Sister kills sister - 4 years jail..

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Kathleen Worrall repeatedly stabbed her younger sister and then told a friend, "I am glad the bitch is dead".

During the frenzied attack, her 18-year-old sister Susan had cried: "No Kathleen, I love you, I love you, please stop."

But Worrall believed she did not mean it and was feigning her last gasps.

So she stabbed her only sibling again, yelling: "You're faking it, stop faking it."

Worrall, jailed on Friday for at least four years and three months for manslaughter, has told a psychiatrist she now realises how bizarre her thinking and behaviour had become.

In sentencing the 22-year-old in the NSW Supreme Court, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton accepted that Worrall essentially loved her sister and was deeply remorseful.

The former Australian Catholic University student pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Susan Worrall, who sustained more than 50 stab wounds, at the family home in Strathfield, in Sydney's west, on October 10, 2008.

The Crown accepted the plea on the basis she was suffering from "an abnormality of the mind" - a mood disorder associated with her non-compliance with her medication regime.

The treatment of her congenital disorder included high doses of corticosteroids, which led to substantial weight gain.

Worrall told a psychiatrist that as a 20-year-old she "looked like a Gladiator", while her father said her weight had made her "an obvious target for attack by her sister".

High levels of testosterone was just one outcome of her medication non-compliance.

Justice Fullerton said that in the week before the stabbing, the sisters came to blows during an argument about a hair straightener.

Days before the attack, Worrall texted a friend saying she was going to kill her sister that night unless persuaded otherwise.

She added that "desperate times call for desperate measures".

On October 10, Worrall armed herself with a knife she had bought from Kmart and two others from the kitchen.

Justice Fullerton said Worrall researched the internet for information on knife wounds, deciding she should sever the carotid artery as she wanted her sister's death to be quick.

"She said that she did not want to hurt her, she just wanted her to disappear," the judge said.

Worrall also said she took three knives "because I knew it would get slippery and I needed backups ... it had to be all or nothing".

She told psychiatrists she thought of killing her sister as she then believed Susan persistently dominated their parents and was "bad for the family".

She changed her mind twice, but after discovering Susan had changed the password on their computer stabbed her as she came out of the bathroom.

"She turned the family against me ... turning off the internet was the last straw," Worrall said.

Justice Fullerton noted Worrall's mother's description of Kathleen as a "gentle, loving, considerate and caring person".

At times she had been bullied at school, but became junior school captain and senior prefect.

"In this case, because of the relationship between the offender and the deceased, their parents suffer a compound loss and a compound tragedy," the judge said.

She concluded the horrific death would never have occurred but for the "complexities associated with Worrall's genetic condition and her interference with her treatment".

She set a maximum jail term of six years.

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Sharon - posted on 06/04/2010




What a steaming load.

Here, non compliance, means they won' stay on their precribed medications, if it is the same there, then she should have gotten the death penalty (but you guys don't have that do you?).

Skipping your meds and then killing someone is the same as getting drunk and killing someone, is a choice you made and it led to a death and you should be held accountable for it.

IF, I had a child that was threatening the life of another of my children and was also mentally ill and NOT on their proper meds, I would move the dangerous child out or the threatened child out.

Louise - posted on 06/04/2010




Where do we stop soft stepping these serious crimes. We can all find a reason to plead temporary insanity for murder. For example a woman can kill her husband because he was having an affair and get away with diminshed responsibility. No at that point she knew what she was doing and lashed out in anger. The same for this girl it seems to me she lashed out in jealousy. All I can say is the lawyer on this case played a blinder to get his client off with just 4 years. Is that what human life is worth 4 years!

Caitlin - posted on 06/04/2010




She deserved life in jail, genetic condition or whatever, she killed someone brutally.. I don't care if she's remorseful after the fact, she was planning to do it beforehand, it wasn't a spur of the moment thing out of frustration, it was a premeditated murder! It's like saying i'm gentically predisposed to being an alcoholic, so if I drink, get behind the wheel of the car and kill someone it's really not my fault cause normlally i'm a nice person..

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Joanna - posted on 06/05/2010




manslaughter? Really? AHEM - MURDER!

only 4 years in jail for murder, that's insane. Who cares if she has a mood disorder, she is not crazy, she premeditated it, did research, and didn't care that she'd done it until the law was coming after her. And they consider that manslaughter? It's crazy, it really is, and it pisses me off.

*Lisa* - posted on 06/05/2010




I agree Christine! Lawyers are so good at making their clients look innocent by pleading insanity or something similar. I know some people actually should plead that, but not everyone surely! I posted about another lady who got completely cleared for murdering her husband! Argh!

C. - posted on 06/05/2010




Whoa, that's a crazy b****!!! I don't care what the malfunction was, she killed her sister!!!!!!!!! She should definitely get more than 4 years!!!!

Am I the only one that wonders if people 'fake' having some kind of disorder just to get off the hook? There seems to be a lot of that stuff in the news within the last few years and it's to the point that I am truly beginning to wonder..

Sharon - posted on 06/05/2010




damn - a human life is worth 20 years? Ah well, aus is a big place with lots of crocs and big sharks... time enough to solve your murderer issues!!

*Lisa* - posted on 06/04/2010




It does seem that laws are getting soft! And you're right Sharon in Aus we don't have the death penalty, just life in prison which is about 20 years I think.

Becky - posted on 06/04/2010




Wow! It sounds like a cold-blooded murder to me! 4 years is ridiculous! What kind of message does that send to her, and to all the other jealous siblings out there? So now she gets out in 4 years and next time she decides she doesn't like someone, she does it again and says it's because of her medication? I hope next time, it's someone in the judge's family she decides she doesn't like!

*Lisa* - posted on 06/04/2010




I was amazed that she only got 4 years when she sounded soooo premeditated! Even if she is on medication! I really feel for the parents.

Dana - posted on 06/04/2010





That's my first thought...second thought, this girl needs some serious help. It's too bad that it comes after her sister is dead, it's awful.

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