vaccine snobs kill babies

Charlie - posted on 05/14/2011 ( 12 moms have responded )





DOCTORS have warned parents to keep newborn babies at home to protect them from a whooping cough epidemic triggered by the "chardonnay set and alternatives".

There have been 4580 cases of whooping cough so far this year, new data from NSW Health reveals.

Northern Sydney and South Eastern Sydney have led the way in this year's resurgent epidemic, recording the highest incidence of whooping cough, with 669 and 522 cases respectively. The Illawarra region was next highest followed by Western Sydney and Southern Sydney.

National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance deputy director Dr Rob Menzies said it was unsurprising which suburbs had the highest rates of infection.

"It's a phenomenon where highly educated people feel they need to do their own research on what is best for their child and there is scepticism of official government policy," he said.

"But a lot of people are likely to find wacky anti-vaccination sites where a lot of the information is distorted. It is not helping that people opt out of vaccination.

"It puts their children at risk and it puts other people's children at risk."

The epidemic has infected one in five children at a school near Lismore, prompting doctors to warn parents to cocoon newborns to minimise the risk.

"With vaccination rates so low in this area we say to the mothers of newborns, do not take them out in the community," local paediatrician Dr Chris Ingall said.

"We're appalled at how many kids are getting whooping cough because the chardonnay set and the alternatives don't vaccinate their children."

Areas with low vaccination rates had 300 per cent more cases of whooping cough between 2008 and 2010, according to figures from NSW Health.

The national average of conscientious objectors to vaccinations is 1.1 per cent but, in Mullumbimby, 21 per cent are conscientious objectors, as are 16 per cent in Byron Bay, meaning that as many as one in five families have children who are unvaccinated.

The epidemic of 2008-09, which affected 12,000 people and claimed the life of four-week-old Dana McCaffery from Tweed Shire, began on the north coast and spread to affluent Sydney suburbs such as Bondi, Vaucluse, Coogee and Manly, where up to 8 per cent of children are not vaccinated.

Dana McCaffery's parents Toni and David now have baby Sarah, 14 weeks, who they are cocooning, until she has all three shots to cover her against the epidemic.

"We know it is out there and rather than it be a silent predator, we are not going out and not working," Mrs McCaffery said.

Her husband is a schoolteacher at St Joseph's Primary School in Alstonville which is in the grip of a whooping cough epidemic.

Doctors say adults, whose shots have worn off, can pass on the disease to infants.

"We have tried to make some sort of difference ourselves, when we were standing over our daughter's grave and thought people need to know about this, but still only 18 per cent of adults are vaccinated," Mr McCaffery said.


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Sneaky - posted on 05/15/2011




I think "vaccine snob" actually describes the mentality quite well. You don't vaccine because the research that YOU personally did (on the internet no less! Or better yet - a BOOK. Books always contain relevant and factual information, no one ever wrote one with an agenda . . . like making money) is better than the education, training and research that your GP did. You don't vaccinate because you can't have YOUR child injected with something that might have (gasp!) preservative in it (what if it reacts with all the preservatives in the foods they eat!!!). And basically, you do not care if someone else's child dies. Yeah, I think 'snob' just about covers it.

Please note: All usage of the word 'you' was direct at everyone that CHOOSES not to vaccinate, not those that CAN NOT vaccinate. Thank you.

[deleted account]

Interesting article!

My only beef was with the use of the expression "chardonnay set" to describe the vaccine-rejecting folk who live on the north coast of NSW. They're hippies, not the chardonnay set!


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Shae - posted on 05/15/2011




My partner and I both got our shots as soon as the doctor wrote the script! My mother and brother, who we live with, were sick at the time and when they got better refused to get the shot. It annoyed me SO much because it's my baby they are putting at risk. Whats worse is my mum was going on and on about how I needed to get my daughter immunised with every shot that she can get, but my mum won't step up and take ONE shot to prevent her getting something that is running rampant.

Lady Heather - posted on 05/15/2011




It's pretty sad that with all the technology and awesome medical care there is available today, we have to become shut-ins to stop our kids from getting preventable diseases. Give me a break. You don't want to vaccinate, you keep your fucking kid at home and let the rest of us carry on our business.

I guess I will be cocooning by default though. Newborn + toddler + winter + no car = not going anywhere.

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I had full-blown whooping cough in 2005. I was out of work for 3 months. It took me however almost a year to completely recover my lung capacity and physical strength. My ex husband's grandmother was in a German Prison camp in WW2 where she watched many babies including her own daughter die from whooping cough. When she heard I had it, she freaked out until I called her and told her (in between coughs) that I would be ok and that I had my doctors taking care of me. It's no laughing matter. It almost killed my mother who had it at 11 months. I can NOT imagine an infant going through what I endured. I coughed until I vomited. I would lose control of my bladder and my bowels from the coughing convulsions. I often had to slowly crawl to the bathroom. Literally all I could do was lie on the couch quietly and play Super Mario Sunshine on the gamecube. I could not physically do anything else.

I do like the term chardonnay set and alternatives.

Tara - posted on 05/15/2011




lol@ Emma re: Highly educated. I thought the same thing when I read that. Hmmm....?
Anyhow I think that with the current rates of infection what they are, it is wise to cocoon your infants. And for any parents who live in these predominantly "non-vax" areas, make signs for your yard proclaiming your child's vax stats and ask your neighbours to do the same. At least then you'll know which kids are more likely to be carriers.

Stifler's - posted on 05/15/2011




LOL @ highly educated. That is all. Unless they were being sarcastic.

Jenni - posted on 05/15/2011




I'd get a kick out of seeing this on the homepage. But that's just because I'm petty and a little bit wicked. muhahahha

Seriously though.... it's scary. And with the newest fame- hungry doctor loose in the mass media; fear mongering with her pseudoscience-laced 'theories' based on a relationship that doesn't exist.... I'm becoming more and more terrified for society and innocent children.

I'll be breathing a sigh of relief when my daughter is finished her vaccine schedule.

Ez - posted on 05/14/2011




Milla was born right in the middle of the last epidemic. It scared me shitless. I got my booster, as did my mother, step-father, grandmother and brother.

Working in a General Practice, I have seen several cases of whooping cough this year. A couple of months ago, we had three different families come in to be tested all on the same day. That is ridiculous.

There are some vax that I can understand people opting out of. DTaP is not one of them! FFS!! How anyone can see footage of a newborn with whooping cough and not feel compelled to vaccinate is beyond me.

Nikki - posted on 05/14/2011




I got my booster when Issy was born too, hubby couldn't because he is allergic. This really disgusts me and infuriates me that people can be so stupid. I wish they would bite the friggin bullet and make it mandatory in Australia, I am loosing patience with half arsed "researched" excuses people are coming up with not to vaccinate.

Kate CP - posted on 05/14/2011




THIS is why I got my booster before I left the hospital with Paul AND my kids are immunized AND my family is immunized, too. This disease is serious and it's a killer. I can't fathom NOT getting the DTaP. I really, really don't understand it.

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