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There is a new fad in weddings, after weddings to be exact. Where the bride, groom and her maids take to trashing the wedding dress. I have seen my first pictures of a 'trash the dress' occasion where the bride and her groom had their pictures taken in poses and places that would ultimately ruin the dress - by either dirt, water or tearing. And then the groom disappears from the picture, bride is in another outfit and her and her maids are posing in places, ripping, shredding, tearing apart the gown then using pieces as blankets, scarves, throwing them in the air, running with ribbons of the dress behind them, etc...

The dress in that particular photo shoot was stated to be worth $6,500. I have heard of other situations where the dress cost as much as $25,000.

What do you think of this fad? Would you ever participate in this Trash The Dress occasion with your maids? Would you do it with/for a friend?


Krista - posted on 09/20/2010




I don't like the idea either. If you don't want your dress anymore, why not give it to a charity so that some woman who doesn't have much money can still wear a pretty dress?

Dana - posted on 09/20/2010




I wouldn't mind doing some really awesome pictures on the beach or in water. It's not necessarily going to ruin the dress doing that but, to tear it up? That just seems really disrespectful to do that. Why on earth would you want to trash the dress you just wore to marry someone you love? Not to mention the waste of money. Seems really lame to me.

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I've never heard of this and no I would never do it...if people have money to waste then let them but I certainly wouldn't take any part in something as pathetic as that lol!

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OMG I've never even heard of this! Without having read any of the other comments, I just have to say that I think it's a disgusting and blatant waste of money, expecially when the dresses you're talking about cost SO MUCH! My wedding dress only cost $100 but I've treated it like a treasure and would never even THINK about trashing it! Seriously, my $100 dress was dry cleaned, folded carefully and into a neat position and placed in one of those jumbo sized space bags (the ones you vacuum the air out of) with Steve's matching tie and Jacob's first suit. I arranged everything to where it looks like a really cool piece of art and I've even had friends see it when we were moving and they thought it WAS art lol I may just frame it and hang it on our wall somewhere. Trashing a wedding dress. What the hell is wrong with people????

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Spending money on something (anything, really) and then intentionally destroying it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I think spending that much money on an article of clothing is absurd anyway though. Of course, my entire wedding didn't even cost $1,000. ;)

Morgan - posted on 09/21/2010




I only paid about 1200 dollars for my dress and if I would have known I might have done this, some of the pics are amazing and it looks like alot of fun, I would not rip it or tear it into peices though :)
I would do it today.....but I would never fit back in my dress LOL

Lyndsay - posted on 09/20/2010




This is disgustingly, absurdly, RIDICULOUSLY wasteful and unnecessary. Why not donate those dresses to people who can't afford to shit on $25,000?

Cassie - posted on 09/20/2010




I guess my sister did this. Although I didn't really think there was anything wrong with it at the time. Her wedding dress cost less than $100 though and she was married on the beach so after the ceremony, we did pictures in the water as the wedding party. All of our outfits were ruined but the pictures turned out beautiful. I don't classify this in the same category though as trashing a dress that cost several thousand dollars. My sister's dress was less than $100, our bridesmaid dresses were $25 and the groomsmen's outfits cost around $50. I guess it was somewhat a waste of money but it is a wonderful memory for all of us and wonderful pictures for our family.

Brandy - posted on 09/20/2010




This reminds me of our grad and there were a few girls who all had these light pink, big beautiful gowns. Not one of them was under $1000 and they all wore to the grad party that night which they all knew was outdoors except for one giant tent and they all wore them and they were all covered in mud up to the waist because it rained and they were dancing in the mud puddles and people started grabbing strips of the dresses and tearing them apart and while it looked kind of neat, I couldn't help but cringe at the thought of ruining the dresses and OMG, what did their mother's think after seeing the dresses completely ruined?

?? - posted on 09/20/2010




I don't plan on having a traditional wedding dress... and I do plan on doing the fancy photo shoot... I don't plan on wrecking my dress, but I'm sure it'll get a lil wear and tear during the day, the night and the photo shoot - trashed, no. Thoroughly enjoyed, yes.

Tah - posted on 09/20/2010




trash the dress....well i thats starts your life off in a great way......i didn't wear a dress, i went to the jop and i didn't trash my jeans, snow boots or no loss here...

Erin - posted on 09/20/2010




I rented my dress for $100, so I didn't even have the option. But I would never do that!

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I think spending that much on a dress to begin with is ridiculous, but to trash it is just plain stupidity.

Rosie - posted on 09/20/2010




stupid fad, would never do it. i saved my dress in hopes that my daughter would maybe want to use it one day. fast forward to today and i have 3 boys.....maybe my daughter in law would wear it???

[deleted account]

I wouldn't do it with my wedding dress, but if I had a pretty dress form another occasion I might just to get some pretty pictures. One of my best friends is a photographer and she has a whole album on her FB called "trash the dress" and it's with her and a bunch of other ladies she knows wearing dresses (not wedding dresses) and getting some beautiful pictures (she lives near Seattle Washington, so they have a lot of cool beach and forest shots!). If I lived closer to her I would want some pictures of my hubby and myself like that (I would wear a bridsemaid dress I have and will NEVER wear again and my hubby would wear some regular slacks and a white dress shirt).

I do NOT think I would ever do that with my wedding dress, but then again I am big on keeping my dress for my daughters so they have the option of wearing it for their weddings if they want. I would have worn my mom's dress if it had fit me and after our wedding our oldest (who was 4 at the time) asked me to keep it so she can wear it and be a princess someday too :)

Brooke - posted on 09/20/2010




I think it is CRAZY, and sounds like you are starting off with a bad curse! Then also what happened to saving the dress you wore on one of the most important days of your LIFE. Never mind what a complete waste of money!

Joanna - posted on 09/20/2010




I'm too sentimental a person to ever do that. I only spent $40 on my wedding dress (it was a casual outdoor gazebo wedding in vegas so I didn't go all out), but I still keep it just for memories sake!

Meghan - posted on 09/20/2010




I would LOVE to participate in this...then again my dress was ugly and I am going through a divorce.
If I liked the dress (and was still with my ex) I wouldn't even consider it. It is a symbolic thing AND what a waste of money!

Lindsay - posted on 09/20/2010




Oh and if it wasn't clear in my prior post, I think this practice is totally odd and wasteful and nothing I would want to do!

Lindsay - posted on 09/20/2010




I have never heard of this before either! I just can't even imagine. Now if someone wants to "recycle" there dress into something new, I think that's great as well. I saw something on TV the other day and they had made the comment that they used the mother's wedding dress to make baptism outfits for their children. I thought that was very cool!

[deleted account]

Ewwwww.....i think it's disgusting. Never heard of this fad, so yes, it's NEW to me!
I love my gown. It's presevered and boxed away. I'd love to wear it again if we ever renew our vows. But I would never intentionally trash my wedding gown. It was too much money, and I personally don't care for the trend.

Sharon - posted on 09/20/2010




I miss the old custom of the bride wearing her bridal gown for a year to all special high class functions.

No, if I paid that amount for a dress, I would not trash it. however since, its a one time only dress, worn for a few hours and then stored in a lightless unviewable bag for decades, I can kind of see why they trash it. You might as well enjoy it to the max (water, dirt pics, etc) and then trash it.

Sara - posted on 09/20/2010




What a waste. I think it's ridiculous to pay that much money for a dress in the first place, but then to just destroy it makes no sense. Wouldn't you want to maybe pass it on to your own daughter one day or something? People are out of control with weddings.

[deleted account]

I googled some images out of curiosity. Some of the pictures are beautiful, especially those in the water or a large field. The paint and mud pictures were icky. Who wants to roll around in the mud in the most beautiful dress they've ever worn? But this one topped the cake. To me it's frightening.

Tracey - posted on 09/20/2010




I did once see a wedding dress that after the wedding had been cut up and turned into a quilt with wedding photos printed on the material. There was enough dress to make one for the couple, both mums and smaller ones for the bridesmaids.

C. - posted on 09/20/2010




Well, firstly.. It's not that new. People have been doing that for at least a couple years. BUT, I think if you're going to spend thousands of dollars on a dress, just keep the damn thing!

Iris - posted on 09/20/2010




I still have mine and I could never trash it. My 11 y/o has told me she wants to wear it when she gets married and she keeps checking it out....but I'm realistic, so we'll see when it comes to that.

Still, I could not tear down the dress I wore when I married my husband.

Jessica - posted on 09/20/2010




I can't even think of doing that- I LOVED my wedding dress and even though I won't wear it again, I still want to be able to look at it and keep it for the sake of nostalgia! More importantly, it was very expensive and my mom bought it for me- I can't imagine how she'd have felt if I'd just ruined it intentionally right after!

Tracey - posted on 09/20/2010




My husband and I are renewing our vows next year on our 20th anniversary and I will be wearing my same wedding dress. Couldn't do that if I had trashed it.

Jodi - posted on 09/20/2010




My dress was quite a simple one. I've had it adjusted a little, and shortened, and it is now a lovely ivory summer dress. Why be wasteful? I actually deliberately chose one I could turn into something I would wear again :) But then, it was my second wedding. My first dress I gave away to charity after the divorce.

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WOW! I would NEVER have wore my mom's dress! Not in a million years!!! With MY dress I'd considered dying it black for my husband's funeral, but we never got to keep it that long! I bought it used and had it cleaned for our was not cleaned or put in a bag or nothing after the wedding and apparently a previous water heater leak caused some molding in the wall behind it (my closet wall) and it molded :'( Soo...having had to throw it away any how it would have been better had we got some awesome shots on the beach first!!! My brother & his wife did the trashing @ a beach and the shots are nice, but I cringed the entire time thinking "the dress" :(

Kate CP - posted on 09/19/2010




I saved my wedding dress in case my daughter wanted to wear it for her wedding. I know I would have liked to wear my mom's if she had kept her's. :/

Charlie - posted on 09/19/2010




I think if you spend that much money only to trash it later its a disgusting display , i dont know about others but personally throwing away that much money makes me a little sick when there are so many people who need it .

Isobel - posted on 09/19/2010




My friend bought her wedding dress from a charity that sold used designer dresses for half the price and donated that money to fight womens' cancers...I think that would be a much better alternative for the dress you will never wear be honest, it makes me a little bit sick to think of the wastefulness of our society

Kylie - posted on 09/19/2010




No i think it's disrespectful, trashing an expensive dress goes against everything i believe in and i would not participate. They could make someone very happy by giving it away if they wont wear it again..or auction it for charity. I'm keeping my dress to give to my daughter if she wants it. Actually I'm doing a photo shoot with my cousin in a few weeks and I'm going to wear my dress and veil and climb a tree or kids play equipment and go running on the beach and the dress may get wet and dirty but I'll just dry clean it.
My mum gave us her wedding dress as kids and it was kept in the dress up box for years. It got trashed but we had hours of fun with it and it wasn't an expensive dress. Trashing something worth a lot of money for thrills is childish IMO.

?? - posted on 09/19/2010




Personally, I'd sell the dress or give it away or auction it or keep it.

I googled some "trash the dress" pictures after seeing my friends pictures (I heard about trash the dress some time ago, just hadn't cared or bothered to look at it more). Some of the pictures that come from these photo shoots really are beautiful. Bride and groom on the beach, laying in the water... or them caked in mud... or the bride sitting on rail road tracks or in a stream... the photography end of it is really quite interesting. But the cost of the dress they're ruining, makes me cringe too, Sara lol

[deleted account]

Thinking about destroying a dress that costs that much makes me cringe. But then, you won't ever wear it again. It will just take up space in your closet or attic for the rest of your life. I wouldn't do it. I would feel uncomfortable helping a friend do it. But if that's how someone wants to celebrate after their wedding, why not?

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