Sydney Apartment Complex Bans Smoking

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A Sydney unit block is believed to be the first residential building in Australia to ban smoking in all residents' homes.

Unit owners have introduced a bylaw to stop anyone smoking anywhere within the building and on its balconies, The Sydney Morning Herald says.

"We've made it a smoke-free zone in its entirety," chairman of the owners' corporation Alex Antic said.

Owners of the building at Ashfield in Sydney's inner west acted after complaints about smoke drifting into neighbouring flats and butts dropped from balconies.

"The right for people to smoke has to be balanced with other people's rights to clean and fresh air in their own home," Mr Antic said.

A spokesman for the lobby group Action on Smoking and Health, Stafford Sanders, said other people had approached him about stubbing out smoking in their blocks.

However, the president of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, Cameron Murphy, said: "You can't ban the use of a lawful product in someone's own home. The next thing is they'll be banning the drinking of coffee."

Now personally, I think comparing a smoking ban to a coffee ban is just plain ridiculous, but what do you think about banning it in entire apartment blocks? Do people have the right to clean air in their apartment block? Should it be possible to ban smoking not only INSIDE the apartment but on the balconies too?

There are a number of apartment co-ops which have banned hanging of washing or BBQs on balconies, so why not smoking?


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This is the right direction to be heading in ... ban meth labs too, that also produces air that is toxic for us to breath

Sneaky - posted on 04/02/2011




The way I see it is - if I drink coffee in my kitchen, the kid next door is not going to have an asthma attack and die because of it. Simple.


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Depends if you rent in the complex or buy. I think if you buy then you have the right to do as you wish because it's your house but if you rent then yeah suck it up and don't live there.
I hate cigarette smoke, It's a pet hate of mine. I can handle friends smoking but i can't live with it around me the second hand smoke burns my throat.

Lady Heather - posted on 04/02/2011




I think it's great. Have smoking apartment blocks and non-smoking ones. My last building was non-smoking but the girls beside us used to smoke out the window. So if it was hot out I couldn't open my window because the smoke would just blow right in. It was disgusting and I complained and it stopped. Yay. Balconies don't help because that basically means the non-smokers can't enjoy their balconies. That's crap. You want to kill yourself, go do so where you aren't going to kill someone else.

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@ Kati - yeah we started transitioning to smoke-free pubs, clubs and restaurants (and anywhere indoors) about 10 years ago. Initially you could still smoke in certain areas of the building, but then it was banned completely.

I will first disclose that I am a smoker. I have no problems with developers and landlords dedicating certain apartment buildings as smoke-free. The issue I have is for those who were already living there when this ban came about. If I was a home-owner and someone came and told me what I could do in my house, I would be pissed. Otherwise, I guess it's as Becky says... don't buy a place in a non-smoking building.

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I think it's great. If you're a smoker, don't live in a non-smoking building.

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I would love that. I get more cigarette smoke coming in my windows from my downstairs neighbor (or other's smoking outside close by) than I ever do when I'm out in public anywhere....

Rosie - posted on 04/02/2011




they have no smoking apartments here everywhere. that's weird to me that we just banned smoking in restaurants and bars in 2008 (maybe 2007, can't remember to well), yet landlords have been doing it for years here to make their buildings smoke free. didn't you guys ban smoking in public places like over a decade ago?

Mel - posted on 04/02/2011




good, I hate inhaling peoples second hand smoke because they are selfish. I think its a great things what they have done

Stifler's - posted on 04/02/2011




I think if you don't like it... don't live there. It's not like smoking has been banned from all houses everywhere.

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