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No i already have all the basic essentials in my home and i have two children who appreciate everything the do have.I dont pride myself on material things,i myself could do it no problem but with children i wouldnt do that to them, or that extreme..Fair play to him:-)life can be very rewarding,enjoyed and meaningful with nothing or very little.Millions of men,woman and children do it everyday,for them its not a choice but a way of life that the cant control.

Louise - posted on 08/29/2010




I would feel so isolateted without a computer it is a life line in some cases. My son is off to uni and the only thing keeping me going is knowing I can physically see him on the computer whenever I like. But saying that I think in todays society we have forgotten how to help each other and share. For example my neighbour has large fruit trees and they let the fruit drop all over the floor and rot rather than say to the neighbours look we have so much fruit come and help yourself. When I raised my older kids mums would help each other by car pooling and child care but today it's every mother for herself. It's such a shame. I think what this man has done has been a lesson to us all. We have just forgotten the art of being good neighbours and just generally being hard working nice people. Mind you saying that this man will probably bring out a book and make a fortune!!

Katherine - posted on 08/28/2010




I don't think I could completely do it either. I mean if someone DARED me too maybe. When the kids grew up lol.
I find it amazing that it is actually possible to go moneyless for an entire year with some perserverance. Kudo's to him.

Sharon - posted on 08/28/2010




Sure. anyone could do it. But who wants to? I LIKE buying my books. I like putting on nice clothes. I like comfortable shoes.

I also have 3 kids. They need things. Heat, a good diet, etc.

I have always traded favors though. Pet sitting, pet care, errand running, etc.

I help out my neighbors alot, they have 3 kids just like we do. We compare schedules to get all 6 kids to soccer practice and back home.

We lean on each other to get the kids to and from school.

We cut back in a lot of areas so we are free to spend in others.

Its awfully hard to cook a full meal on a single burner stove but rather I use my microwave & toaster oven as often as I can to avoid turning on the big stove and the gas it uses. We pretty much only use the large oven 2 or 3 times a year to cook turkeys.

We've had our own major garden every year except the past 3 years out 15. After the property is fenced we're going to look into raising some meat cattle. We'll trade slaughtering & buthering for portions of the meat and if we can get enough cattle - we'll be able to trade on the excess meat for other favors, maybe trade a cow for animal feed.

Jaime - posted on 08/28/2010




He's the modern-day Emerson. Very cool. I couldn't do this completely, but I definitely think I could live without certain amenities like t.v., computer, phone and dishwasher. And learning to eat healthier foods wouldn't be a bad idea either.

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