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When you're sick and need to get better, what do you do?

Here are a few tips I've received:

drink as much scotch as you can, then go to bed and get a good night's sleep

Fill a pot with water and cinnamon and let it boil to clean the air

Have you received any neat or just strange get better fast tips?


Tara - posted on 02/25/2011




To relieve sinus congestion brought on by allergies or colds chew on raw honeycomb 4-6 times a day for at least 5-10 minutes each time. It is not just the honey but the chemical make up of the comb itself that will constrict the swollen and inflamed blood vessels in your sinuses that are causing the congestion.
Also, good home made chicken noodle soup made with an actual chicken carcass, so you get all the goodness of the marrow from the bones. And a bunch of garlic and you have a medically proven remedy for colds and flu.


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My FIL swears by Bi-carb for his heartburn Sara - my problem is it tastes disgusting. I'll stick to my cinnamon flavoured Gaviscon and milk by the gallon load yum.

"I also drink a shot of spiced rum in hot water, with cinnamon garnish :)"

Jocelyn what is that for it sounds yummy just as a regualr drink nevermind as a cure, mmm I may try that once I've had the baby ;-)

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Lisa, I used to be scared of that too. But those blue people literally drank like a gallon a day! We drink or gargle at the first sign of sickness and then a cup or so a day until completely well. Which is only a day or two as the silver knocks out the illness quickly! I also read somewhere that the blue people have a certain gene that reacts with the silver therefore turning them blue. I'm not terribly worried about's gradual anyway. It's not like you'll turn bright blue overnight. If I see one of us starting to show a light shade of gray or more silver!

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My son just had his 3rd cold in his whole life and I decided to try something different. I got some yogurt (french vanilla!) , an orange, and a large carrot. I used my hand held blender and made a concoction that he LOVED. He drank 2 glasses of it! He loves ice, so I froze the rest in little ice cubes. He loved it so much that he ate ALL of the ice cubes! Mere hours later, his cold was GONE. It was a pretty bad cold to begin with. I was shocked at how quickly he recovered.

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Hehehe Sara- I know so many people swear by colloidal silver and then I think of those people whose skin is permanently stained blue.

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I use the honey for coughs and salt water for sore throats or canker sores.
When I had gallstones, the only thing that worked for me during an attack was taking a spoonful of vinegar. Nasty, but it worked!

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Oregano oil at the first sign of sickness!
Baking soda for heartburn.
I also drink a shot of spiced rum in hot water, with cinnamon garnish :)

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Colloidal silver is my husband's answer to everything.

And he gave me some baking soda a few days ago and I swear it cured my heartburn forever. Tums wasn't touching it.

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Take sodium ascorbate titrated to bowel tolerance. In high enough regular doses until you notice the runs, lol. Then cut back a bit.

Research has found that most people are deficient in vitamin c- and the research shows that the sicker one is, the more vitamin c one can consume to tolerance- thus the more the body needs. Apparently a lot of people are running around with subclinical scurvy.

But you need sodium ascorbate- if you use ascorbic acid you need to take equal amounts of baking soda because the body needs sodium to break the molecule.

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I have several chicken carcasses in my freezer right now, just waiting for someone to get sick. Just throw them in a big pot, add some garlic, some thyme, a bay leaf, some sea salt and pepper and simmer away for about 5 hours, adding water as necessary. Strain and take any meat you want off the bones, return broth and meat to pot, add celery, carrots, onions, whatever else you like and let simmer again until veggies are tender and then add cooked egg noodles. mmmm... guaranteed to take the chill out of your bones and make you feel better. :)

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I just do what a lot of people are told to do. I try to drink more than usual, more vitamin c intake, and try to rest. When I have a sore throat or a cough, I gargle with salt water (if it is a bad cough forget it, I can't).

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My grandmother use to feed me green tea and liquid euchinacea. She thought it was more effective in liquid form.... It was nasty.... tasted like old celery sticks.

Jenn - posted on 02/25/2011




Well, I don't buy into crap like that personally. When I'm sick I just try to rest if I can.

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For a cough I take a couple of paracetomal and drink a cup of hot water mixed with honey (you can add squash to flavour it if you like but I like the honey water) - it works a treat really soothing and cheap as well :-)

For everything I else I generally where possible just sleep as I find sleep works better than any quick fix remedies.

Meghan - posted on 02/24/2011




lol! Lucky for me I live with my mom, so on the really, really bad nites a shot of gin with neo helps :P

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