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Iris - posted on 12/29/2010 ( 12 moms have responded )




Do you think that if we didn't have the internet we would communicate with our neighbors more?

Do you use it so much that it is taking away from your family?

Are you far away from your family and therefore the internet is a benefit?

What are the pros and cons?

If you would turn off the internet for 73 hrs, what would you do?

1. I actually think I would.

2. No, I give my girls the time that they need and my husband too. If they want my undivided attention it tromps the net.

3. I'm on the other side of the world from my family and therefore I keep my FB open almost 24/7 and Skype too. My mom gets pretty confused about the hours and my sisters call around the clock.

4. For me the pros are that I get to stay in touch with my family and I know what's going on over there. Also, using Skype, it's free for my family to get to see us and for us to see them on a video chat.

Cons: I would probably be more sociable all around. And I wouldn't have to worry about my 11 year old on the internet.


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Tara - posted on 12/29/2010




Nope I know and socialize with most people in my town, especially my neighbours behind and beside me.

Nope I have lots of time for everyone and all the things I do in real life, when I'm on the computer it's usually for 5 minute intervals, checking back as I walk through from one room to another.

My friends and family are everywhere. So I love connecting through facebook and email.

I am very sociable in general, I attend regular functions with my kids, we visit the library almost every day it's open and I love knowing things, so it's a hobby for me to spend time researching things etc.
I also use the net far more for homeschooling etc. than I do for social things like com or facebook. I love that I have the world at our finger tips.

[deleted account]

1. Nope... None of my neighbors are interested in socializing... I've tried...

2. Nope. Most of my internet usage time is during naps and after the kids are in bed... or if they're not home for some reason...

3. ALL my friends and family are back in my hometown (219 miles away from where I live now) and we are not able to see them very often. I use FB in particualr to keep in contact with all of them.

4. pros: Keeping in contact with my family, educational internet games for my kids (my oldest uses to internet to keep up with school work since her teacher posts websites the kids can use to improve their basic skills), and more, but I cna't think of it right now...

Cons: Eh... can't really think of any right now...

5. Yes, I would turn it off. In fact we have before. It's not a big deal since I spend most of my time with the kids anyway...

Lacye - posted on 12/29/2010




1) No. I talk to some of my neighbors and we have pretty good relationships.
2) No. I put my family first. If my daughter needs something from me, I get off and go tend to her. If I have time later on, I might get back on.
3) LOL. My both of my sisters live just a few min away from me! It wouldn't matter either way if I had the internet or not!
4) The pros: I have another source for information for when I have to type a paper for one of my classes. I can just find the information that I need at the click of a button. I get to meet new people (like all of you lovely ladies). The cons: eventually my daughter is going to get older and want to get on it and I worry she might find some things on the internet that I don't want her to see. Like porno! omg!
5) I would probably play games with my daughter, spend some time with the bf, go to my sister's house for a little while, or take my daughter outside to play (which is what I plan on doing once it starts to get warmer outside!)

Jenn - posted on 12/29/2010




I am fairly sociable with our neighbours and we don't ever talk via the net. I babysit the little girl next door and used to baby the 3 kids down the road. The guy on the other side of us gives us veggies out of his garden in the summer and helps us keep our driveway clear with his snowblower - I make him homemade cookies as a thank you and we've had him over for supper and had some beers together as well. Anyway, I do use the internet to communicate with my family (my sister lives in Holland) and I have everyone on my FB - even my grandparents, aunts, uncles, second cousins, great aunt, etc. - my WHOLE family. I try to come on during certain times of day so that it doesn't take me away from anyone or anything. I usually don't have a vehicle (lately Brian's been getting picked up at this job site) and we live in the country so I am literally stuck at the house and the internet is my way of keeping in contact with the rest of the world. I could go without it if I had to - I didn't have any internet for about 2 years. I would probably read more book or magazines instead of reading things online.

September - posted on 12/29/2010




1. The internet does not keep me from communicating with our neighbors, so no.

2. No, I hardly use the internet when I'm home; most of my internet use is done at work.

3. Yes and I love Skype for this reason. It's been a great way for my family to watch our son grow.

4. The biggest pro for me is being able to video chat with my family. I can't think of any cons to be honest. If I turned off the internet for 73 hours I would do the same things I do now just without the internet, the internet is not a huge part of my life, so I would not be missing much.

Amie - posted on 12/29/2010




1. I doubt it. We talk often as it is now, when it's too friggin cold to go outside, we have each other on FB. LOL

2. No. I don't generally log on until after everything is done in the morning. Afternoons during nap time is when I'm on most often and at night after every one is in bed. I log on here and there throughout the day but if someone needs me, I go.

3. My family lives a few hours away, some farther. I do use it to keep them updated. People like my parents though, they come into the city at the bare minimum once a month. So they get to see us often.

4. I get to stay in touch with family and friends who have moved away. I get to meet new friends through places such as this, people I would never meet in RL because of distance.

I have no cons as of yet; our daughters computer is locked up tight with parental controls. Our son never uses it except to play games with our supervision. Our youngest two don't come near the internet. One day I will probably worry about it more but we have a couple tech geeks in the family, I'm confident any issue we may have they can assuage my worries.

5. If I could? I can! LOL Go downstairs and turn off the internet connection. Ours has a power button, so if we want to turn it off we can. I've had no real issue with anyone being completely wrapped up online though to the detriment of our family. If we did, I would shut it off.

Sharon - posted on 12/29/2010




Do you think that if we didn't have the internet we would communicate with our neighbors more?


Do you use it so much that it is taking away from your family?

No. We have family outings, games and movie night. I make it to all their parties and celebrations when I'm not working.

Are you far away from your family and therefore the internet is a benefit?

Yes. No. I refuse to have my family with me on the internet.

What are the pros and cons?

Pros - instant information at my fingertips all the time.
Cons - instant information at my fingertips all the time.

If you would turn off the internet for 73 hrs, what would you do?

Watch a lot of tv/movies and eat more.

[deleted account]

1) I don't think I'd talk to my neighbors any more than I do now. We have been known to have little "meetings" that always seem to happen in our yard, where we'll all just stand there and shoot the shit for awhile. We help each other with yard tasks here and there and usually one of us every week will help bring garbage and recycle bins back to the houses if they sit out at the road all day.

2) I do think that I am on the computer too much, or up until about 2 weeks ago, I was. I have been limiting my computer time and making myself spend more time with Jacob. It's not that I don't spend time with him, I'm a SAHM and there's no way to not spend time with him. But I had a wake up call a few weeks ago and all the sudden saw how "big" he's getting and felt like I'm missing out by spending time here. So now, I sometimes go for days and don't even touch the keyboard. Quite proud of myself actually :)

3) The internet has always been a great help because my family are all so spread out accross the country and now that I've moved so far away from my friends, it's sometimes the only way I get to talk with them too.

4) Pros: Being able to instantly share pictures with family and friends, instead of having to print pictures and snail mail them.

Cons: Other than spending too much time on here sometimes, I really don't see a con. My power bill is no more affected with the computer running 24/7 because it goes into hibernate mode when it's inactive for longer than 10 minutes.

5) If I turned off the internet for 73 hours I'd probably get a lot more done around the house, maybe catch up on laundry and organize my linen closet. Being without electricity that long would be harder than being without internet.

Krista - posted on 12/29/2010




1. My neighbours are respectively: my in-laws, and a hermit. I already speak to my in-laws regularly. And my internet habits certainly have no bearing on how often we communicate with the hermit.
2. I don't think so. My child often wants to play independently. Of course, if anybody from my family needs me, the internet gets put aside.
3. The internet is definitely a benefit when it comes to other friends and family, as they're flung all over the world.
4. Pros: I met my husband online. 'Nuff said. Con: I'd probably be more productive and have an actual hobby.
5. I'd read, and might even get my basement cleaned.

Bonnie - posted on 12/29/2010




1. I don't think I would speak to my neighbours anymore than I already do as I never speak with them online. I usually only speak to them when I see them outside or if we need to borrow something from eachother.
2. No. I give my boys attention throughout the day and if they call me because they need/want something I get to them right away.
3. The Internet allows me to speak with people rather than spend more money calling long distance. Although I have some family members who do not have a computer, so we use the phone.
4. Pros-Helps me keep in touch with people on a regular basis and gives me something to do when I have some free time.
Cons-Sometimes I spend too much valuable time on the Internet
If the Internet were turned off for 73 hours, I would probably get a lot more done sooner, but I would probably go through withdrawal lol.

Iris - posted on 12/29/2010




lol! I forgot to answer the last question...
I think I'd be a little lost since I use the net so much to communicate to my family and friends in Iceland, Germany and Denmark.
If my family was a State away it would be different..

Tracey - posted on 12/29/2010




1. No I speak to my neighbours every day.
2. No I use rationed internet use to occupy one child while giving another child more attention.
3. The internet allows me to speak to friends on different continents who I otherwise wouldn't be in so much contact with.
4. Pros being able to access information and being able to contact friends.
Cons my power bills have gone up since we got home PCs
5. Pretty much the same as I do now. However if you turned off electricity rather than just the internet for 73 hours that would be more of a problem.

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