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now i may be a really strict mummy, and ul all probably think cam is poor and neglected, but ever since he's been weened, he never has snacks!!!!!!!!!

he has had 3meals aday since he was 4months old and has never had a snack, my friend always gives her kids bikkies and crisp type things, but i dont see the need. if he's having a big enough meal he doesnt need them.

i think if u start kiddies snacking that early then that's what they'll think is normal!

if we're running late for a meal or whatever, the most he'll have is abreadstick!

am i mean? this is how my mum brought us up. does anyone agree?? x


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My kids eat snacks because they are active and burn calories fast plus my cousins grew up eating only 3 large meals and were not allowed snacks so when they ate they gorged and now they are 10 and 13 and both are overweight. My nutritionist told me that 3 sensible meals a day along with 3 healthy snacks set your kids up for knowing how to eat healthy. She told me that adults and kids should all eat 3 sensible meals a day with 3 healthy snacks so our body does not think we are starving it and so we do not overeat at the 3 meals we have, put our metabolisms out of whack, and store fat. Eating 3 sensible meals and 3 healthy snacks helps a child maintain a healthy diet as they grow older so that their metablic rates are consistent with their activity. Snacks are a good thing but they should be healthy snacks.

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Jacob (at 21 months) eats like this:

Breakfast (either eggs, cereal or oatmeal and some fruit and a glass of juice. sometimes toast.)

Snack (usually either a banana or some Goldfish crackers)

Lunch (either last night's dinner leftovers or some kind of sandwich...peanut butter & jam or tuna usually and a glass of milk)

Snack (again, usually either fruit or crackers)

Dinner (whatever we're eating, plus milk)

nothing else before bed

The reason I do it this way is because it's healthier for any person (adult or child) to eat 6-8 small meals a day, than to just eat 3 meals a day. It keeps the metabolism up and running. I was overweight by about 25 pounds before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant, I started snacking and eating smaller meals more times a day and ended up losing weight while I was pregnant. By the time I was 9 months, I weighed 24 pounds less than when I started, and it was perfectly fine. When I walked out of the hospital after having him, I weighed about 33 pounds LESS than before I got pregnant. I totally know it's because of the eating more times a day and upping my water intake. Now, since then I've gained it all back, plus some (dammit!) but that's because I've gotten back into my old pattern of only eating maybe once a day and my metabolism slowed again. Abby, I don't think you're a mean mom! You just have your reasons for wanting to do things the way you do them and if it works for you and your baby then hey, go for it! :)

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jaime - thanks for the idea about the frozen yoghurt tubes.. my son who is 8 loves popsicles and i do not often give them to him as they are high in sugar so now i will try the frozen yoghurt idea.. thanks xx

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oh gosh abby i agree!! i do not see wht people give their child a load of biscuits and a packet of crisps. i do have to dissagree that givinga child baby puffs is not encouraging bad habbits nor is it showing them that crisps are ok.. my daughter will choose fruit over baby puffs as she has fruit mostly.. i think a bag of baby puffs that are smaller than a normal bag of crisps last her a week and sometimes longer. my daughter is extremely healthy and in no way has bad eating habbits from eating 4 baby puffs at a time..

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i didnt mean snacks a s in the odd piece of fruit! i just dont see why some peopel give kids biscuits and crisps, even those organic 'healthy' crisps type things, surely ur just showing them that crisps and biscuits are normal, not a treat!!

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My girls do have snacks, and like others posted above they are very active. My oldest has a weight problem d/t hypothroydism so we watch her carefully on her snack choices. Fruit, veggies, yogurt, crackers & cheese are offered first and occasionally they will get a less healthy snack. Yes with summer her freezies and popsicles are big here too. My kids love the yougurt tubes frozen instead of a very sugary popsicle. My girls eat there 3 balanced meals plus 3 snacks throughout the day, there are many days when they don't snack and others when they never stop eating!

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of course i give my daughter snacks!! her general routine is as follows;

7:30am - 8oz milk

8:30am - breakfast (rice crispies/ cereal/toast.. either with a small amount fruit)

10:00am - snack

12pm - lunch

1:00pm - 7oz milk

1:30pm - 3:00pm nap

4:00pm - snack

5:00pm - dinner

6:30pm 8oz milk

7:00pm - bed

snacks can be either fresh fruit, yoghurt, organix infant puffs, rice cakes (not a sweet.. more like puffed rice all sqidged into a circle shape..)

llunch is usually a sandwich containing ham, chicken, or cheese... or pasta with salmon.. or a rice dish.. mostly just a sandwich though with some fruit on the plate too..

dinner is meat/ fish with veg and pottatoes or egg noodles with stir fry.. ect.. always healthy and filling..

i think it is very important for her to have a snack as she is VERY active.. has been since 5 1/2 months old and is soon peckish again. she is a very slim girl but also very long.. at last weigh in she was just short of 20lb (cant remember exact without getting up and looking.. and im chilling at the moment whilst she sleeping so im not moving anywhere. lol).. hope this helps

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All kids need snacks, it's just what you classify as a snack doesn't always have to be that. There are all types of healthy types of snacks.
If my kids didn't have snacks (& no, not all of them are packed full of crap) they'd be grumpy lil turds!

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Actually - being very overweight myself, I have learned that the key to healthy eating and not overeating is to eat regularly, which I don't do. So I'm hungry by the time one of my three meals comes around and then I overeat (there are other issues too, like emotional eating, bad habits, no exercising etc). Therefore, having a snack is not necessarily a bad thing. When I did lose a lot of weight a few years back, it was mostly through exercising and eating smaller meals (i.e. snacks) more frequently (every 3 hours or so) at the advise of a nutritionist. It keeps your metabolism going. You just have to make sure that it's a healthy snack like fruit or a yogurt etc.

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Miles occasionally has a bit of fruit, or a piece of cheese...but he is incredibly skinny for his age, and even tho he eats a lot at meals...he never seems to gain 29" tall he still only weighs 21lbs...he has endless energy and burns it off at a dramatic pace...I think not giving my son a snack when he is hungry in the afternoon would be abusive...but maybe all kids are different...I've seen some pretty overweight babies, and I would deffinately think twice about offering them a "snack"!!!

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I totally agree with you! My kids didn't know about snacks for a long time but good 'ol nana introduced them! Now my kids think they need snacks between each meal which we are not having. I do give an afternoon snack because we eat lunch at around 11:00am and don't do dinner until 6:30-7 p.m. They usually get some apple slices and peanut butter or some pretzels and grapes. As for dessert, if they eat good during the day, I will consider something sweet in the evening. We do a lot of posicles now that it's summertime but that's on occasion. We definately don't have dessert everynight because as bad as it is for them, that's for sure not a habit I need to pick up on!

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