Tea Party Presidential Canadidate Michelle Bachman (sp) asked if she

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I'm in Canada and I get US news stations on my TV which is great because then I can keep up on what's going on in my home country. Last night I was watching one of Michelle Bachman was asked during the Iowa Caucus (am I getting this right?) if she would be submissive to her husband. I guess she was asked that because of her Christian denomination and she replied back that her and her husband respect eachother. It seems she was also asked the same question in a Newsweek interview.

Now I'm not a fan of Michelle B. or the Tea Party or even the GOP in general, but I don't feel it's right to ask a woman running for president or any political office that kind of question. I mean have you ever seen a reporter ask a male candidate how he'd juggle being in office and his family? No of course not, so why the double standard? And where does it stop?

Now I do understand that right now there are no religious groups where men are submissive to their wives. But really does someone honestly believe that a woman in office is going to defer to her husband? Hilary Clinton was asked a question relating to her husband as well when she became Defense Secretary at the beginning of the Obama administration. I believe she replied that her husband wasn't accepting this job, she was. So what are your thoughts?

Shit it was Michelle- I really do need to get more sleep.


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this is a tough one. i don't think the intent was to degrade females, i think it was brought up to show how loony she is, and how her husband would be the one "running the show" not her. men aren't supposed to be submissive so there really would be no point in asking the men the same question.
i do think that it kinda makes women look bad/weak. but i fault christian thinking for that, not those who asked the question.

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