WHALE WARS "The Whale Debate"

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Just some info......

So, this is by far one of my favorite T.V. shows…Im all for the cause they are trying to carry out……
It makes me upset to see this going on and people getting away with it, all because they call what they are really doing by another name.

here is some from the link......posted below

No Reason to Hunt Whales?

Those opposed to whaling say there is no longer any reason to hunt whales in a world where petroleum has replaced whale oil, whale meat is no longer necessary for survival and we know so much about the intelligence and complex social lives of whales. We know that, when not killed instantly, it often takes 10 to 35 minutes for a whale to die once harpooned, and that they suffer.
In Japan, a 2006 Gallup poll found that 83 percent of Japanese had not eaten whale in long time, or never. As evidenced by the booming whale-watching industry, millions would rather see whales alive than dead. And the IWC continues to oppose a return to commercial whaling.

Why do we still hunt whales?

Human beings have hunted whales for thousands of years. Evidence of whale-hunting activity in Japan dates back to at least 10,000 B.C., but the modern controversy over whaling really began at the beginning of the 20th century with the advent of steam ships and explosive harpoons. Until quite recently, whaling was accepted as a legitimate source of food, oil and bone products in many countries; in Japan, for example, whale meat was an important food source during and after World War 2, and still accounted for almost half the nation’s protein in 1947.

Whaling in the 21st century

Today, the UK and many other countries still strongly oppose commercial whaling of any kind, both on grounds of cruelty and conservation. But a small number of countries say that whaling is an important part of their cultural heritage and defend their right to kill whales for food and sustenance. Whales are still hunted on a small, localised scale in the USA, Denmark, Russia and St Vincent and the Grenadines, where IWC rules still allow subsistence whaling by aboriginal peoples such as Alaska's Inuits.

Despite widespread objection, commercial whaling is still conducted by three countries; Iceland, Norway and Japan. Iceland and Norway, in particular, have long objected to the IWC moratorium and have recently resumed their whaling activities. Japan notionally adheres to the commercial ban but instead hunts whales under a loophole in IWC regulations, which allows a certain number of animals to be killed for scientific research. Japan currently kills around 1,000 minke whales for so-called scientific purposes every year, as well as about 100 endangered fin and humpback whales.



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Who are we to dictate what other countires eat? I don't like the idea of whales being eaten, but I also don't like the idea of cats and dogs being eaten.
Do we have the right to tell another country half way across the world to stop doing something that doesn't affect our way of life, just because we don't like it?
Having said that I would like to see the results of 20 years research into minke whales - the japanese must be experts by now.

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Honestly I'd rather save the whales than the people. Humans are a plague on this planet.

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i'm not a fan of killing endangered species. it does bug me, but really when you watch the show they crashed their boat into a japanese boat. um HELLO, killing people to save whales is not my idea of smart. and what did it get them? well, the japanese turned around and did it to one of their smaller vessels and potentially could've killed those on board if they had been in the front of the boat. luckily they weren't, but i just don't get the whole thing lately. it seems really screwy.

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I think that in general we need to take better care of our planet. Stop trying to kill everything.

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