UFOs Tampered With Nuclear Missiles

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I came across this and thought it was interesting…
my question is this...do you think this is real?

if it ever came to light to be truly TRUE of other life out there or in our own backyard..would you want to know?
or would you rather go on with your life, feeling that its better you not know?
and will you be watching (if you can) on Monday to see how it unfolds…

This also made me wonder how much more are they covering up

Former U.S. Air Force officers and a former enlisted man are about to break many years of silence about an alarming series of UFO encounters at nuclear weapons sites -- incidents officially kept secret for decades.

When the group appears at a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Monday, it will offer testimony about events so chilling, it will seem like a day at a science fiction movie festival.
Salas, co-author of "Faded Giant" (BookSurge Publishing), was a first lieutenant in 1967, serving as a missile-launch officer while stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana.

On March 16, 1967, Salas was 60 feet below ground working a 24-hour shift monitoring a launch-control center outfitted with 10 nuclear Minuteman missiles.

"I got a call from the topside guard, telling me they were watching some strange lights flying around in the sky, making odd maneuvers. They didn't think they were airplanes because they were going very fast, turning on a dime and not making a bit of noise," Salas told AOL News.

"A few minutes later, he called back, this time screaming into the phone, scared to death, and he said, 'Sir, I'm looking out my front window and there is a glowing red oval-shaped object hovering right above the front gate, and I've got all the guards out here with their weapons drawn.' "

The guard told Salas the UFO was approximately 30 to 40 feet in diameter with a very bright, pulsating light.

When the guard asked what they should do next, Salas' immediate response was that they had to do whatever was necessary to protect the nuclear missile area, "so basically, I was giving them permission to use whatever force they needed to use to keep anything out."

As Salas started to inform his duty partner and commander about what was going on 60 feet above them, something chilling happened.

"All of a sudden, we started getting bells and whistles going off. As we looked at the display board in front of us, sure enough, the missiles began going into an unlaunchable, or no-go, mode. They couldn't be launched -- it went from green to red.

"We also had a couple of security violations, meaning there were lights indicating some kind of intrusion at the missile sites, where the missiles were actually located, about a mile or two away from the launch control facility."

Salas said they immediately performed a system checklist to see what was wrong and to determine how it was possible that 10 nuclear missiles could suddenly be deactivated.

"We were getting mostly guidance and control systems failure, and when I called the guard again, he told me the UFO just left and took off at high speed. So I ordered the guards to go out to the missile sites, and while they were out there, they saw the object again at one of the launch facilities.

"It scared them to death again, and they actually lost radio contact while they were near the object and then they returned to the base. I later learned they never returned to security guard duty."

Salas said it was extraordinary that they lost so many missiles at the same time. Isolated mishaps had made a single missile go "unlaunchable," but never 10 at once. And never 10 at once during a UFO sighting.

As a result of the incident, the missiles had to be fixed to get them all back into launch mode.

here is the link to the rest of the story....


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Well, if I came across a people playing with dangrous weapons, and lacking the wisdom to handle them, I'd take them apart too.
I don't blame them really. I don't let toddlers play with sharp knives, or kids play with guns.

I can see others not wanting us to play with our dangrous toys and taking them apart

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I think that aliens definitely do exist, and have probably existed since long before we humans ever crawled out of the slime pool. Has anyone else noticed that in the article, the "aliens" back in 1967 made the missiles "unlaunchable"? As in, they basically turned the weapons of mass destsruction OFF. I imagine that on one of the alien ships, there was a little dude standing at a window holding a "Here's Your Sign" poster.

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Aliens, who have just so happened to develop space flight, conquering interstellar travel at the speed of light (which means you would return home to find all your friends and family had aged whilst you hadn't) travelled across millions of galaxies to make contact with a primitive species by fucking with the electrics. Dude, they have a better sense of humour than 99% of people here (Earth), course I want to know them lol.

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Yes I'd want to know.
I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to know, I really don't. Friendly or hostile, you'd think a person might want to know this. It has the potential to have a huge impact on our future, the entire globe.
I will definitely be trying to find out on Monday what's going on. I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch (not sure if I have the right channels to watch) but I am intrigued. =)

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