Waking Up in the Middle of the Night? Might be a Natural Thing.

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This article on bi-modal sleeping is one of the most fascinating ones I've read in a long while.


What do you think? Should we try to adapt this practice again? Do you find yourself falling into this pattern naturally?

My husband does this naturally, if left alone on his day off. He'll nap early in the evening, after dinner, get up for a couple hours and go back to sleep.


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If I allow myself to fall into a natural pattern, meaning I go to bed when I am tired, and wake on my own with no alarms, I tend to sleep in smaller chunks.

I feel tired in the evening around 7:30pm. If I go to bed, I will sleep until 11ish, wake for a couple of hours, then sleep from 1am to about 6ish. Unfortunately, life rarely lets me do that.

In reality, I go to bed around 10 pm--if I don't go to bed around 7:30, I get a second burst of energy and will not be able to sleep until around midnight. By then, I am over tired and will sleep until 6am. Then I am tired around 1pm. If I sleep then, I MUST wake by 2pm to get J from school, that power nap greatly increases my productivity for the rest of the day. If I do not, I am sluggish and un-focused for the rest of the day. If I could sleep then without an alarm, I'm sure I would sleep longer, but I have not been able to, except when sick, and we all sleep more then....

I have very severe ADD, and notice a VERY notable difference when I follow my natural sleep patterns. When I sleep and wake when my body tells me to, my mind is so much easier to control! I often wonder if letting children struggling with ADHD develop their own sleep patterns would help them. To my knowledge, no one has tried this in a clinical setting, but I think it would be helpful.

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I second Sherri. Newborn waking up every 3 to 4 hours interrupting my sleep is hell on me!! I much prefer to sleep through the night although I do usually wake up once to go to the washroom. For some people I'm sure it would work for them but I don't think I could do it

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I'm a very light sleeper. I wake at least 3 times a night, and I hate it!! I also can not sleep during the day, every single noise jolts me awake, so that may be why it frustrateds me so much to not sleep at night. My husband can fall asleep anytime anyplace. It make me so jealous! He actually prefers to sleep in chunks, so I think that is an indivual prefrence.

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I only skimmed some of that. I will tell you that I wake 2-5 times/night every night (2 on a good night, 5 on a bad, 3-4 is normal)... which is one of the reasons I don't mind going to bed w/ my son by 7. I am NEVER not tired. No matter how many hours of total sleep I get... my fatigue is constant. Granted, after a good night I'm a little less fatigued, but I actually do not know what it feels like to not be tired.

I think my sleep troubles are only part of the issue, but they certainly don't help anything.

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creepy picture...

i am a very light sleeper, just about everything wakes me up. i have to have constant noise such as a fan or something going the entire night and if that goes off due to electricity going out or whatever i wake up almost immediately. i personally hate it. it means i never really get a good night's sleep because my stupid cat yowls at God knows what at odd times during the night. and my dog barks at this other stupid cat who comes and terrorizes her from across the road. and my daughter wakes up at 6am and i don't have work until 10 or later on some days and as soon as i hear a peep from any of them i'm up. and my husband snores. sigh.

i would hate waking up every four hours. i already wake up three or four times a night unless i exhaust myself the night before. and sometimes when i wake up it takes forever to get back to sleep. it sucks.

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I would loooove to. If I wasn't so used to just sleeping all night.

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I think those who struggle with insomnia should try to adopt this practice, just to see if it would help.

For me personally, I love sleeping all in one chunk. I feel wonderful in the morning, unlike when I nap after supper, wake up at 11 and then go to bed in the wee hours of the morning. Everything just feels shmozzled and weird, which might just be my cultural perception.

If it counts getting up to use the washroom, yes, I fit this pattern. Usually I wake up in the night, get up to pee, mull over my dreams and sleepily ponder writing a fascinating book on the subject (when I do end up writing it down I look at it in the morning and wonder why I thought writing "rabbit trails like scribbles over the snow" on my BBT chart was a good idea)

The whole awake time is probably not more than 10 or 15 minutes, and often I don't even remember it in the morning.

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I've always believed that it's unnatural to sleep straight through without waking. It's a product of the industrial revolution.

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