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Caitlin - posted on 10/04/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I went for a trial class last friday, and though we can't sign her up officially until we get a few warts removed (they are supposedly slightly contagious) I ewass wondeirng if anyone has ever taken their kid. Did it help them gain the coordination and etc...

It's for kids 4 months to 12 years (I think 4 months is insane, way to young to get anything out of it, that's mostly for the moms I think, to get them out and have some conversation to connect with other moms.

Either way, our first class was pretty good, she doesn't listen as well as other kids her age (judging on how she responded to my requests compared to the other kids) but she was also distracted by the new things around her. She's almost 2 now, and she's very physically active and our outdoor time is pretty much done for the year.. She's never really had much interaction with other kids, but apparently thats not so much of an issue until 3. Either way, from what I saw of the other kids in the class, she's pretty advanced physically(she's in the 2-3 age group, and she's only 22 months), but her language skills are lacking so far. I was hoping some interaction with other kids would help. She was also the only kids that really ran around and never cried at any point(during the class - she cried when I said we had to leave), she's incredibly independant and loved trying out their apparatus.

My only issue really so far.. it`s insanely expensive in my opinion, though i`d pay anything if it let her do what she loves. I`m thinking she`ll be totally into gymnastics, she loves climbing, tumbling, dancing and jumping around (and now I know swinging on the bars..)

Any opinions on this? Is it worth the money or are they just preying on our desires to give our kids any chance we can..


Tah - posted on 10/04/2010




My daughter went to one when we lived in va beach, she took jazz and ballet there and she loved it. when we moved to hampton we had to switch her over to the dance academy because they only had the 2 locations, both too far to travel. I used to watch the baby classes and they looked like fun, my daughter also did their gymnastics class and i thought it was great.

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