Teacher suspended for facebook posts

Katherine - posted on 04/02/2011 ( 11 moms have responded )




PATERSON, N.J. — A New Jersey school district suspended a first-grade teacher after parents complained that she had posted derogatory comments about her students on her Facebook page.

The Record newspaper reports that the teacher wrote about feeling like "a warden" and referred to her 6- and 7-year-old students as future criminals.

The teacher, whose name was not disclosed, was removed from the classroom this week after several parents who saw the posts came to Paterson School 21 and asked that their children be removed from her class.

Superintendent Donnie Evans confirmed the suspension on Friday and said the district was investigating. He declined further comment because it was a personnel matter.

Board of Education President Theodore Best told the newspaper that the teacher was suspended "because the incident created serious problems at the school that impeded the functioning of the building."

He added: "You can't simply fire someone for what they have on a Facebook page, but if that spills over and affects the classroom, then you can take action."

The flap comes just weeks after a high school English teacher from outside Philadelphia was suspended for a profanity-laced blog in which she called her young charges "disengaged, lazy whiners."

And Chicago Public Schools officials are investigating a teacher who apparently posted a photo on her Facebook page of a student who wore Jolly Rancher candies in her hair. The 7-year-old girl's mother complained to school officials after she saw negative comments written about her daughter's picture on the page.

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Information from: The Record, http://www.northjersey.com

When does the line between professional and personal cross?


Jodi - posted on 04/02/2011




So....how did the parents see the posts? Either her privacy setting were low so ANYONE could see them (in which case, that wasn't too bright was it?) OR she friended these parents (which is also not the brightest idea if you are gong to use FB to vent about your students). I think she is perfectly entitled to make private comments, but it sounds like this was not so private. People honestly have to learn how to use FB properly if they want to stay out of trouble.


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Lesa - posted on 04/03/2011




I think people post too many personal things on FB. As a teacher I would write, wow what a day or is it June yet? But nothing personal about the kids. I agree that teacher's need to vent but I don't think that FB is the place. The only person that I felt I could trust to vent to is my husband, with anyone else it could leak back to the school and a teacher could get into serious trouble. We are not allowed to speak about specific children it is a confidentiality issue. We could be sued or fired.

Bonnie - posted on 04/03/2011




Good! She can bitch about her job in general, but about her students, I think that is plain wrong.

[deleted account]

You have to be professional.If your having a bad day speak to your partner or whom ever.She was wrong to post on fb about the children she teaches.Wrong full stop.She has a job to do, do it.Be professional about it in school and at home.If not at home, fine just don't post your view on the internet.Silly woman in my opinon.Not someone i would want teaching my children.If she feels that way , whos to say what tone of voice she thinks she can use in her classroom towards them.I find some teachers who are bogged down in there classroom.Tend to take a snappy attitude with the pupils.Thats something i do not accept.

April - posted on 04/02/2011




The teacher had a bad day so she let out her anger on FB. How the parents found out who knows but i do agree that the teacher should be able to let off some steam. Problem is, if i put myself in the parents situation and i saw what she wrote i would of been offended. The kids are 6-7 years old, future criminals? nice. She had a bad day but since for some reason she made it so people could view her profile easily she should of worded it more carefully. Maybe used another source to let out her frustration.

Nikki - posted on 04/02/2011




I think this woman was really stupid, while I agree teachers are people and have the right to vent, using a public online forum like fb is really irresponsible. I think this really relates to any kind of employment, it's just not acceptable to post derogatory remarks about your workplace or work mates.

Jayce - posted on 04/02/2011




If I was the parent of one her students I would be concerned as well. You don't say things like that in a public forum. Sure vent to your friends and collegues (sp?) but don't do it where your students, their parents or bosses can see it. That's just asking for trouble. The teacher was probably just having a bad day but still don't tell the whole world.

Stifler's - posted on 04/02/2011




She sounds like a dumb shit. How can people know what you wrote unless your profile is public. Make your damn profile private, as in only real friends can see what you say. And don't befriend people who will snitch on what you write. People should be allowed to write what they like, but if it's public then... it's public someone will see it and get offended.

Tinker1987 - posted on 04/02/2011




The teacher posting a photo of the 7year old is out of line.Some parents dont even want any pictures of their kids on facebook.so posting that picture without permission isn't good.The teacher making comments about feeling like "a warden" and referred to her 6- and 7-year-old students as future criminals, im not sure about,personally i have complained on facebook when having a bad day.!

Katherine - posted on 04/02/2011




See I completely agree!!!! She SHOULD be able to vent. Maybe one person told on her or a co-worker did.

Rosie - posted on 04/02/2011




i'm torn a little on this one. part of me says she's a person, and she can bitch about her job as much as i can about mine. on the other hand, her job involves shaping and molding the minds and actions of children, so i'm not too sure bad mouthing them is a good idea. IDK, it's not like she said it TO them, or anything. i think it may be blown out of proportion a little....maybe. lol!

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