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All this talk about Organics, "green" energy, walmart, etc. has gotten me many people research a co. before buying their products? What about people before purchasing their art? Is it a moral responsibility to be aware of the significance of your own impact?


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Yup, yup and yup. One of my favourite quotes is "Every dollar you spend is a vote for what you believe in."

Johnny - posted on 07/11/2010




Absolutely I do. I don't always get it right, and sometimes you really end up choosing between the lesser of several evils to purchase a product that you aren't really willing to do without. But I do not believe that I have any right to complain about the situation of this world if I don't do my share to make sure my business is being directed towards responsible companies. I do think that it is a moral responsibility to be aware of the significance of our own impact.

That does not always mean buying organic, for instance. Sometimes stuff that is called organic or green isn't really truly better. Now that it has become a popular marketing tool, companies have stretched the meaning of those words so far that they have come close to meaning nothing. Sometimes it is about buying from a smaller, more labor intensive company that employs more people rather than a large multi-national that makes everything by machine and is constantly laying off workers. Sometimes it is buying local, particularly food and clothing.

A good portion of the time, it is learning what I don't need so that I can avoid buying more. Our economy will collapse if we all do that. You can not have the unlimited, constant growth that is required for the capitalist economic system to succeed if every person doesn't continue to buy more and more products as time passes. But can you imagine how much crap we'll all have in 20 years if we try to shop our way out of recession. I think the entire set up is daft, and it is my responsibility to contribute to it as little as possible.

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I try to do some research. There are some companies I won't buy from because of their marketing practices, their practices in sourcing products and ingredients for their products, the way they use workers, particularly in third world countries (like taking over local industries and paying local workers a pittance.)

I am a sytrong believer in human rights and humanity. That's why I aim to buy fair trade products. For example I won't buy stuff from Nestle for several reasons, one of which is that they use child slave labour to pick the cocoa beans. What makes it tricky is that some companies have their fingers in so many pies, and own so many other companies!

Anyway, I won't get on my hobby horse!

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ah, no. I don't really care. Although I don't care for mel gibson. As far as musicians, actors, etc, their opinions really don't matter to me. They should just keep their traps shut and do their job. entertain me, bitches. I will say though, i don't really pay for movies and I only purchase music from my little indie artists, who are usually activists. Like the two guys who started knowmore ;D

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I chalk it up to personal preference really. I have only blacklisted 1 store and 1 company (Suzy shier - because I got treated like crap by one of their salespeople and when I complained to the manager she told me she didn't care..) (and Catelli pastas - they refuse to put a "may contain traces of egg" warning on their product because they aren't required to by law, but many egg allergic people I know have made that mistake and had reactions to the pasta.. even if my daughter outgrows her allergy, I will never buy from them every again).

I don't have time to research stores I buy things at, If I am making a big purchase, something I want to last a long time, I will check reviews and stuff, make sure it's good (like a matress, TV, appliances etc...) but otherwise I tend to just shop where I can find what need!

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Well, I won't buy my kids Britney Spears or Lady Gaga cds...if that's what you mean. There are a whole lot of weirdo celebrities out there...but I don't really purchase much in terms of media anyway, so it doesn't really matter.

We get a heavy discount on GE appliances through my spouse's corporation, but I won't buy them because I don't like that, the lady at Best Buy said their appliances are garbage anyway. GE and Electrolux are trash.

I try to be aware about such things...but you have to remember that so much is rumor and hype.

I guess I'd say it depends....

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nope don't research. i cannot help that i need to buy what i need to buy and if that comes from walmart, or a non organic source than so be it.
my best friend is very conscious about what and where she buys things. well most of the time, but she does still shop at walmart. she won't buy any product from unilever, and she is a vegetarian.i'm sure there are other things she won't buy she jsut hasn't mentioned them to me-we're pretty much opposites when it comes to these things.
i can't help but get what i want and if there is an acceptable alternative that somebody shows me i'll be all over that, but that doesn't happen to often. show me a company where there is as much conveinance as walmart, and as cheap and i'll go there instead, but until then....

ME - posted on 07/11/2010




I was thinking of Mel Gibson and his recent vitriolic diatribe of racist, misogynistic garbage when I mentioned artists...

LaCi - posted on 07/11/2010




Absolutely necessary!

I'm too disorganized to research all companies before buying something, much of what I buy is on a whim. However, I DO research the things I buy frequently. I also have a blacklist, particular companies I won't buy anything from.

I'm not terribly concerned about what an artist may do in his/her personal life before I buy a painting, because I can only assume it's nothing completely devastating environmentally, and I doubt MOST artists are lining their wallets as lobbyists. :)

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