Traditions and their place in our world.

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Coming from a portuguese heritage I find my self sitting and wondering at the traditions that have been sent down through the centuries, and wonder just how many other people have traditions that have become so inbreed in you thet when it come to a particular season or reason you automatically do those thing without thinking as to why or reason it was done in the first place.

For example every Christmas eve I and my mother cook up a storm. The table is laid by 8.00pm on Christmas eve with every consivable traditional dish, rice puddings, custard tards, roasted chicken, (live is South Africa Turkey not common or traditional in out part of the world) honey Cakes and the kings crown, sweets and pies. The table will then remain set for every one to help themselve to untill boxing day morning. At midnight on Christmas eve we are supposed to open the door and invite the first person who walks past in to eat from our table as it means this person has no one to spend this night with. (too dangerous so we call the security company and hand the security guards a dish or on our way to midnight mass drop a plate off at the local police station. For the same reason except they have to work and can't go home.

There are so many others I would need days to write all of them down. I just want to know if you have something like it and what traditions do you follow... And do you belive in this type on continuation of family history.


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Desiree - posted on 10/23/2010




The funny thing is that there are many traditions that I still following my home that have nothing to do with Christmas time. Like have a chopping board for meat and one for chicken and on for bread, but that goes back to the time of the inquisition when my family was Jewish and converted. But at Easter Time I cook the main meal on Holy Thursday (day before Good Friday) It is always fish (We are Catholic) and put it in the fridge till I warm it up the next day. I normally cook a traditional Fish Stew, this way I never cook or work on Good Friday My Family also never wears red on this day because for us it is a sign of the blood split. Ok my family can be traced back over 500 years so we do have some very old traditions. Things not to do when some one dies (no we don't have open Coffins I think our priest might have a fit, gets upset when the family does it. This is not something that is done SA.) Birthdays are not celebrated before a birthdays.

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We dont follow a lot of traditions although a few of my mothers customs seep into our lives like greetings , respect ( its rude to touch a persons hair ) traditionally i only really follow things when around my Tongan family , i was raised an Aussie but i respect their culture .

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Hmmm...trying to think of old tyme traditions we still hang onto in our family. None come to mind except the Christmas tree and advent wreath. We do the "typical" Christmas-y things, plus some religious stuff like read Luke 2 from the Bible on Christmas Eve.

I like the idea of opening your home to the first person that walks by, but you're right it's not too feasible in today's world. Charity is a big part of the holiday season for our family as well. We typically sponsor a needy family with a meal and gifts. I suppose charity is a tradition that goes way back.

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Around Christmas my family, parents, Grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins gets together and we have an assembly line in order and make tamales.

Christmas Eve at my parents' house we always got to open one gift. Now that I have a family of my own and we have to split time between there and at my in-laws, we open all gifts on Christmas Eve.

Thanksgiving is a big family get together. I hosted for the first time last year and had both families over. I'd like to continue that. I dated a Frenchie in my youth and his mom always made these delicious green beans. She died of cancer but I continue her tradition making those green beans for my family and they are always the #1 thing requested. So it is my tradition now.

I can't wait to make our own family traditions when my daughter is older and continue the ones we have.

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I'm on the opposite end. I make my own traditions and don't follow any really. Well except the traditions after a person dies and some still view the body.

On a Saturday night in December my tree is always put up on that day. We go for a ride looking at the color christmas displays....there are a few more....

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Most definitely! It keeps a persons culture and heritage alive! My family doesn't have any cultural traditions because we're so mixed (heinz 57 here lol), so we usually have Chinese or Japanese food on Christmas Eve, turkey dinner Christmas Day and then shopping on boxing day.

April - posted on 10/20/2010




I'm half filipino and one of the Philippine traditions is to get a blessing from someone older than you by taking there hand and touching it to your forehead, it is also a sign of respect. I still do this whenever any of my mums relatives or friends come visit our house, even though i was raised in Australia and pretty much don't know many Philippine traditions. So that's something i still carry with me from my mum's culture :)

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