UK Mums - Do you support tomorrow's strike by public sector workers?

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Tomorrow will see the biggest ever walkout of public sector workers in the UK, over the government changing their pension arrangements.

I fully support their democratic right to strike, although their mandate is not great as only two thirds of union members actually voted.

I can completely see their point. A decent pension used to be one of the perks of the public sector. If you want to encourage the best people into jobs like teaching, nursing etc, you need an incentive.

A lot of people are moaning about having to find extra childcare for tomorrow, but surely causing inconvenience is part of the point of striking. How else can they get their voices heard?


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Tracey - posted on 11/29/2011




I remember reading about a strike by underground drivers (not sure which country) where to avoid inconveniencing the public the staff let people ride for free on strike days so the only loss was income for the company.

If teachers want to annoy the government then I suggest they refuse to do any paperwork or reports, not sure what nurses or border control could do.

Do I support the doctor who by refusing to attend my sons birth was responsible for him being born brain damaged in his striking for a better pension when I can't keep a job because of caring for my son and the never ending appointments and treatments and therefore can't get any pension? No I don't.

The country is billions of pounds in debt and at the moment can't afford to pay what the unions want. Yes people should have the right to strike but at a time where people are lucky to have a job maybe they should count their blessings and be realistic.

What percentage of strikers do you think are using tomorrow as an excuse to go Christmas shopping?

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I too am a sahm, and I'm actually looking forward to having both children at home. We'd thought about going Christmas shopping, but town will probably be heaving!

Lady - posted on 11/29/2011




I support their right to strike - doesn't surprise me it's happening after all the torries are in power so riots and strikes are to be expected - one of the many benifits of being a SAHM is I don't need to worry about childcare also hubby has decided to take the day off tomorrow so we're all going to have a little holiday and go into town to see the christmas lights and fair - should be nice!

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