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I enjoyed her speech very much and do agree with mostly everything she said. However, she is speaking from a corporate world and it is true that the percentage of women leaders is slim. But in the Educational world, there are a lot of female powerful leaders in roles as a Superintendent, Univeristy professors, or even county & state school officials. I do agree that women do have to make more of a choice whether to raise a family or pursue a high-power career, where a man it is a no-brainer to work and support their family. There are no real answers. Each woman needs to do what is best for them. I support working moms, and I support SAHMs. I read some of the comments too, especially from the one man that said that no one wants to see their daughter robbed of a powerful position becasue of her gender. Something to think about!

Sherri - posted on 12/27/2010




I guess since I don't want to be in the work force and all I want to be right now is a wife and a mother, I am not a great one to even comment on this one. With that said I am very educated and I have my college degree. I opted to give up the work force completely when I became a mom that was so much more important to me. I think it requires so much time and effort that most woman are not willing to sacrifice their marriages and families in order to get to the top. Money and status is worth nothing to me in comparison to my husband and kids.

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