“Sticky situations”

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As a mother we are Queens of multi-taking, and in seemingly impossible situations we come out somewhat sane!

What are some recent or past “Sticky situations” you where in with your child(ren)

Take me for instance I was in a dilemma, I BF and so I had to go to the restroom to feed my son in the last stall, well after 15min I had to pee……no where to put him, didn’t bring a stroller, and his father was to far, in a crowd of people…so what did I do………….I went pee, I held in one arm and used my other free one, and then I had to wash my hands one at a time…he was 8months and not able to stand…lol
(Never ever thought I would have to do that)

Got any stories to share??!! :-D


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Lady Heather - posted on 02/27/2011




I was on the plane with my daughter on my lap (omg not a good idea at 14 months old, even if you don't take safety into consideration) and she managed to spill a big cup of ice water all over us. It soaked right through my pants and through hers and it was freezing cold so she was just screaming. I had to take my daughter and the diaper bag back to the teeny bathroom and change us. She was easy to do. Try changing yourself though. I had to keep the change table pulled down because that was the only place to put her so there was about two square feet for me to get changed in. It's not multitasking, but definitely a feat of contortion that I never thought was possibly for my body.

Katherine - posted on 02/27/2011




I have had to do both also!

I also learned you never forget the WIPES!

Louise - posted on 02/27/2011




I learnt a valued lesson about swim pants whilst on holiday last year. I wheeled my daughter into the baby changing area in her buggy and picked her to find her sitting in a puddle of water. My husband had put on swim pants rather than pull ups and she had peed herself for two hours whilst we walked around a museum. Now i was stuck with a child that did not walk, a buggy full of pee and no clothes to put her in! I opened the door and shouted to my husband who had wondered off looking in the shop windows!!! So I ended up stripping her bare and holding her whilst pushing the pee laddened push chair until we got outside and could buy new clothes and wash the buggy. Lesson learned.

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Lol, i had to do that before...except i went in to change her diaper then needed to pee...worked out alright.

The worst thing i got myself into was, while on the toilet i had to stop gabby from climbing in the kitty litter to get the cat who was backed up in the corner of it doing her business. I leaned forward and grabbed gabby, scared the cat, she took off and cat poop went flying...gabby started crying because of all the commotion..so here i am trying to comfort her while STILL on the toilet...agh

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