switching from baby food to adult not really a debate

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when did start giving your baby normal foods rather then say the baby custards and yogurts? Not really a debate Im just curious. I wasnt sure when I could switch and just found out they can have normal adult foods from 6 months. To those who breast fed how long did you feed for? Did anyone have babies who feed several times a night as well as day plus eat a tone of solids? This is mainly for my own refference because I often wonder whether my milk isn't filling my baby up enough. I have a 9.5 month old


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Solids.... no clue w/ the girls. They started 'solids' at 3.5 months, but I don't remember when they went to non-baby food stuff. They were schedule fed breastfed babies though and we weaned at 15 months. Oh... they slept through the night (12 hours) at 6 months.... for a month. Then they were up once or twice a night til 14 months. They started sleeping through again completely on their own.

My son....First bite of baby food at 6 months. I think he had bits and pieces of solid solids from around 9 months. He had a pretty bad 'choking' reflex though. Of course, he wasn't eating ANY types of solids on a regular daily basis til around a year. He was nursed on demand from birth. Nursed every 1-4 hours til over a year and a half and was up 2-5 times a night til around 2 years. Starting around a year and a half is when he was regularly eating 3 meals plus snacks. He's 3 and still nursing 2-5 times/day... None at night for about a year (except a couple times while sick). He seems to eat ALL the time too.

Very different kids w/ very different needs. :)


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We started on mashed fruit and veg from about 3 1/2 months, by the time he was 6 months he was on cut up table food. By 9 months he was eating the same meals as us, he is 18 months now and he feeds himself his food.

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We started offering solids at 6 months. Homemade purees that I would make myself out of the foods that I had cooked for the day. Then at about 8 months I started offering the same foods just cut into really small pieces.

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We fed table foods right away, but just mashed them up. Some of them we put in the food processor if they were particularly hard to eat. Not meat though. I refuse to blend meat because it grosses me out. She had fruits and veggies mashed up from six months. At 6.5-7 we started oatmeal and little pieces of poached meat, egg yolks, yogurt. By 8 months she was eating almost everything we eat as finger foods (just not pb, honey, regular milk...I think that's it). We didn't really do the baby food thing except on holiday. I took some jars. She wouldn't eat it.

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I made my baby food, so it just made sense to feed him what my husband and I were eating. I'd say, "What in this meal can the baby eat?" and then if there was nothing, I'd add something, which was healthier for us, anyway. :) Actually, neither of us likes butternut squash, but it was an AWESOME baby food because you can either mush it up or cut it in squares so the baby can pick it up himself, and it's really healthy. Often I'd bake one and then my son would eat that with nutmeg and we would eat our food.

I mushed things up in a handmill until he was 8 or 9 months, and after that gave him pieces that were so soft he could squish them with his tongue. I was traumatized by him nearly choking to death when he was 7 months old, and he also seemed to have very little self-preservation instinct (he'd stuff food into his mouth until he couldn't chew or swallow), so I was very cautious.

Just now, at 16 months, have we started to trust him to take bites of things instead of cramming it all in and choking. But now he eats his pb and honey toast at breakfast all by himself. (and a right mess he makes of it, too!)

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thankyou, Yeah I did get told to use a dummy but she refused so I just feed. She usually wakes about 11-12ish, 2-3ish then about 5-6ish atm.

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I'm trying to remember when Sam started on finger foods. He started on purees pretty much around 6 months, and then chunky/mashed stuff a couple of months later. I think by around 10 months he was on finger foods, but the bulk of his diet was still formula -- the food was just to get him used to a bunch of different tastes.

If your 9.5 month old is energetic and gaining weight, then your milk is sufficient. The thing with breastmilk is that it IS digested more easily than formula. That is good, in that they get a lot more out of it. But, it does mean that they feed more often than they do with formula.

I've read that it helps to have a "focus feed", around 10pm or so, where you basically let her drink her fill. And then like Amanda said, if she wakes up, try other ways to get her back to sleep first. Some babies do get into the routine of eating often during the night, and then not eating much during the day. So it might take a little while to steer her back to the point where she's getting the bulk of her calories during the day.

But back to the food: good finger foods are things like peas and carrots (cooked soft and with the carrots, small enough to not risk blocking the windpipe), whole-wheat toast with the crusts cut off and cut into little pieces, soft fruit like cut-up bananas or kiwis.

This website helped me a LOT when figuring out what to feed my baby at different stages:


And of course, as you know, always wait three days after introducing a new food before introducing another one, just in case she has a reaction, so that you can figure out the offending food more easily.

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There is zero need to start formula at 9.5 months. Just breastfeed her, and water.

If shes feeding at night, and you like her to stop (as long as shes still feeding well during the day) you can start to night train her. When she wakes up for her first feed, you rub her back and see if she will go back to sleep on her own. Once shes dropped the first feed at night you can start on the second until she drops all her night feeds. ONLY do this if shes still breastfeeding well during the day, some kids at this age are so busy during the day they drop feedings for play time, and feed all night long because of it.

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I never really fed him baby food, just pureed or mashed up veg, fruit and mushy weetbix or farex or porridge. At 11 months I started chopping whatever we ate into small pieces in a bowl and giving him a plastic spoon or fork and letting him eat, and he ate mostly with his fingers but has since gotten the spoon thing.

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Paige has only just in the past week, soley eaten our meals, I love it being able to make the same meal for everything instead of heating up the pureed veges. I was using baby custard and yogurts and only recently got told she can have normal. She still eats alot so Im trying to make the decision whether she needs a formula bottle at night to fill her up more :) Although thats not really what I want but got to think more of her now

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My boys have always eaten what we have eaten just cut into smaller pieces my midwife suggested finger foods (adult foods ) from 6 months ( except honey , egg ect)

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