Unjustice System

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Technically they "say" stepparents salary does not matter that it shouldn't be touched.

Check this out: If you are married and on you lover's W-4 form claimed as married, then it shows he/she would have a little more money. Child Support or the Judge will autimatically say, " okay, so you are married and you have an income you will pay this much a month" Do the system really care what you think about it? NO!

What really hurts the most is when your lover would need to pay child support for a child(ren) when it's not his or hers. "HARDSHIP!" that is the word they use to get more money when the mother or father is supposely not working.

Think about this: You already know how much money is going to child support every month, now whatever is left is used for the both of you and that could be for bills etc including the income they can't touch (your's). Now the court has ordered to pay more money a month which there's no change of income between you and your spouse....wouldn't you think that's like touching your money when they "say" your money is not being touched. Hmmm..... What kind of We The People we have here?


LalaBoom - posted on 12/02/2013





I hope you maintain that philosphy of "best interests of the child," when it comes to stepparent involvement and discipline ;)

I live in NY.

On record, my income "doesn't count."

In real life, and in our situation, my income was taken into consideration.

It was used under the guise: "household income."

Kristi - posted on 08/17/2013




Found it! LOL

Unjustice Systme

"Do the system really care what you think about it? NO!"

Why would/should they? It's not about you, it's not about what you think or how you feel. It's about the best interest of the child.

"What really hurts the most is when your lover would need to pay child support for a child(ren) when it's not his or hers."

Why is your lover paying child support for a child(ren) he or she did not partake in making or birthing? I mean, I can see how a man might accidentally wind up paying child support or even in the states that say by law, the man you're married to when you give birth is the father...but how does a woman have to pay child support for a kid that she did not give birth to?

"Now the court has ordered to pay more money a month which there's no change of income between you and your spouse....wouldn't you think that's like touching your money when they "say" your money is not being touched."

It's been pointed out, that we don't know what state you live in but many states don't just randomly say, Oh, let's raise Joe's child support today. He's got a lover now, he can handle it. In Nebraska, you're entitled to a child support review every three years. If either party wants the child support amount changed prior to that, they have to hire an attorney to petition the court and that's usually time consuming and expensive. Just because your lover didn't get a cost of living raise, doesn't mean the cost of living (and raising/caring) for a child(ren) didn't go up, therefore justifying more of his/her income (and not yours) being allocated for child support.

"What kind of We The People we have here?"

Are you talking about "We The People" from the Preamble of the United States Constitution? Or maybe, the "by and for people" from the Gettysburg Address? Either way...99.9% of all of the people will be on the side of the child(ren). Not yours, not mine.

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I'm just thinking, here in Australia it is only based on both bio parents' incomes. Did the bio mother perhaps have a drop in her income. That can cause a rise in child support obligations, because the child support is about maintaining the standard of living for the child.


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What is un fair is my step daughters mom went to prison so my husband and I raised her for 6 yrs with no help. We tried to get child support from her when she got out but they said she just couldnt pay it. But now that she is out and got full custody I bet she will get it from us. Two people who have good jobs and are good citizens but they will be more than willing to make us pay when no one cared that we didnt have help from her for six yrs. Not our fault that she is a felon and screwed her own life up.

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Maybe the child is legally his but not biologically? Some states are weird with child support rules. I think any step parent should be some what financially obligated to support the child maybe not pay but in other obligations. Some people actually have hardships and others are just lazy. I know usually it increases with age and other things. Maybe there should be a set term that everyone can live with. But heck some people just can't have adult conversations especially when it comes with money!

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Wow, not sure where you live, but here, especially in Wyoming and Colorado, you're sadly mistaken.

My husband's monthly support amount didn't change when we got married. As a matter of fact, we were given the option to pay off the rest of the upcoming support as a lump sum, but that's about it.

My income had no bearing on his child support.

And, why in the world would he be paying for a kid that's not proven his?

I think that there may be some sour grapes...either you thought that by marrying him you'd be able to get him out of his obligated support, or that you could get the courts to reduce it, but why in the world would you want to deny a child support?

Granted, I didn't agree with my hubby paying either, but we had absolute proof of no paternity...we just got it too late to make a difference so it was an obligation to be met. We met ours, and finished it, and moved on.

So, if you didn't know he was paying support, all I can say is that's your own fault. If you thought that you would magically make that support obligation disappear, you were sorely mistaken, and need to check your judgment. If you think that the obligation goes away simply because you're married to him now, and you have "other" things that you deserve rather than paying support...so sorry, hun, but that's not the way it works.

Jodi - posted on 08/12/2013




I'm in Australia. Your partner's income doesn't count here. And neither should it. But I can kind of see why a court would think he had a little more money - because now his expenses are shared, and he is no longer having to pay them on his own, so therefore, he technically has more money in his pocket after his living costs are paid. However, I don't think it a partner's income should be included.

But back to your post....why is he paying child support for a child that isn't his?

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