play apart in my decision to have kids or at least was never an option..i currantly have two kids and i would like to have two more but not sure at least one more for sure...

Mary - posted on 08/30/2011




1. I have one sibling, a sister. She is 16 months younger than me.

2. Because we are so close in age, and the same sex, there were times when we fought non-stop, and times when we were the best of buds. A huge turning point for us when I went away to college. It was the first time we had been apart, and we missed each other incredibly. I think that was truly when we became best friends, as well as sisters.

3. For me, my sister has truly been a blessing. We have certainly had our rough spots over the years, and there are times when she can irritate the shit out of me like no other human alive, but I know, without question, I can always count on her to be there for me whenever I need her. That being said, I realize that I am lucky - neither a blood relation nor a shared childhood guarantees a close bond.

4. I always wanted 2 kids when I was younger - but life didn't work out that way for me. Molly herself was a truly unexpected blessing, and at 40, with a 45 y/o husband, I don't think another is in the cards for us. She is more than enough. There is a small part of me that is sad that she will not have a sibling, but I have enough friends that are "onlies" to know that you find your own sisters as you go through life. As well, Molly has something that I never did - cousins, with whom she is already exceptionally close. My parents were both only children.

[deleted account]

i dont have any brothers names kevin...i have two named john though, and yes my mom named them both.

[deleted account]

1 - I have an older sister (4 years older) and a younger brother (2 1/2 years younger).

2 - My sister and I didn't get along in her teenage years (she didn't get along with many people in her teenage years...), but once she moved out of the house for college we reconnected and we've been really close since. My brother and I have always been close :) I think the main reason my sister and I had a bad time when she was in her teenage years was because I was just the annoying little sister, but when she moved out I was just entering puberty (I was a late bloomer), so we had a lot more in common and we weren't bugging each other on a daily basis.

3 - I love my siblings and I could never imagine life without them. Even when my sister and I didn't get along we still loved each other and I never wished she wasn't there (well, a couple times, but not seriously! lol). My siblings have been a huge blessing in my life and some of my happiest memories involve the three of us dancing around the living room to the "Lion King" soundtrack :)

4 - I think it played a small part in how many kids I wanted. Growing up I always said I wanted 3 kids, and looking back on it I think it's probably because I grew up with my 2 siblings and I thought life was pretty perfect. I have 3 daughters now and I am done and happy :)

[deleted account]

1- How many siblings do you have? age differences? My brother is 4 years older, my sister is 4 years younger.

2- Do you think that ages makes a difference as to if you relatd as kids? Or even as adults As kids, we honestly did not get along and were never in the same social circles. As adults, we still fight-hoenstly real fighting. But we get over it.

3- Do you think siblings are a blessing, or are they overrated? I'm indifferent. I honestly never had this "sibling bond" with eith erof them. Half the time my brother is an immature ass and my sister can't do a damn thing for herself and I question her parnting. So I'm indifferent towards them.

4- Did your own family dynamics play a part into your decision to have x amount of kids?how many kids do you have, or want?
We have 1 child, and we are perfectly content with one. There are a lot of things in life he can have, but a sibling is not one of them. My husband and his brother do not speak and are 2500 miles away from each other. My son has met him only a few times. A sibling is no guarantee that they will get along in life. So 1 and done. We are happy.

[deleted account]

1)Brother, 18 months older, sister 18 months younger, sister 36 months younger, sister& brother 7 years younger, brother 16 years younger.

Now for the step family :P Brother, 2 years younger, brother 3 years younger, brother same age.

2) Age makes a difference when they are interfering with your growing space because your all the same age practically...

3) Siblings are a blessing in some ways....mostly they are a pain in the ass. Being the second oldest was anyways, i was designated secondary mom.

4) I hate crowds because of how crowded i grew up, so i am only having 2 children.

Jurnee - posted on 08/30/2011




1- I am the oldest of five, brothers, 3, 7 and 9 years younger. and sister 5 yrs younger.
2-When we were young we were close to an extent. I was in a different social circle, where as my brother and sister were in the same group, as were my two youngest brothers. Now that we are grown though we are very close.Except my sister.
3-My brothers and their wives are some of my best friends.
4- I loved having a big family, growing up our house was always fun and lively with us plus our friends. So I definitley wanted a large family, I initially wanted 6, but decided to stop at 4.

Stifler's - posted on 08/30/2011




1 - 3, 2 sisters 1 brother. Sisters 2 and 5 years younger, brother 13 years younger

2 - I hardly know my briother I moved out when he was 6. My sister is an orange haired doc marten wearing hipster so we have nothing in common and my other sister steals and has a sense of entitlment so meh. I don't think it really impacts. I could be closer to Sam if I wanted to be.

3 - Overrated!

4- Yes I only want 2 so I can afford to give them the stuff I never had. And so we can get the family meal deal adn there will be enough food.

Kate CP - posted on 08/30/2011




1- How many siblings do you have? age differences?
One that I know of. Several that I don't. I'm almost 4 years older than my sister.

2- Do you think that ages makes a difference as to if you relatd as kids? Or even as adults
I related much differently to my sister in our teen years. When we were young children we got along great and now as adults we're seeing things more eye-to-eye.

3- Do you think siblings are a blessing, or are they overrated?
I love my sister and I always have. Sure, there are times I wanted to bean her over the head with a meat tenderizer but she's still my sister.

4- Did your own family dynamics play a part into your decision to have x amount of kids?how many kids do you have, or want?
Kind of. I have two kids and that's all I want. I don't want the little buggers to outnumber us adults. ;) My mom had two children (again, the sibling that I grew up with) and it seemed to work out good for her.

Jennifer - posted on 08/30/2011




1) Sister, 8 years older; Brother, 6 years older; Brother, 3 years younger; brother, 3 years younger

2) The age difference wasn't so much an issue. My sister and I are polar oppisites, so did not get along as kids, but my older brother was my hero. They were half siblings, though, and lived with their dad and I didn't get to see them much. We are fairly close now. One of my younger brothers and I grew up in the same house, but were not close and still are not. My other younger brother was adopted 6 months before I moved out. We are not close but his drug and drinking habit are the reason for that.

3) I think it depends, more on how alike the two people are than anything else! My kids get along best with the sibling that is most like them, regardless of age gap.

4) No, but then I didn't have a whole lot of say in the number of kids I have! Two were very happy BC failures, and 3 came as package with my husband. I wouldn't change a thing, though!

Jessica - posted on 08/30/2011




1.) I have 1 sister who is 10 years older then me and a little brother who is 2 1/2 years younger then me.
2.) I think it can, growing up I didn't really know my sister, she was teen when I was really young, we had nothing in common and were worlds apart. My brother..I enjoyed tormenting him, but no one else was aloud to. Now as adults, both are some of the best friends I have ever had. When I graduated highschool I moved in with my sister and her family ( she was married with kids by this time) and we have been best friends since.
3.) I think it truely depends on the person, I don't believe that blood is thicker then water...or however that saying goes. I am someone who is lucky to be very close with both my siblings and my parents, but I aslo have 2 friends that we may as well have come from the same womb. Whereas my mother, her brother (my uncle) aside from them sharing a mom, is a waste of skin and I'm glad he's not around, same with her mom. My dad has a million sibilings ( k, more like 6 ) and while they all get along, are not overly close.
4.) Not really, me and hubby just wanted 2 kids, no matter the gender. We just lucked out into having a girl and we have a baby boy due anyday now.

Merry - posted on 08/30/2011




1- I have a sister Bethany who is 2 years older, a brother Kevin who is 2 years younger and an adopted brother Matthew who is 10 years younger. Then when I was 16 my dad remarried and I got a bunch of step siblings, two were already adults and on their own, one step sister Tiffany is 2 years younger and another step sister Jenny is 10 years younger.

2- yes, as kids me and my 2 siblings were always close, we usually ganged up two on one but it changed so often no one was ever ostracized long :) I think being close in age was nice, we played the same stuff alot and generally got along quite well. When we added my brother Matthew into the mix it was great for me, I was 10 and I was very motherly to him and adored everything about him, my sister was 12 and not so interested in babies so she never bonded as much with him like I did. And my brother Kevin was 8 and mostly thought Matthew was annoying :/ he loved him on some level but rarely paid him any attention.
As adults my sister and I are very very close, and she has developed a good relationship with Matthew and Kevin too. Kevin and I bonded in high school but now don't really talk much cuz we have no common interests.

3- I definitely think siblings are a blessing, I don't know what I'd be like without my sister and having my baby brother Matthew shaped me so much into the mom I am now.

4- yes, I always wanted a bigger family and I've always loved having siblings especially since we homeschooled my siblings were my best friends and I knew I wanted at least 4 kids so my children can experience the same stuff. We have 2 now and my husband would be happily done but I'm sure he will be ready for another eventually :)

Lady Heather - posted on 08/30/2011




1. I have a sister who is two years older and a brother who is two years younger.

2. I think it definitely makes a difference when you're kids. I was really close with my siblings and we even shared social groups. My cousins that have larger age differences well...the older one was leaving home and the younger one was still in elementary school so obviously there's an impact there. But I haven't noticed a difference in our adult relationships.

3. Mine are awesome so obviously a blessing to me. I don't understand sibling fights and stuff like that because I think life is too short. These are the people that know me best. I talk to my sister every day even though she lives across the country. Even have daily contact with my brother (by text or call) and he's a non-communicative boy. We are all parents now so we still have tons in common. It's a good time.

4. Yeah, I really want three kids at least. I liked growing up with the brother and sister and a bunch of cousins around.

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