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alright, there's 3 pages here, so I'm not copying and pasting. But here's a summary:

a 15 year old girl was found wandering the streets barefoot in her pajamas a few weeks ago. The man who found her mistook her to be an 8 year old since she only weighed 70 lbs. She had taken out of school, forced to live in the basement, had to ask permission to eat, drink or use the toilet. She was also forced to eat and drink her own feces and urine, and rummage through trash for food.

At least twice in the past, neighbors called in complaints as they were concerned about the girl. Once, the parents (and girl) were questioned about her being sexual molested. Other papers in my area have reported that the step brother had been molesting her since she turned 10.

How could this happen and no one know? Especially since authorities were called on more than one occasion to check the safety of this child? Sometimes, I feel CPS is far too lax. Beaten children are given back to parents who took the required courses, only to be beaten again and again. Children have to suffer for SOOOO long and so horribly before authorities step in and save the child.

So, with the information we have, did CPS/the local authorities fail this child? Does CPS routinely fail children in their reluctance to remove children for their own safety at the risk of offending parents?

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I once worked with (though not for - I wasn't a case worker, I handed the legal side of things) CPS for a good while.

There are good and bad case workers, and because of the extremely high turnover rate, cases are constantly being handed off to the next person. The problem is, right before a worker leaves, they often don't keep very good records. The stress is too much, and the let it fall behind, and then they're gone...and the new person doesn't know a thing about it.

Not justifying it, but there's reasons things fall through the cracks.

The next contributing factor (and the biggest, by far) is legalities. I can't tell you how many cases where we KNEW that someone was hurting their child, but due to circumstance and law, we couldn't touch them. Trust me, it angered us as much as it did the community. We just had to wait until things escalated and hope it wasn't too late.

I can't say what happened in this particular case, or who was at fault (other than the caregivers, naturally), because frankly I've worked too many cases that ended up in the media, and I know from experience that we're likely not seeing the truth. It's easy to say more should have been done, but we don't know for a fact what information they were working with, or what really went on behind the scenes.

Either way, my heart hurts for this girl. That's a horrible situation, and I hope she can start rebuilding her life now.


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Social Services in my area are so overstretched that they don't respond to every complaint. If they get a complaint from a "professional" ie teacher, medical staff or police they take it seriously but if I reported my neighbour it might just get logged and no action taken.

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I'm thinking the school system didn't think much of it because the mother was "homeschooling" her. I put that in "" because she was using a 3rd grade workbook. So, I can get that.

In other newspapers (this has been on local news stations, local and statewide newspapers etc etc.) it has said there were "many" or some said "several" complaints from surrounding neighbors. I mean...come on, you get one complaint and the child appears happy and healthy and family seems alright (because I'm sure people are good actors and scare the girl into being a good actor too), but then you get another call, and another...and what? You go, well, the neighbors must be conspiring against this family! WTF?!

I don't get how this wasn't caught earlier. I just don't understand, and it makes me fearful and sad. What if I die one day, and my husband remarries and his new wife beats my kids. (I would hope that he would notice and put a stop to it, but sometimes those closest to the situation are the last to see it.)

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OMG, it gives me shivers and brings tears to my eyes, actually it makes me cry! It makes me think of my own teen daughter and how sad she would feel in this situation. How heart wrenching, the poor girl. My god, I couldn't imagine!

Yes, CPS did fail her and Yes they fail many. They do not have the proper resources in hand to do as they should be. IMO, they are far to lax in many situations, especially serious ones like these. How could they not be doing follow ups on these cases that they know about? I don't understand. Why wasn't there more of an investigation, I mean there were complaints, they even followed up on it once. Why didn't they take the girl into private questioning and get her side. They couldn't have or she would have been saved then.

These children will live with this torture the rest of their lives, even if they are removed. It is too late to help heal the inner scars. I am so happy she has help now but it should have been much sooner! I mean come on, 6 years?? FM, that is insane.

These parents should not be getting bail, they should be left to suffer the rest of their lives. How devastating. I can't even think about it anymore. Damn, what a way for me to go to bed, thinking of all the children out there being heinously abused and have nothing. I feel terrible (yet very appreciative) to think that my children have everything and these children are barely living. Just to think how many times this girl has cried herself to sleep, how many times she has been starving and beaten.

CPS deserves a swift kick in the you know what. A good wake up call to get out there and do their duty with the tax dollars we pay for them to do so. There should not be children suffering like this. If someone or multiple people lay a complaint there should be a serious investigation, not just a knock on the door and a good bye... Imagine, this girl probably hoped they would find her when they first came to question the parents. She was failed by so many at such a young age, CPS is meant to protect these children. My heart goes out to her!

How did the school system not wonder where she was? I wonder this. All of a sudden she is pulled out of school, doesn't the school system wonder why? Don't they check in on these things too?? Goodness, I don't get it...

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