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I know there are some teachers here. And the rest of you have kids with teachers (or that will have teachers one day). This is an article written by a teacher in Florida. It's long, but there is so much truth in it.

Teachers are underpaid.

Teachers are expected to have all children perform at grade level, even those that are hungry, depressed, abused, etc.

Teachers are expected to compete internationally with little or no support and funds.

Teachers are given a curriculum made by lawmakers and expected to teach it, regardless of the needs of their individual students.

Agree or disagree with those statements?

Should teacher pay be based on one standardized test?

I'm only familiar with the education system in the USA. What problems do you have in your country? What is good about the education system in your country?

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Sharon - posted on 07/02/2010




Sometimes I almost regret coming back stateside to finish my education. Granted I had more fun here (omg, cringing) but ..... over there I think I was more motivated.

None of the kids I hung out with ( fairly well priviledged embassy kids) ever disparaged their education or the fact that they "had" to go to school, unlike my priviledged friends back in the states. Mind you these were not RICH kids, just comfortable kids.

here in the US rich or poor kids bitch constantly about getting an education. Why is that? School sucks. Teachers are mean. I hate homework. UGH. I want to say "FINE! Be a dumbass! You can always get a job with Pooper-Scoopers R Us... IF you can get a reliable mode of transportation."

Jenny - posted on 07/02/2010




So does Canada Sharon. I'm a big believer in raising the bar for our kids. Education is the single most important thing to getting ahead in life IMO.

Sharon - posted on 07/02/2010




You do know the USA is virtually a third world country in regards to education?

Most other countries are very aggressive on education. When I lived in turkei, germany, italy - then came back stateside - I was FOUR YEARS ahead of my classmates. With very little studying I stayed ahead of them. I completely coasted.

USA needs to get more aggressive about education.

MOST kids fit into "standard". If your child doesn't fit the standard mold then you need to find a school that DOES fit them.

My oldest does NOT fit the standard mold. We're lucky we have charter schools, progressive church schools etc.

& yes, teachers are underpaid.

[deleted account]

Oh there are so many things wrong with public education in America! I'll get back to this thread another time though :-)

Rosie - posted on 07/02/2010




my son had one teacher who informed me she thought my child had ADHD, and wanted me to get him help. she would also put him in a corner by himself facing the wall so he couldn't "distract" the other students. she didnt' listen to a word i said, and treated my son like he was a horrible nuisance instead of a child who needed guidance and help. she should've been paid less than what she earned for the horrible job she did with my son, but you know what? he learned, and passed all of his standardized test with flying colors. she was his 1rst grade teacher and he was reading at a 5th grade level, and was well above average on everything else. he just couldn't sit still. so his standardized testing shows that she's a great teacher,- not the case. so no, i don't think pay should be based on standardized testing. i think it should be a combination of that, and parental feedback.

i feel in general teachers are not paid enough, have little resources to do what they are expected to do, and have too many children in their classes to effectively reach every one of those kids. a teacher has a huge task at hand without enough resources, and i commend those like my sons 3rd grade teacher who got him to calm down in school by simply caring and seeking outside resources for answers.

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