Suspended for Crying

Jayce - posted on 04/05/2011 ( 20 moms have responded )




I saw this the other day and got so upset. Who in their right mind would suspend a 6 yr old for crying? Seems to me that someone should have found out why he was crying and offered the child some comfort and support. The more stuff I read like this, the more I dread sending my son to school.


Becky - posted on 04/06/2011




That is awful! I can see why they're fighting to have the suspension rescinded, but if it were my child, he wouldn't be going back to that school anyway!
I'd be very interested to see how the school defends theirselves on this one. If you see any updates, pass them along please!

Amber - posted on 04/05/2011




And people wonder why we have adults who are unable to express their emotions in efficient and effective ways? This would be why. Nobody is teaching children how to express their emotions, they are just issuing a punishment for having feelings.

My son, 4, is currently dealing with his father being activated with the military. His dad has been gone for 3 months, but is close enough that we get to visit a couple times a month.

His teachers have been amazing at helping us with him, both at preschool and his daycare. If he's crying, angry, or withdrawn, they take a couple of minutes to talk to him and help him through the situation.

They had advanced warning that dad was leaving and took the time to ask me what things I thought they could do to help him. That's exactly what these teachers should be doing.

My son's teachers have told me that it only takes him 2-5 minutes to calm down once they show an interest in his feelings. Some kids might need more, but that's a good place to start.


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I would be livid...the more i hear about crap like this....the more determined i become to keep gab out of school.
When i was in Grade 3 (i was only 5) The teacher wouldn't let me go to the washroom because i needed to finish my work i pissed myself in class. Even if i was the correct age for a grade 3 student....if a kid needs to pee...LET THEM GO! so after that i just walked out of class without asking all through school...i got in trouble all the time...

Mandian - posted on 04/06/2011




oh wow. That is pretty stupid. They don't know if the kid has problems at home? They could have just sent the kid to a horrible situation.

Amanda - posted on 04/06/2011




That is horrible that a 5 year old has to clean their own vomit up. Wonder if anyone called CPS for that childs basic needs not being met by the teacher LOL.

Yeah I will never understand how a crying kid means their basic needs arent being met. A child should be allowed to express themselves in anyway they feel they need to (other then tantrums).

Tara - posted on 04/06/2011




Yet another example of why I think school can be detrimental to the well being and educational pursuits of children. Emotional Intelligence and Academic Intelligence are being separated more and more in schools today, this is leading to lower test scores and a generation of children who are not growing and developing into emotionally secure teens and adults.

Krista - posted on 04/06/2011




That is utterly ridiculous. Poor little mite. I would be absolutely WILD if that was my kid. Would it have killed the teacher to have taken two minutes to just ask him if he was okay? Or if she really couldn't have spared the time, do they not have a school nurse, where he could go and talk to her and collect his thoughts?

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

[deleted account]

Keli thats so rude to make a 5 year old clean her own sick up.I got my period before most of the girls in school.I got very bad pain and would also get sick in school.So i would have to go home early the day i started it.
One day i was getting sick and the teacher said you cannot go home.I was in so much pain and crying.It made the other girls feel awful to see me so sick and crying.

She said "You can't go home everytime you get your period"".What will you do as an adult when out working".
She made me stay in school for hours.I got up to go to the toilet and i nearly passed out.She couldn't of rang my dad any quicker.He went mad.He told her as soon as my child got sick or told you she was sick, you should of rang me.Its clear shes very unwell.He told her it was unprofessional and not acceptable of her to be doing that.She said sorry.He said"do not say sorry to me, say it to my daughter".Go dad lol.:-)
I had to be put on the pill just to calm my period down pain down.Thank god it worked.I started my period at 10&half.Got put on the pill at 14.

April - posted on 04/05/2011




Wow, is it just me or does everything thats being written lately about whats happening in the world make you go WTF?! -sigh- Unbelievable.

Stifler's - posted on 04/05/2011




Why didn't they just send him to the office and get the sick bay lady to ask him what's wrong etc. That's what my primary and high school used to do when kids were crying in class. And I did not go to the most upper class schools.

Tinker1987 - posted on 04/05/2011




the schools anymore make me sick. a girl i know,daughter got sick at school and they made her clean it up. she was like 5!

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Basic lack of respect and compassion for children i think.In this case and the story you told Amanda.In that case its lack of respect for the whole family going through a tough time.They could of offered help to the parent/s.Were i live, my daughter got a letter home.It was for children to attend a group if there parents had split up or a parent had died.I thought it was great.They gave it to all children.So if a child was going through it the parent had that option and info to go on.

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Oh, I did think of another thing. When I was a teenager I started having coughing fits that would make me hyperventilate. It freaked me out, so I would get teary and cry a bit. That happened to me one time at school, so I walked out of class crying... and my best friend walked out w/ me. The teacher thought I was 'disturbed' (for lack of a better term at the moment) and never bothered talking to ME to find out why I had done that. I didn't get in trouble for it, but sheesh (again)... talk to the KID!

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If I had a kid at that school.... I'd put them in another school asap!

That is absurd and heartless! Kids cry sometimes. Especially Kindergarten kids who may or may not be used to being away from their mom for long periods of time. I could see him getting in trouble for yelling and screaming to intentionally disrupt the class, but crying?

The article doesn't say anything about anyone talking to him to find out WHY he was crying. Was he sick, hurt, scared, sad? If a kid is crying the FIRST line of 'defense' should be to find out WHY.... and then help them to solve the problem. Sheesh! Kids aren't allowed to be kids out in public and now they can't even be kids in SCHOOL?!

I had a couple of random days where the teacher AND guidance counselor were holding back my crying, screaming second grader so that I could leave her at school. They helped deal WITH the issue and the kid.... not brand her a trouble maker for it. This makes me so sad for that boy. :(

Amanda - posted on 04/05/2011




I can tell you one better. The school called childrens aid on my sister because her 6 year old crys/gets upset in class lately (even though the teachers know his parents have just seperated) they still called Childrens Aid. The report said the school thought his "basic needs" werent being met because he had break downs. Crazy schools!

Veronique - posted on 04/05/2011




What?? No, really......Jez what next, suspended a kid for laughing, screaming, being shy what. No this is outrageous. I was a very shy kid, and if i didn't get pick to play in a certain group in gym class, or join a team when there was a group project to do i would get emotional. I mean i would start crying in class or nothing like that but it would just make my shyness worst. So no this is not acceptable, i mean did they even inquirer why this child was crying?

[deleted account]

That actually makes me cry.I am and have always been, even from a small child an emotional person.Something i will not feel ashamed of.I wear my heart on my sleeve.I think this is unacceptable.My six year old daughter takes after me.If her teacher did this to her.I would really be pist.It would break my heart.She could cry over a song, she crys over the sound of the music.Shes very emotional.

Why could they not of taken this little boy aside and asked him, why is he upset.It does not cost to show a little compassion.Anything could of been upsetting him.

I fear to, this world is getting more and more fucked up.Excuse my language.Blood is boiling grr:-(

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