Waking toddlers/young kids

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Do you wake your toddler or young child if they sleep too long during the day? If so why?


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I don't wake them up exactly, but I open the door to the rooms really wide, so that there is more natural noise and light. Usually does the trick. We postpone my son's bedtime by about 20-30 minutes to 8:30 if he naps late. He's pretty good about getting into bed at that time, but if he napped late then he might be awake in there for a while. Still happy though. If he doesn't lay down for a nap at all, he'll get really cranky and crash pretty early in the evening. If he has 'quiet time' so lays down for a nap but never actually falls asleep, he may ask to go down for bed a bit early. My daughter is still too young to be happy in bed if she's not really sleepy; for her, late naps mean that she's up pretty late at night. So I guess my kids are affected by their naps quite a bit, but for my son it doesn't effect the actual time exactly, just the overall night time experience in terms of mood/crankiness.

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I used to with my son. And I used to instruct daycare to wake him too. I remember being absolutely furious when they didn't. My reason? He was 4 years old, and he would STILL nap for 3 hours in the afternoon if you let him. he was 12 months of starting full time school FFS. I was livid that daycare would allow it.

Now, please understand, BECAUSE daycare was allowing him to sleep so many hours, he wouldn't go to bed at night. I was trying to hard to get a regular bedtime an schedule so could cope with pre school and school when the time came, and I knew a kid still having 3 hour daytime sleeps was just NOT going to cope.

Anyway, it did work out, but even to this day as a 14 year old, he still needs a good sleep at night. He will sleep 12 hours on weekends, although generally only gets 9-10 hours on school nights. He has always liked his sleep.

Anyway, long story short, my reasoning was that he needed to get a daytime schedule to suit school.


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No way..there sleeping fr a reason.Let them on.My second did nothing but sleep.My doc said if they sleep a lot there growing..its a spurt.

My babygirl was a mth and half under growth but born over due at 6lbs.Good weight for her tiny frame etc.She was under growth for 12mths and then shot up.Shes above your adverage 2&half year old now.Growth wise.Maybe its true.She slept a lot in the day and RIGHT THROUGH at night.Now she takes no nap in the day and sleeps still at night and sleeps up to ten in the morning lol.

Also a baby will not starve.No need to wake them for a feed.They will wake when hunger kicks in.If your child is healthy and has no health problems etc its normal for them to sleep.If you feel its not normal etc.Seek advice from a doctor.:-)

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yes, because if he sleeps for too long he won't sleep at night and we need to be up early so i can get him to daycare and myself to school

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Not unless we had to be somewhere at a specific time. Even if Eliza sleeps 4-5 hours for her nap, she'll go to sleep before 9pm. So I just enjoy those days that she has long naps!

However, I used to keep another child in my home. Her mom didn't want me to let her take late afternoon naps, even if she was acting sleepy. She said if she slept past 2 or 3 in the afternoon she wouldn't go to bed until after 1 am.

Stifler's - posted on 08/22/2011




Logan and Renae are both like that. Even at 18 months if he wakes from a nap at 5 because we've gotten home from somewhere and put him down at 3 he will still go to bed at 7 and Renae just catnaps all day and goes to be at 630-7 even if she woke up from a nap at 615.

Charlie - posted on 08/22/2011




Nikki Cooper is the same he will sleep up to 4 hours at the most , wake ar 5 and go back to sleep at 8 pm.

[deleted account]

Pretty much never woke the girls. They were on a schedule that worked well for all of us.

Only woke my son when I HAD to for some reason or other (usually to leave the house, but I'd carry him out TRYING not to wake him). He's napped as late as 4 or 5 before. Bedtime was still 8.... though it would take him longer to fall asleep if he napped late that's better than dealing w/ overtired, stubborn, Mr. Cranky Butt while I make dinner. ;)

Caitlin - posted on 08/22/2011




I like to stick to our schedule for the most part. My almost 3 year old hasn't napped since she was just over 2 years old, and my 17 month old is still napping twice a day (!). SHe's pretty good, even if she doens't nap, she likes the "quiet time" in her crib without her sister bugging her. She's also good if I put her in her crib and she's not tired, she will just play with her stacking cups until she is ready for sleep. She's an amazing sleeper though, her sister, not so much. SOmetimes if she dozes off int he car even for 15 minutes it makes bedtime HELL. I know she starts to look tired around 2:30ish, but I'll just give her some quiet time in that case, but no nap or it will ruin my week.

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Not unless absolutely necessary to go somewhere etc, usually erics naps are sacred :) he usually naps 12-3 or so but it varies alot. He sleeps at night usually 9-6 but he doesn't sleep more if he naps less, he doesn't sleep more at night no matter what! No nap or 4 hr nap it's the same!

September - posted on 08/22/2011




We've never had to wake our son. He's pretty consistent when it comes to sleep. He takes a nap from 12:30-2pm and goes down for the night at 8-8:30pm and sleeps until 6:30-7am.

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Not strange, Nikki lol. Milla used to be exactly the same. She could sleep for 3hrs, wake up at 5pm and be back in bed at 7.30 with no problems. As she's got older that went out the window though.

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I ask because I have always wondered if sleeping during the day does impact bedtime at night for some children. Working in child care I had heaps of parents ask for their child to be woken or not allowed to sleep so they would sleep at night.

But it doesn't matter how much my daughter sleeps or how late she sleeps she still goes to bed at her bed time. If she doesn't sleep well during the day she wakes half of the night. Maybe I have a strange child!

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Cole doesn't typically nap anymore, so if he does take one, I know he needs it. It is a bit annoying because it means it takes him forever to fall asleep at night, but the boys are little bears when they're woken up early from naps, so unless we have to go somewhere, I let them sleep and just deal with the late night.

Charlie - posted on 08/21/2011




No never if they are sleeping they are sleeping and I am enjoying LOL.

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No I don't wake Milla. I value my life too much! haha. She is horrendous if you wake her. It's just not worth it. There's less grief for everyone if I just let her sleep, and deal with the late night (which happened yesterday... fell asleep in the car at 3.30pm, woke up when I got her out, then crawled up on the lounge and crashed til 5.30, so didn't go to bed til 10.30pm). Although up until fairly recently, her time and length of nap didn't effect her bedtime. Now it does, so if I am putting her down for a nap it is before 2pm. She is 2.5yo, and in this weird transitional stage with naps. She doesn't want to have one when I want her to, but she still REALLY needs it because she wakes up so early in the morning. If I keep her awake, she will go to bed early and easily, but then wakes even earlier the next morning! GAH!! I can't win around here with sleep at the moment :-/

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I wish Ethan still napped :-(

At about 16/17 months old Ethan started fighting his naps, although he still needed them so I began giving him them later in the day but then he wouldn't sleep at night, so he hasn't had regular naps since he was about 18 months old. He gets tired at about 3.30pm but I choose for him to not have a nap and go to bed without an argument on the night and without him fighting his sleep (it didn't matter if we put him to bed at 7pm or 10pm if he'd had a nap he was a nightmare, whereas on the days without a nap he slept straight away.

When he did nap I only woke him if we needed to go out, otherwise he is grumpy if he wakes prematurely from a nap.

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Nope! You never wake a sleeping Logan!! He rarely sleeps for more than 2.5 hours though now that he's 18 months old. If he did and it affected his sleep during the night I would. I used to wake Renae if she slept longer than 4 hours during the day when she was really small so she'd know day from night but now I don't care.

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I will sometimes wake him, if it's getting a bit too long. It's mostly because if I don't, then it takes forever for him to get to sleep at night, resulting in him being cranky the next morning, and needing a longer nap...and it just turns into this vicious cycle.

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My son is 20 months old, and I never wake him up from naps. If he's been sleeping for more than 3 hours I have snuck up to check on him, and that little bit of noise tends to wake him up because he was just dozing.

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