Texting and Driving: Does anyone know that it's against the law yet?

Ev - posted on 03/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




Today as I was going to do errands after work, I was at a stop light waiting to go. Next to me in the left turn lane was this kid in his small car. The next thing I note is he has his smart phone in hand and is checking it. He never paid attention to the car in front of him. He continued to go through the messages or whatever on his phone. He never got on to talk; he looked at the screen. The arrow came on for the left hand turn and I inadvertantly hit my car horn thinking maybe he would look up....he did not. He started driving with his eyes still on his phone screen!!!

I am so tired of seeing this. It irritates me that people use their phones to text while driving paying little heed to those around them. I have seen people texting or talking, smoking and no hands on the wheel, I have seen people so involved in their phone call they start doing gestures while driving without hands on wheel, and I have seen them looking downward trying to make it look like they are not on their phones. IT is crazy.

Where I live there have been a few incidents (I won't call them accidents) where people have died because of someone's negligent actions. In fact, the town where my parents live had one such incident. A new store opened up just on the outskirts of the town and this family was in a car and was getting ready to turn and was hit by a kid in a truck behind them because he was guess what!? Texting and not watching his road in front of him. Some of the family members died.

You hear all these stories like this and wonder after the fact: Did that make an impact at all? I am guessing it did not because a lot of idiots still take out that phone and text while driving. What is so important that you can not put that phone down for more than two seconds?


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I am very aware it is illegal, where I live and has been for 6 years, now. I never text while driving. I do make calls but I have blue tooth in my vehicle, it goes over my speakers. I have called and reported people on their cell phones, while they were driving because they were all over the road.

It honestly pisses me off to no extent, so if I see you, I will get your license plate and I will report you.


Denikka - posted on 03/11/2013




Same thing that's so important that people can't call a cab, find a designated driver, or just not drink when they know they have to drive.
People are stupid. They're going to do stupid things. And sometimes those stupid things affect other people. But they don't think about that. It's always *oh, that will never happen to me*.
My sister lost a close friend and co-worker a few years ago. The exact cause was never determined, but speed and a cell phone were found to be involved. The friend wasn't even the one driving, but she still lost her life. She was only about 17/18 years old.

No one thinks it will happen to them...until it does.

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