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Sarah - posted on 10/26/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




So this :[topten]posta4fin.jpg

is the new poster created by Rape Crisis Scotland. It features helpful tips for men including “if you help a woman whose car has broken down, remember not to rape her.” The charity says the online ad is deliberately humourous - targeting potential attackers, rather than the victims like other rape campaigns. But doesn’t it just suggest that all men are rapists? And trivialise an extremely serious subject?

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Becky - posted on 10/26/2011




I'm with Carolee, the way I saw it was that it was putting the onus entirely on the rapist to stop rape and I think that's good. It moves away from the blame the victim mentality that even a lot of anti-rape campaigns inadvertantly perpetuate by suggesting that a woman could have prevented herself from being raped. I don't think education on protecting yourself and being cautious is a bad thing, but I do think that it can make a woman who has been raped feel that it is somehow her fault for not doing enough to protect herself.

Carolee - posted on 10/26/2011




I think anything that takes the blame off women and focuses on the fact that the person who commits the rape is to blame is at least a step in the right direction. I looked at the other stuff on the Scottish website, and thought it was good.


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Brittany - posted on 10/26/2011




I have been there, lost a child and over the last year I am not longer a victim I am a survivor.

While I can understand were some are being offended, I also have to say people will talk about it. That is the whole point, talking about it. It is like a good friend saying "Hey man, don't forget the beer and remember not to drink it." That is not saying the man would drink it but, it happens.

To anyone on here who has experienced this, my heart is with you because, I can say I know how you fell and although it may not seem it now there is a light and breathe at the end of the tunnel.

JuLeah - posted on 10/26/2011




No, it doesn't suggest all men are rapists. It does get people talking about it and women thinking about it in a new way.

We remember humor

We trivialise this crime all the time, but this ad doesn't trivialise rape in my opinion

Kate CP - posted on 10/26/2011




I don't think it suggests all men are rapists. But for those who have the potential to become a rapist (that just sounds odd but I have no other way to put it) I don't see how this campaign would help at all. I don't think it's offensive OR funny...I just think it's stupid. :P

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