The only mommy war worth waging

Michele - posted on 05/18/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )



"I don't much care if you breastfed your kid until they started kindergarten or if you fed them formula from day one. I don't really care if you turned your infant car seat forward-facing prior to age 2, or if you homeschool, or if you send your kids to daycare while you go to work. Do you cosleep? Did you circumcise your son? I DON'T CARE. Do you "babywear"? Push your kid around in a stroller? Use a leash for your kid at Disneyland? Whatever. Good for you.

When it comes to issues of motherhood, there is one issue I care about: some kids don't have one. "


Jenny - posted on 05/18/2012




"This is the war I'll be involved in: We, as a society, are not doing enough to protect at-risk and motherless children, both in our country and globally.

(Because apparently we're too busy worrying about that kid whose mom gave him formula.)"
- From the article

I really don't think its fair to say that we as a society are not doing enough to protect motherless children because we are too busy worrying about non-significant mother wars.

I think we're just busy taking care of our own kids, trying to given them the best possible future. That is a goal that is more reachable to most of us, but I do think that we all care about the less fortunate hence most people will give a part of their money or their time to those less fortunate.

Michele - posted on 05/18/2012




I agree MeMe. In advice threads, I usually take the attitude of "this is what worked for me", but your mileage may vary. In debate forums, I can debate for the sake of debate about which I think is better, but that doesn't mean that I will look down on someone who chooses differently. And it's funny how many things that I thought were horrible before I had kids, that I understand more now. I don't always agree, but I can understand. Leashes at Disney is a prime example. I never ended up having to go that route, but my two boys sure gave me a run for my money and I came close!

MeMe - Raises Her Hand (-_-) (Mommy Of A Toddler And Teen) - posted on 05/18/2012




I think most mothers care about all children. I think we all think and distress about those children that are not loved and are thrown to the curb side, without thought. I also believe that there is so much unjustice in this world, that it is a bit difficult to make yourself a part of it. It is a complete heartache, how so many children are wronged. I honestly wish I could help every single one of them. It is just not a realistic thought, though. It is something the Government, law makers and law officials, need to step up and take responsibility for! These children need much more than MeMe (or another so and so) to stand up for them. I am just one person, I am not enough to help them all. So, in the mean time, since we are human beings, we find a sense of who we are by debating what means most to us, as individual mom's.

There are many things that are listed in this article, that I could careless about. Such as the breastfeeding or formula debate or the extended breastfeeding. I really don't care if you push your kid around in a stroller or babywear them. I don't care if you keep them rear facing until they are two, just please do it until they are 20lbs. To me these things are trivial and aren't imposing any threat on the child. You may see me in the debate thread but I am commonly trying to say just that. It doesn't matter and an opinion should not be created on a mother, for her choices on these subjects.

Honestly, the only things I care about and will debate hard about, when it comes to children in particular, are ones that have been proven (or my senses tell me) to negatively affect a child and their development and/or growth.

Some mothers will debate hard on everything, just to prove what they do is "best". Even though, most times, they are really trying to prove it to themselves. Since, regardless of what another mother thinks of her own techniques, she typically is not going to change anothers opinion, for how they do it.


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