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Amanda, no, they didn't use the grandmother's eggs. LMFAO! She's in menopause, which is why this isn't just your regular surrogate arrangement. The grandmother had to go through fairly extensive hormone treatments prior to implanting their eggs/sperm to prepare her menopausal body for pregnancy.

April - posted on 04/21/2011




i wish my friend's mom could have done that for her, or at least her 2 sisters. she gave birth to a micro preemie who has been in the hospital for 8 months. nothing was genetically wrong with her egg or his sperm...this child would have led a normal life, had a surrogate been used. Due to a disease my friend has, the child was made sick from living in her uterus. Had the child been inside its grandmother or 2 aunts, this kid would have likely led a normal life. i hate to say it, but i think it's kind of selfish that none of her family was willing to help her bring a healthy child into the world.

Amanda - posted on 04/21/2011




My mother would do this for me, and I would do this for my children, I dont see anything odd about it at all. Its not like they used the grandmothers eggs.

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Okay, I just went on the show's website and yes, the 2 minute blurb from the show made me cry... I'll say again, it was the most wonderful gift I have ever heard of.

Rosie - posted on 04/21/2011




i saw the episode and it was definitely a tear jerker, lol. at first i thought it was strange, but after the stories it was really incredible. i loved hearing it. :)

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Well, no I guess not, but spending an hour with the family and listening to their story made it a lot less strange.

It was a tear jerker, for sure!

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While I think it's a tad bit odd, I also think it's the most wonderful gift this woman can ever give to her daughter, her son-in-law and her new grandson.

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