Unexplained missile seen in the sky over LA

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Nothing like an unexplained missile launch to ruin a perfectly good coastal sunset.

That was the unsettling reflection that many residents in the Los Angeles area were forced to entertain Monday evening as they gazed out over the ocean and into the storied Southern California sky. All at once, the vista was disrupted by a large missile streaming across the horizon. Nor were area residents especially comforted when they consulted local news outlets about the episode, only to learn that no one seemed to know to whom the missile belonged.

A KCBS traffic helicopter captured the projectile on camera last night, but the Navy and Air Force claimed to know nothing of any planned launch when contacted by KFMB, a CBS affiliate in San Diego.

"We put in a lot of calls to the Navy and Air Force tonight," the station's Marcella Lee said. "But so far, no one seems to know anything about this launch."

"It's spectacular. It takes people's breath away," former U.S. Ambassador to NATO and former Deputy Secretary of Defense Robert Ellsworth told the station after viewing the video. Ellsworth could offer little in the way of speculation about the projectile's origins, beyond supposing that it looked to be an American show of force, but he did classify it as "a big missile." Various reports say that the missile was launched roughly 35 miles out to sea, west of L.A. and north of Catalina Island.

You can watch the KFMB report below: ((VIDEO ON WEBPAGE))

The Defense Department so far seems caught as off-guard by the episode as everyone else; a spokesman for the Pentagon told reporters that the whole incident is, at this point, completely "unexplained." Meanwhile, NBC's Jim Miklaszewski — the network's Pentagon correspondent — reported today that missile launches are rarely done in the vicinity of large metropolitan areas. And if military leaders had planned a missile launch, they would have given area residents plenty of advance notice.

Earlier today, officials from the North American Aerospace Defense Command issued a statement saying that the missile posed "no indication of any threat to our nation," adding that "from all indications this was not a launch by a foreign military."

Fox News asked around at all the local Air Force bases as well as the FAA and got the same basic response. You can watch Steve Centanni's report here: ((VIDEO ON WEBPAGE))

So, yeah, there you have it: Nothing to see here, folks.


Thoughts? To me, this is so crazy!!! EEK!!!

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Jocelyn - posted on 11/10/2010




I bet you someone just fucked up and doesn't want to admit that they made a mistake.

Desiree - posted on 11/10/2010




Can't be Aliens.... That would also be denied mmmmm..... Ok then maybe the US government are usually dening the exsistance of something or the other. Oh the age of deniability isn't it fun.

Jackie - posted on 11/10/2010




There is speculation that it was an optical illusion. The video was taken by a news helicopter. Though it may look like a missile, it was probably a plane going towards the camera and it just looks like a missile going up into the sky. This object changed direction, which missile cannot do.

Tracey - posted on 11/10/2010




If they have to warn all local residents before launching a missile isn't this like inviting terrorists to come and steal it? Hey bad guys we will have this weapon at this place at this time and date, but please don't try to take it?

Johnny - posted on 11/09/2010




So not contrails! I agree with Lacye's assesment. One of those 3. Either that or aliens. You never know...

Jenny - posted on 11/09/2010




It's pretty crazy alright. My guess is it US miltary and they messed up. If it was others they'd be reacting quickly. The "official" explanation I heard was contrails *facepalm*

Amie - posted on 11/09/2010




The aliens are back and are shooting off missiles! Run for the hills! =O

Seriously though, they need to find out where the hell it came from and wtf is going on. That's scary beyond belief. =|

Lacye - posted on 11/09/2010




it can be one of three things. possibly more but this is what i came up with. lol
1) the government shot it off but they don't want to admit it.
2) another country shot it off
3) it misfired from one of the stations in the USA

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