Symptom runny nose...side effects may cause heart failure

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When it comes to the wide variety of medications out there does anyone else wonder about the side effects to some of them. I mean I saw a commercial on tv for a depression med that could cause seizures and a male enhancement product that could cause heart attacks. Seems a little extreme I've heard someone mention a cold medication that will get rid of your runny nose but may cause hallucinations...when it comes to a cold versus seeing Elvis sitting in my refrigerator I'd rather take the runny nose and stock up on tissues personally. Deppo Provera (a type of birth control I was on) as it turns out CAN have a nasty side effect not mentioned on the pamphlet. You prepare your self for possible weight gain, unpredictable period, etc. but lucky me I was one of the few people who react unfavourably to it and the birth control proceded to 'strip my uterus' instead of thinning the lining. Could have made it so I could never have kids if I didn't get off of it in time. So what do you ladies think? When it comes to our heavily medicated society where there's a pill or shot for everything and every pill/shot causes some other symptom that you need to go take ANOTHER pill/shot for when do we say enough is enough. Is 90% effective birth control worth it? What about stemming that runny nose? You can get your hubby a stiffy if he's having problems but is it worth him croaking out mid-event, I get the joke about going out with a 'bang' but seriously now who wants to be that girl?


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Yup ... I have a theory .... no science behind this, just my thoughts. It seems to me that for illnesses created by our modern diet and lifestyle, we do need pharmaceuticals. And, of course when we choose to take pharmaceuticals, we will need to take more pharmaceuticals to deal with the side effects.
But when we have a condition we might have gotten naturally ... a condition seen in nature, then the 'cure' can also be found in nature with no side effects.
So a ulcer for example might require pharmaceuticals to decrease the acid ... of course when you don't have enough acid there are a whole host of other problems that will need to be addressed, but animals in the wild don't have ulcers .... lions don't, our greatgrand parents didn't, the 'primitive' peoples of our world don't ... it is created by our diet and lifestyle and requires pharmaceuticals ... of course you could change your diet and lifestyle, but most just take the purple pills and call it good.
Other conditions ... ones we find in nature, I have found in my life, can be healed with plants, herbs .... and no side effects.
Actually though, I used to have an ulcer. Was dignosed at sge ten and took drugs for years .... but as an adult figured out why I had the ulcer and made changes to my diet and lifestyle ... the products I mentioned before, I take for this .... all plant based, all organic .... and works - no side effects

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Smoke a little Marry Jane, that helps many things =D


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Amy, I like your husband too. He sounds like a real stand up guy! :-)

I am the perfect example. I was on the pill. I don't remember for how long, but I ended up with a blood clot (DVT) at the age of 24. Pretty sure it was from the pill, but who knows. Everyone was so surprised, at my age, so young to experience something like that. Needless to say, I stopped the pills immediately and I am not permitted to get a prescription for BC ever again. Not like I would want one though.

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Birth control I just don't think is worth it at all. I was on that for a few months when I was 16 and then decided it just didn't feel right. Haven't done any hormonal birth control since and have had just one planned pregnancy.

Non-hbc comes with its own risks though. Back when were 18 and 19, my boyfriend-now-husband's mother found out somehow I wasn't on the pill. She mailed me some spermicidal foam. FOR REAL.

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I have freaking epilepsy and I quit my meds years ago because of the side effects. Made me feel like a zombie. Granted, my problem isn't very severe anymore and maybe if I was having grand mal seizures everyday it would be worth feeling like a zombie, but not for me. I also tried a tricyclic antidepressant to deal with fibromyalgia and all it did was give me blood pressure so low I couldn't even go for a 10 minute walk without falling over. I guess if I ever get high blood pressure I know exactly where to look for the cure. Ha.

Becky - posted on 03/10/2011




The crazy thing is that increased suicidal thoughts is also a side effect of many anti-depressants! Ummm, isn't that what they're supposed to prevent??

Corena - posted on 03/09/2011




I have seen suicide listed as a possible side effect.
It was a drug that my friend was taking for her acne.

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That's like Domperidone and Maxalon. Both bring breastmilk in and stop you feeling sick, but have bad effects of people's mental health. The day I started taking it I felt mentally ill and felt better the minute I stopped and started bottle feeding.

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My husband read the birth control side effects one day just out of curiosity after seeing some other commercial on tv and he read side effects "blood clots, stroke, death" and threw them in the trash. He said, "we're married and know we want kids one day. I'd rather have fifty kids than have you die from this." Haven't take one since. He even offered to get fixed when we decided we were done because it's less likely for him to die during that than me taking pills for years.

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Some of those commercials just make me laugh, really. They list like 20 fairly serious side effects to cure diarreah. I'm like, yeah, I'll just deal with the diarreah, thanks! I don't need nausea and excruciating abdominal cramps and a bloody nose! I tend to avoid pills unless they're absolutely necessary though. For one, I have trouble swallowing them, but mostly, I think in a lot of cases, they're not really that effective. Cough syrup and cold medicines for instance, do absolutely dick all for me, so I don't bother. Obviously, some conditions need to be treated with medication, and if I had something like diabetes or high blood pressure, I'd take the medication I needed to take. But I think we tend to be too quick to pop a pill for every little thing these days.
I think that pharmaceutical manufacturers should always be trying to improve those medications that are necessary to save/maintain lives, to cut down the side effects.

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