so my toddler called 911

Tara - posted on 02/25/2011 ( 29 moms have responded )




Sitting on the can doing what people do when on the can, Riley leaves (now knows how to open tat particular door) gets the phone off the table and dials 911111111111 and then proceeds to transfer the call down to my 14 tear old who is doing his geography assignment on his computer, he answers and says "no one here called you." Then he says hold on and runs up to find me, by this time I have left the bathroom and Riley is no longer holding the phone. So... the police are on their way here to make sure everything is okay, even though I spoke to the dispatcher and explained it all. Now I have to wait around for them before I can go into town for groceries!!
Toddlers. $%$@


Sharon - posted on 02/25/2011




You might be kvetching now about having to wait to be checked out but it serves a purpose.

There are lots of newstories of kids/people calling 911 and the phone line is disconnected or the person doesn't make any sense.

They can't just take your word for it. What if you were the aggressor? I don't like it that they didn't come out to check on the kids anyway.

My daughter did it twice. Out of three kids - only one dialed 911 and she did it twice. The first time - they took my word. The second time they sent SEVEN sherriffs cars out to my place. We were watching a tv show and this guy has a temper tantrum - complete with throwing a phone. UGH. I had been cooking dinner and she had set the phone down near the tv. They heard it all. Good lord that was embarassing. So half the local sherriffs department showed up to see the kids clean (thank god) eating dinner (EVEN BETTER) and yet another episode of the temper tantrum guy was on. They had a good time touring my house checking out all the animals.

I didn't mind at all. One day that procedure will save a life. It has already. Even saved a dog once. Its saved a few parents who were incapacitated and only just managed to dial 911 - officers were dispatched even though no one was speaking. How lucky? NO. How fortunate those officers did their job as they were trained to do.


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Oh woah. I wish I could just lock my phone >.>;

To make things more annoying I am sure that phones nowadays still go through to emergency numbers even if it is locked. I:

I actually gave my daughter an old mobile phone so she has less needs for mine. :P

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LOL - when my 14 yr old daughter was 2 yrs old, she called 911 - for a good reason (in her 2 yr old mind anyway). My husband was in basic training for the army at that time, and she had heard me say many times that daddy was in basic training (she asked me DAILY when daddy was coming back, 9 weeks was horribly long for her at that age). Well, I guess in her mind she translated that to daddy being "on a train." I'm guessing because her favorite baby show was Thomas the Tank Engine (this was 1998 after all). So anyways, we are at my aunts house and she slips into my aunts room alone. I didn't follow because I knew she was safe. But beyond the wall where I dont see her - what does she do? She picks up my aunts phone and calls 911, talks to them and hangs up (I'm still clueless at this point). The 911 dispatcher calls back to see if we are ok. I say "no one called from this number. "She says "Yes, it was a small child. The child said something about her daddy being on a train? And we needed to go and get her daddy." So I had to explain that he was in army basic TRAINing and that my daughter was really missing him bad. For crying out loud! The dispatcher said that made her whole day.

Looking back it makes me almost want to cry because every time the train would pass by or we would have to stop and wait for a train to pass, she would get all excited and wave and say "daddy's on da train!" o.o

Bonnie - posted on 02/28/2011




My boys haven't called 911, but it so happened that once my son got a hold of my cell phone and called my parents house. He didn't dial the number so he must have went to the last call or redial or something. The next time my mom spoke to me she was all excited because her grandson phoned her. I told her he didn't, it was just a fluke and she insisted that he did lol.

Stifler's - posted on 02/27/2011




Mine always presses 0000000 on my phone and luckily I grab it before he presses dial.

Johnny - posted on 02/27/2011




My daughter hasn't called 911 yet. When she was around 18 months she speed dialed one of my staff and babbled to her for a while. I had no idea anyone was on the phone until Val called me back later, "Umm, I think your daughter called me." Oops!

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My neice called 911 once my SIL was so embarrassed. Thankfully, my son hasn't tried it yet.

My husband's aunt loves to tell the story of how her youngest made a call to Asia. He randomly punched in numbers and ended up calling someone in Japan.

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ROFLMAO Welcome to mommy hood! LOL This has happened with each of my kids. Our police are pretty understanding of it all but they do come out to check just be on the safe side. Do fret about it. NBD

Sneaky - posted on 02/26/2011




I have to say - I am very impressed and somewhat relieved to know that if I dial 000 but can't get to the door then an ambulance office will feel it necessary to break it down :o)

Carolyn - posted on 02/25/2011




"My phone rang and I didn't get it on time and had a message from the 911 dispatch centre saying they'd gotten a call and to call back if there was an emergency."

really ? imagine if that had been an actual emergency and you are laying there unconcious, dying etc but 911 wont come until you check your voicemail and return their call , oh me oh my. Seems a bit irresponsible of 911 if you ask me LOL

Meghan - posted on 02/25/2011




Lol! J has never called 911 but he did call my Dad who lives on the other side of the country. I was loading the dishwasher and could hear him talking to someone but figured he was pretending on his phone. A few minutes later the home line rang. My Dad told me J had said I was asleep and wouldn't play. Thanks son!

Kerri - posted on 02/25/2011




When my niece was about 3 she called 911. As most of you have said, even hearing a toddler they sent a police officer over to the house to check it out. The officer was speaking to my sister in law and my neice came up, looked at the officer and pointed to the car and asked if it was his. He said "Yes, I came to check on you because you called." My niece looked at the officer and said "OK, you can leave now." My sister in law about died, and I almost pee'd my pants laughing.

Tara - posted on 02/25/2011




yeah so after waiting for about 2 hours an officer calls to confirm the information I gave the dispatch, including my name, birthday, who else was in the home, their names. Then he has me tell him exactly what happened again. Finally I ask "so are you coming out here or not? I've been waiting to go do some grocery shopping. It's getting close to dinner." He says "No Mam, we're not coming out as there is no emergency." Well DUH!
So anyhow, I'm shopping tomorrow, couldn't be bothered at that time of day.

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My great niece made an interesting phone call one time. My niece, her mother, got the phone away from her because she could hear somebody talking and the person was speaking a different language. She said it sounded like Chinese or something.

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When our neighbours child was a toddler she called 000 and left the phone off the hook. The family came over to our house for a bbq when we heard all of these sirens, we went out to see what was happening and there was an ambulance and 2 police cars in the drive way with an ambulance officer trying to break down the front door! They were not happy to hear it was a false alarm.

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I called 911 by accident old phone number wasd 9381105 and apparently I dialed too fast and the phone only caught the 9,1,1. Try explaining that :S It's not so cute on an 18 year old LOL

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My daughter rang my father once and i thought she was only pretending to talk until she kept going. I took the phone off her and just pressed the hang up buttong then thought maybe she was talking to someone. 5 seconds later my father calls us back and explains who she had been talking to.

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Both my kids have done this! Cole did it when he was about 10 months old, over at my parents' house. We left and the police showed up about 10 minutes later. They said they could hear a baby on the phone, but still needed to check things out. Then Zach had my cell, and I had it locked, but it has a feature to make an emergency call when it's locked and I guess he got it to work. My phone rang and I didn't get it on time and had a message from the 911 dispatch centre saying they'd gotten a call and to call back if there was an emergency. I didn't, because I didn't want to tie up the line just to tell them my 1 year old called them! I was worried they'd trace my phone on GPS and show up at the house, but they didn't.
I guess it is reassuring that they show up, even though it's embarassing!

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Eve did it twice...once when she was a baby and I got a lecture...the second time she was a toddler and she just dialed it, put the phone down and walked away...I had no idea she had even done it until the police arrived to check us out.

They understood (it probably happens all the time) but it IS weird that they're kinda peaking in and asking the kids questions just to make sure you weren't beating them before their arrival.

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In australia, the emergency number is 000, which is the middle buttom on the bottom of the phone, right where it is easiest to reach for little toddler happens all the time.

At least it wasn't a prank call, they'll forgive you for a toddler :D

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LOL - my son did that when he was about a year old. He didn't want to sleep and it was late and I was tired, so I let him play with the phone for a minute because he was screaming for it and I didn't have the energy to fight it. Wouldn't you know the numbers he pushes were 911! The police had to come out just to make sure that everything is OK - how embarrassing! The cop couldn't help but laugh at a 1 year old dialing 911 hahaha!!!!

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"That happened to me before. Thankfully I just got a stern lecture on locking my keypad LOL"

Pft. You CAN'T lock my phone for emergency calls. 1 and 911 always go through. My phone locks automatically but I do notice him dialing 1 or 9 frequently, so I have to snatch the phone out of his hand. :/

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Lol at least that's understandable! Try having your adult brother do it. lmao A friend came over one day and was drunk and wanting to leave and I knew my brother could stop him so I texted my brother "I need you. 911" So the idiot calls 911 Talk about embarressing lmao

Jocelyn - posted on 02/25/2011




That happened to me before. Thankfully I just got a stern lecture on locking my keypad LOL

LaCi - posted on 02/25/2011




This is what I'm always afraid of. I'm pretty sure If he through and they heard him say BUHBYEEE and make kissy noises they'd know not to come though.. SURELY lol

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