Were you a mean girl, class clown, jock, cheerleader, loner, punk rock, geek/nerd, people pleaser,…ect

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What group would you say you fit into while in highschool?? If you were homeschooled what group do you think you would have fit into?

Are still similar to that person now as far as traits go?

I was the Loner, and yes im similar to that now


Rosie - posted on 01/23/2011




i was a nobody. i had some friends, but i wasn't popular. in high school i didn't get made fun of (that i know of) but middle school was hell for me. i was made fun of constantly for my acne, i was even voted the person most likely to bang herself with a tampon, in a "slam book" that went around.

i am kindof the same now. i have more confidence, but i still am not really in the with the "in" crowd. they don't do anything to make me feel that way, i just do it to myself. if someone doesn't want to talk to me or hang out or whatever, i feel let down again.

Lady Heather - posted on 01/24/2011




I was a Grade A Band Nerd. It worked out well for me because I was already the most unpopular person in my whole grade. It was sad. But got into the music and I met people in other grades and at other schools (including my husband) so then I didn't feel so bad about myself. I won lots of awards for it, not to toot my own horn or anything.

In my Grade 12 yearbook I am voted "Best Musician" and "Most Likely to Join a Convent" (funny given my agnosticity).

I'm still shy and I'm definitely still singing and playing. I just don't get paid for it anymore.


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Fool please. I'm no sellout. I'm still and always WILL BE rebellious, anti-conformist, eccentric, eclectic weirdo subculture person that I've always been. My subculture is not merely music and certainly not some fashion B.S. as fashion is for posers and people with low self esteem. I'm true to the game honey, true blue. What I believe in stays with me for life. Cheers and beers!!!!

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I went to a high school that serviced a wide rural area and the groups mainly went with what town you came from...as that's who you hung out with on weekends... There was defiantly the popular group, the jocks the tough kids and nerds but I was none of them... We were neither in or out of any group just the rural kids

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Just wanted direct verification...you know how rumors get started! Lol

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You truly f-ing kick ass! You are my hero! We were fortunate that most of our "bullying" was just between girls who were jealous or mad at each other for something and it was a mutual "hatred" so they would just trash talk each other. Nobody really went face to face and usually friends just "hated" the other person to support their friend.

But, you my friend, I would have wanted you on speed dial! Member my big mouth? Yah, my classmates loved it! Other people, not so much. I think we would have made a great team! Yup...you are definitely The Woman! But, you did not answer the 2nd part of the question...are you still like that today??? ; )

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Damn it...this iPad is driving me nuts...but at least I can read it.

Anyways, I was my own person back then. I did stuff my way. I did things I liked and that I was good at. I was going to be somebody. Everybody, except my principal, was sure of it, including me.

I graduated in May 1989 (YIKES!!) by Jan 1990 that life was over. 2013, I am starting to realize I am my own person.

Kristi - posted on 03/25/2013





I'm a little bummed, Little Miss! I thought I was going to get a peek into your past! ; )

I was an athlete until 11th grade, which is when I started working part time but I never missed an important sporting event. I was the meaning of school spirit. Not because I was proud of my school but because those players were my friends and I'm as loyal as the day is long. Plus I have a big mouth and I thought I was pretty hot shit back then! My class won spirit week every year. Nobody could remember the last time a freshman class out cheered the senior class before our class arrived!

I got along with pretty much everybody. I was the homecoming queen and lots of people vowed they would do anything for me if I ever need it each year when they signed my yearbook. Lol I was not a drinker or smoker or a doper in HS.

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Well Gigi, if you truly were a bully, I hope that if you see the people you have bullied from your past, you apologize.

Gigi - posted on 03/20/2013




me and my two best friends were the most popular girls in school, people probably thought i was a mean girl, but I was more of a commander, I was the students council president for two years and the drama room queen, the drama room was probably where I was the biggest bully. My highschool boyfriend was the captain of the football team and we were a big part of a christian youth group at our church outside of school. Today I am a married stay at home mom of one, and I look back on my highschool experience with fond memories, I still see many of my teachers out around town and they are like friends to me now, and I am still friends with a large number of my highschool friends, especially my two besties!

[deleted account]

Bandgeek. Loner. Invisible. People pleaser. Had to keep the teachers happy, but couldn't keep the friends happy, so I ditched them. I was in band, marching and otherwise from 5th grade until I graduated, and most of my crowd was as well. Beyond that, I generally flew under the radar. My best friend didn't know nearly as much about me as she thought she did. I'm much more open with people now, and my best friend knows me better than I think she does. I still don't know exactly where I'm going to end up in life, but I know who I'm going to jouney there with. I'm happier by far, which I think is the most important thing. High school sucked! LOL!

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I was on the swim team, NEVER a mean girl, class big mouth, was the friend to all the guys but never the girlfriend which sucked and pretty much hung out with a lot of different groups cuz my girlfriends were cheerleaders, gymnasts and my guy friends were swimmers, football players and band guys. And I'm the same today although now I have a cute guy of my very own AND he's my best friend too (lol).

[deleted account]

This post made me feel old--I can barely remember who I was in high school and actually had to go peek at my old yearbooks to jog my memories! lol

I was artsy, I had a lot of friends at school, but only a select few that I talked to or saw outside of school. I dressed pretty average--jeans and a fitted tee, but once I was accepted into the Arts Magnet Academy I got a little bolder and put a goth/punk twist on it, but not too extreme. I got my eyebrow pierced and had 6 holes in my right ear...1 hole in my left, that ear kept getting infected :P So I was asymmetric!

A lot of my friends did drugs, but I spent 9 yrs homeless b/c of my dad's addiction, so I stayed as far from drugs as I could.

Due to my issues at home, I graduated with a very low 1.9 GPA, not because I wasn't smart, I just couldn't keep up with my assignments and missed a lot of deadlines. I aced the SAT's though--literally: perfect 1600--which is how I earned my scholarships for college.

I was pretty shy and usually didn't talk to others unless they talked to me first. lost contact with pretty much everyone I knew in high school, but a few have found me through facebook and I am always shocked that people remember me :P

Over all, I guess a pretty average high school experience, but I don't really know which clique I fit into....

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I was a bad girl, now i'm completely different a bit like Shauna. My husband was a library nerd haha I wouldn't have gone near him in high school.

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I wasn't really anything. I was friends with people in all groups but I moved at the beginning of HS so it was hard to make friends especially since I was very shy. and it seems everyone I got to be good friends with moved. Things are pretty much the same now.

[deleted account]

my friends use to refer to my breasts as a person sometimes. I would be making plans and they would add"be sure to bring your tits too..."

Charlie - posted on 01/24/2011




Toni the boys at my school nicknamed me blockbuster because that , according to them , was the largest sized rack you could get .

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/24/2011




Jocelyn and Krista,...it did feel DAMN AWESOME!!!

Shauna - posted on 01/24/2011




Total Rebel, hated authority, cant tell you how many times i got kicked out of school, Major druggie. You name it ive done it. But was also a huge health freak, and worked out daily sometimes multiple times a day, which is a weird combo. I dressed in the trashiest clothes i could find. i was a SLUT.
---------- Ok so now, im almost 27 in college 4.0 GPA..... Overprotective mother, Dont touch drugs, dont drink dont smoke. I drive the speed limit instead of 100mph on the hwy. however still dress like im going to the skate park , still dont like authority and Love love love being a mother.

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I was friends with everyone because I was the token black girl :) because I went to majority white school and the second big ethanic group was native, we had a few asians and few blacks. I was always had friends in popular group I am still friends with those girls. I guess the popular guys liking me and the good looking guys help me be popular but I never wanted boyfriends and I am still friends with those guys still now. I played lots of sports basketball,volleyball and soccer. Plus i dressed well and girls always asked me where did i get my clothes :) still dress well but now i live in a small town I kinda look weird dressing up.

Jackie - posted on 01/24/2011




Hmm, well, truthfully I stayed pretty stoned in high school and tried everything in my power to never even GO to high school. But, the times that I was actually there, I had a small group of friends and lots of acquaintances. I didn't really fit in anywhere in particular. In fact, I was shocked if a popular kid knew my name. In middle school, I was a loner and had a handful of friends. I didn't think that I was liked much by any group. I wasn't much to look at. I was skinny, didn't wear make up, didn't dress to fit in because I had no sense of style and I had crooked teeth. The only popularity I got was because I dated a cool kid. Why didn't anyone tell me that the "cool kid" was supposed to be in 8th grade but was still in 6th grade? Hmmm... boggles the mind, doesn't it? Which brings me to my point....

I have since run into alot people that I went to school with and were considered "popular" and alot of the really pretty girls are all kinds of busted now! Got 6 kids and on welfare and 150 lbs heavier than before. Hahaha. Also, a lot of the hot guys that I have run into don't remember me the way that I did. They remember me being a pretty cool chick that they used to go to concerts with and have a good time smoking a joint. Makes me wonder why I was such an introvert back then. If I would have come out of my shell, I would have probably been liked by lots of people :)

PS> The "cool Kid" that I dated is now a heroin addict. Go figure.

Jocelyn - posted on 01/24/2011




Awesome Marina!

Edited to add: Awesome @ the slamming and shooting down :P

Krista - posted on 01/24/2011




So glad you got a chance to shoot him down, Marina! That must have felt AWESOME.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/24/2011




PS....it was not just the girls who came up to me after I shoved him...many of his guy friends saw,,came up...talked to, and told me he would never be bothering me again. Why could they not have said anything to him BEFORE all this shit? I guess when I stood up to him, they realized how bad and mean he was to me.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/24/2011




My sister gave me a very very bad reputation,,,she was a very bad girl in highschool. Most teachers hated me by association. My first day of high school, and my spanish teacher took me aside...she said "I know who you are, I know who your sister is. You better watch yourself." She said something else that I cannot completely remember, but it essentially boiled down to a threat. NICE!

I was VERY well known in high school...Like I said, I didn't knwo I was actually liked until senior graduation. I took alot of heat from the older kids. One kid Johnny D had it out for me BAD! He was in 11th grade and tortured me. I had a big ass mouth so I fought back! He would scream "FREAK" at me, and scream "WEED" iin my face....until I was in 10th grade and got sick of his bullshit...he was surrounded by some girls at the locker...I was walking by myself, and he of course started screaming "FREAK" and other stuff at me......I turned to him and slammed him so fucking hard into the lockers that his head made a dent into the top locker. Needless to say, he didn't bother me after that. (while he was being an ass to me, the girls just looked at him like he was an asshole...but no one stepped in...they were in shock when I shoved him). I remember the girls coming up to me in luch outside in the pit...my thoughts were *I am gonna get my ass kicked* They came over and congratulated me for what I did....he was wicked popular, and word got around that a girl...the *freak* kicked his ass.

One of his friends Ray I think (big fucking HUGE dude,,,heavy and MEAN) knew me and my best friend were vegetarians...he would come over and litterally slap us with salami...of course referencing *I got my salami in your face* I mouthed off to him constantly...he wasn't very quick thinking, so anytime he would say something to me, my comebacks were sharp and mean...getting all of his friends to laugh...that just made him meaner.

One guy, in my own grade...a huge jock with huge muscles was walking up a stairwell, I was walking down...he bumped into me..and it happened to knock his ONLY book out of his hands....he actually charged me....when he saw me just stand my ground with fists up and ready to go...he just swore at me and walked away.

I have no idea why all these guys chose to bully me relentlessly, but they did...and I would have taken a beating...I didn't give a fuck. Mind you, these big jocks were coming after a 4ft 11in girl.

BTW, my most gratifying moment after graduation was when Johnny D, the boy I slammed into the locker, he came up to me when I was working and had the fucking balls to say "sorry I was such an ass in highschool. Do you think you would go on a date with me?" I actually got the chance to laught in his face. "thanks for the appology, but I think that is as far as you are getting with me." Douche bag.

Laura - posted on 01/24/2011




Ok let me preface this by saying my town was about 300 people about 70 in the whole high school and I graduated with a class of 19.

I was a jock, a brain/nerdy/geek (what ever you want to call it), and a loner. I guess I was just socially awkward until I left my home town. I always tried to fit it but just didn't. Then I just stopped caring about fitting in and found people I fit with in college. I ended up having more guy friends than girlfriends.

~Jennifer - posted on 01/24/2011





and kinda mean.....except to the 'unpopular' kids...I was friends with all of them
(most of them were in the marching band, and so was I)
(.....this one time....at band camp....)

Stifler's - posted on 01/24/2011




I had water fights at lunch time and skinny dipped in Sheree's pool at lunch time. And we had a day off a week so we would all get trashed at Sally's Monday night and have Tuesday off to eat chips and roam around town. Fun times. Is it sad that I still am friends with everyone from school?

[deleted account]

I was the swot with a sense of humour and a great rack - that is actually a quote form my leavers book lol.

I was a geek, and was in all the extra curricular clubs (the choir, theatre shows, sports clubs etc).

I got along with most people although I only had a small number of people who were my friends and of those only one true friend. I was too outspoken and often told the bitter truth too directly, that is why I was voted to tell one friend that she smelled of BO, which she did but I probably shouldn't have just walked up to her and said "look everyone says you smell of BO" - I have since learnt that there are more diplomatic ways to say things.

I grew more from my time in uni, because I realised that who cares if your popular or not, I am doing way better than any of the popular mean girls are now.

I have changed from how I was in high school I am more accepting of me and who I am, regardless of what people think. I have grown and am nicer and nowhere near as awkward because I don't want to impress people, you like me or you don't I couldn't care less!

Edit to add, I am still a major geek and proud of it :-)

Tara - posted on 01/24/2011




I was the stoned, free loving hippy chick. I was the thinker in school, the teachers liked me because I was interested in what we were learning, but at the same time I was a shit disturber. I was the one called an injustice if I saw an injustice.
I was outspoken and opinionated. Much the same as I am now.
I was also depressed a lot, but no one would have known, they would have just seen me as another moody teenager who hates the world.
I was not bullied nor did I bully anyone.
But I was known throughout school as a party girl, she who would smoke anyone under the table and stay up all night playing ping pong with anyone who dared to challenge me.

Sarah - posted on 01/24/2011




I was the bullied girl! lol
Then I was the slut girl (although I'd never slept with anyone so how they worked that one out is beyond me!!)
Then I was the goth girl!

Ez - posted on 01/24/2011




I was in the popular group at a G & T school (academically selective), and was sporty (state and national level netball), so high school was a total breeze for me. I actually have to remind myself that it wasn't like that for everyone. And hearing stories like what happened to Kati certainly rams that home :(

I'd say things have changed a bit. I have a much lower tolerance for bullshit, and actually like spending time on my own now. I don't have a large group of friends like I did in high school. I have not seen any of them regularly for a lot of years, despite really enjoying their company when we do catch up. I much prefer a handful of really close friends to a wide circle of acquaintances now.

Jocelyn - posted on 01/24/2011




Lol Krista I had a "bit" of a reputation as well :P
And I sure had fun getting it!!!

[deleted account]

I was a Stoner, quiet, shy, but pretty much always baked:P I'm not a stoner anymore and I'm not very shy or quiet either.

Sharon - posted on 01/23/2011




I was shy. Quiet. The skinny bean pole who tried to not be noticed.

Up until about my freshman year of highschool. Then I started to come out of my shell.

Then I broke both legs, my pelvis, dislocated my hip, shoulder..... I had kind of a set back and an awakening.

I wasn't shy, scared of anything and nothing really mattered. I went a tad wild once I healed up.

[deleted account]

I was the Loner and it still fits me now. I don't have many friends, haven't had many since one horrible day in yr 9.

Nicole - posted on 01/23/2011




I dropped out and got a job when I was 14. I didn't get along with kids my age and made friends with people in their 20s who were university students.

I also was an dancer/gymnast and trained long hours

Sarah - posted on 01/23/2011




I was the extremely shy, introverted girl with a stutter. Ahhh high school...how I hated you. ;) I went to a private high school & stuck pretty close to my very small group of friends. Now 9 years later, I pretty much have the same characteristics...stutter and all. :)

Nikki - posted on 01/23/2011




Kati, reading your post makes me sad :( Kids can be so mean. The one thing I have let go of from primary school, where I was bullied a little is that adulthood is not like school. Yes there are different classes of people with different morals, lifestyles and incomes. BUT who gives a shit if they are popular. I would much prefer to have a few close loving and dependable friends and I couldn't care less what kind of clothes they wear, or house they live in. Life is too short, beauty fades, people go broke, it's our relationships that make us happy. Screw all the nasty vain losers out there that think otherwise. Don't give people the power to make you feel bad about yourself.

Krista - posted on 01/23/2011




Jenn, I think you and I would have been good friends in high school. You sound a LOT like what I was -- an in-betweener who was involved in a metric shitload of extracurriculars.

Bonnie - posted on 01/23/2011




I was shy and quiet in highschool (still had friends though)than I went to college and I was like a different person. I became more open, spoke my piece, maybe even developed a bit of an attitude and it felt good. Then I wondered why I had to be so shy all those other years lol.

Jenn - posted on 01/23/2011




I was an in-betweener. I wasn't in the popular crowd, I wasn't a mean girl, I wasn't a loser, I wasn't a jock, I wasn't anything but me. I was in the environmental awareness club, band, student council class rep, school rep, chess club, mock UN club. I went through different phases of the way I dressed and did my hair- sometimes I was kind of preppy, sometimes totally freaky with half my hair shaved off, sometimes a rocker chick with skin tight black jeans and Metallica t's - I was all over the map LOL! I'm pretty much still the same - a mixed bag of nuts! :P

~♥Little Miss - posted on 01/23/2011




Kati, your cool in my book! I'd like to slam around the kids thqt said that vulgar shit about you....maybe shove tampons in their various oriphaces. How rude!

Kylie - posted on 01/23/2011




I was a freak, the emo, arty girl with gothic friends. I also hung out the the quiet, geeky girls. I was sporty so i had a couple friends from the popular, pretty groups but they only talked to me during games and training. Bitches.

Mrs. - posted on 01/23/2011




I moved almost every three years-I was a lot of different things. I guess the main thing I always was-the new girl. I know in junior high I was a bit of a mean girl and then in high school I was a theatre girl. Mostly though, just the odd new girl who was either really interesting cause she was new or very invisible because everyone else was already set in their groups.

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