so is my daughter being a cry baby or are the other kids bullies?

HEATHER - posted on 06/16/2016 ( 3 moms have responded )




so is my daughter being a cry baby, and being over emotional, or are the other kids being bullies? My daughter is a very caring, and sensitive girl. she loves to share and make people happy. she is super silly and makes people laugh. she is clever, smart and witty. not to mention very beautiful. she is a bit shy and tends to get nervous in a group. when i watch her with her friends she tries to be the leader and actually is pretty good at problem solving. the problem is that sometimes she can not keep up with the group. they ride their bikes a bit faster and she yells for them to slow down because she cant keep up and they get frustrated with her and tell her shes annoying because she is slowing them down. i have seen them deliberately tell her they are not her friends and watch her cry and as she tries to defend herself they say see your a cry baby. I started by shaking it off hoping that it would work itself out. as kids will be kids. but it started to become more frequent. now she is not allowed to play with these children because i do not like the way they treat her or make her feel. i love her just the way she is and she has other friends and plenty of family that love her for her. now back to my question. is she possibly being over sensitive or were those kids just mean?


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Maybelin - posted on 07/05/2016




Hello real friends are not suppose to make you feel bad or hurt your feelings. If she isn't fast enough she needs to find another group of friends that is at her speed. She don't have to hang with mean girls.

T - posted on 06/25/2016




The answer is both. I was the same way. It is eerie. Even the deliberate "I am not your friend." I didn't have many friends and some other children treated me very badly. I see my daughter being the same way. She is definitely over sensitive. It is a weird dichotomy. She wants to be involved. Is a strong personality. But is offended easily and doesn't understand that no one knows why she is upset. Then she acts out and other children want to distance themselves from her. They may even like to upset her. I eventually went to a small private school and it helped me a lot.

Nadine - posted on 06/21/2016




I don't think it is either. It seems like a case that the other kids do not want to have to wait for her while riding their bikes. And that is okay. It is also okay for her to be upset by that. One of the things kids have to learn is that they don't have to be good at or like everything their friends are good at or like. And sometimes be okay with their friends wanting to do their own thing. If she insists on them slowing down so she can keep up they may get frustrated. Could you imagine going for a jog with someone way below your speed and stamina. As kids it is our job to teach them how to deal with these things without resorting to frustration and yelling.

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