Well that game sucked. Let's go burn some shit!

Lady Heather - posted on 06/17/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I'm sure many of you heard what went on in Vancouver this week. Looting and burning of cars and the like because the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup. I'm a mega Canucks fan so I was pretty bummed, but I managed to resist the urge to tip over a car and set it ablaze.

What's up with this mob mentality? Does anyone here think they'd succumb? Hmmm...I suppose you wouldn't answer that truthfully. Would you stand by and watch as other people took part in the lunacy? What would you do if you were caught in a riot like that?

Also, this is just an excuse to post this video. Buddy posted his evil doings on facebook and got arrested. Some awesome guy made a song out of it:


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Lady Heather - posted on 06/17/2011




I think the really nutty part was the number of people who stuck around just to watch. And these were relatively "normal" people. Like a friend of mine from high school stayed. He's never seemed particularly insane. But he ended up getting tear gassed and then he complained about it. I told him he shouldn't even be there and to STFU. rofl. I wonder if we are still friends.

I can understand the people who were sort of stuck in it for the first bit just trying to get out of there. It's not easy to get onto skytrain after a regular game. But if you were still there at midnight, I kind of have no sympathy. All these people just milling about was the reason why the firetrucks couldn't get in to put out fires right away and the police couldn't stop the looting right away.

Totally weird. I'm with you guys. If we ever did attempt a game 7, we'd have a hotel booked as close to the arena as possible so we could stroll over, get inside and lock the doors. Ha.

Dana - posted on 06/17/2011




It just goes to show, every country has idiots. Idiots, adrenaline, alcohol = disaster.

I wouldn't ever take part in such a thing. I'd be afraid for my life for one thing!

Lacye - posted on 06/17/2011




I have a friend on my facebook from Canada and I was picking at her yesterday about it. I put up an article about the riots in Vancover and just below it I wrote, "And I thought Canadians were the peaceful ones". LOL She thought it was funny and said "We usually are. These guys are just dumbasses."

Becky - posted on 06/17/2011




I think they should be ashamed of themselves! No, I don't think I'd succumb to that mob mentality. Some people are just idiots and are looking for a way to cause trouble. I'm not one of them! :) Honestly, unless i was just driving through and got stuck in it, I wouldn't be in a situation like that anyway. But if I was, I'd probably be just be trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. Maybe trying to help anyone who was hurt, but honestly, I think I'd be too scared. I'd just want to get out. I definitely wouldn't be participating!

It's pretty pathetic - totally took away from the pride the Canucks should have felt for making it as far as they did. (Although I cheered for the Bruins! As a die-hard Flames fan, I would just quit watching hockey before I'd cheer for the Canucks or the Oilers! lol)

Now, if the Flames ever make it to the cup again, I'll probably be down on the Red Mile flashing my boobies. But I won't burn anything! Hahahaha!

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