Sperm donor's identity revealed?


Jess - posted on 10/17/2010




I think if your not mature enough to want any future children knowing your details and therefore completing the puzzle of who they are, than your not mature enough to be helping create a life !

Its like having sex and not being willing to accept its consequence. When you donate that sperm your acknowledging that you want to help create a life and that little person has the right to know who they are.

Equally can be said for the parents using the donation and raising the child. If you can't be honest with that child and be open about where they come from than they have no business being parents. You have to think of the innocent life you are creating. No baby ask's to be born, you make that decision and you should do the right thing by them.

Sharon - posted on 10/16/2010




Yes - the children deserve to know. The man does not have to have a relationship with the child and is NOT responsible for them. BUT he did spew his sperm into a jar for the express purpose of creating children. Joe Schmoe deserves to know his dad is Doofus Schtupper so he won't marry another child of Doofus Schtupper and have some access to medical information that is important.

If the man didn't want kids, didn't want any moral obligations, should have nuked his swimmers and forgone the money.

I find the term "sperm donor" hysterical since most are compensated.

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Children of sperm donors have the right to know..as Sharon said the dont have to have a relationship but the do deserve to know..thats why i hate sperm donors.Children grow up to be angry adults in some cases because the dont know the other half of them.Don't know if the half half siblings around the place etc which has happened....I think its a selfish thing to do personally to your child.These babys grow up and many do ask questions..it is unfair on the children more than anyone else if you ask me.

Jodi - posted on 10/16/2010




Not in Australia they aren't Sharon. That's why sperm donations here are actually scarce. Why would you donate your sperm for free and then have to be faced with the possibility of your details being released to the recipient and her child?

In Australia, men donate sperm for the pure reason of helping infertile couples. The lack of anonymity (it actually recently passed here) is deterring men from this, and I find that sad, as supply no longer keeps up with demand.

Tah - posted on 10/16/2010




medical information...thats it...if they wanted to be active father's they would be...

Jodi - posted on 10/16/2010




I think that perhaps the only extent to which this should be allowed to go is any medical information about the donor, but not the donor's identity. This could set a precedent whereby men will question donating sperm for fear of kids turning up all over the place later on. That's not a fair deal for them.

[deleted account]

I think if a man donates sperm but does not want his details to be passed onto the child then his wishes should be respected.

April - posted on 10/16/2010




i don't think it is unfair to allow the donor's identity to be revealed once the child is an adult. anytime before that would be murky waters because a donor should not be expected to be a father or have a relationship. children looking for their fathers would want something more and would end up being disappointed.

Amie - posted on 10/16/2010




I don't think this is a good idea. As Becky said, the ones donating the sperm do not always want to be found later.

Definitely records need to be kept so that the child can access any information needed. The donor should also have to keep those records up, IMO. Say, if some disease shows up later in life they can phone and let the clinic know. It's then tacked onto their file so when the child from that donor asks for relevant information, it's all there.

I don't think likes/dislikes, talents, personality, etc. need to be included. If they want to they can but I don't think it's a need.

Becky - posted on 10/16/2010




I'm not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think everyone has a right to know where they came from and who their parents are. On the other hand, I would guess that men who donate sperm aren't doing it because they want to be actively involved fathers. So I do think they have a right to privacy as well.
I do think though, that some non-identifying information should be made available - definitely medical information, and maybe a bit about personality, likes and dislikes, talents, etc.

Janessa - posted on 10/16/2010




Well i do nor agree with the sperm donor identity being revealed if they did not sign a release form. With that said maybe her mother should have not choice a sperm donor it is not fair for the child to not know where they came from. By the way with adoption it is way different period i do not know why they comparing adoption with a child that was made using somones sperm. With adoption the birth mother usually shares allot more information then someone just giving sperm big differences.

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