What a JERK!!!

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Sheesh! My grandmother used to have a saying: "No good deed goes unpunished." Guess she was right, at least in the case of Heather Elliot. The Illinois woman was in a store parking lot when she spotted two little boys, ages 4 and 1, crying and red-faced in a hot car. Concerned, she ran over to try to help (it was 88 degrees that day! We know how those stories end!).

That's when the boys' 21-year-old mother, Heather Query, came running over -- and punched Elliot right in the face! Well! You're welcome very much!

Obviously it's outrageous that this poor woman got clobbered when she was just trying to help two small children, and it's equally outrageous that the two kids should have been left to bake in a hot car by themselves. Query is now being charged with battery and neglect, and might lose custody of her kids because of her actions. But what if ... well, I know there's no "good" reason for what she did, but maybe there is a small part of me that understands why she flipped out.

I know the reaction I have when somebody, especially a stranger, butts in to tell me how to raise my kids or point out something I'm doing "wrong." I remember the way I felt when my daughter was little and some woman at the playground read me the riot act because, in her opinion, the melon chunks my daughter was eating were a "choking hazard." (They were not.) There's just some primal instinct that gets triggered when our intentions as mothers are called into question, I think ... let me tell ya, I would've loved to punch that melon lady smack in the nose.

I didn't, though, and that's the difference, I guess. Heather Query is a young mom; I have no idea why she left her kids in the car or for how long she was gone, but I hope (assuming she's not a total lunatic, which is possible) she gets the chance to try being a mom again.

And I hope Heather Elliot isn't too scared to help little old ladies across the street.

Why do you think Heather Query punched her kids' potential rescuer?

Incredible. Just shameful. I hope she goes to jail for that.


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I can see why Q punched E. I certainly don't think Q was right to leave her kids in the hot car... even if it were to be only a minute to return a cart (story doesn't say that, but even IF) cuz that would be a HOT car w/ no a/c running.

Q's neglect aside though... she comes to her car w/ her children in it and sees some strange woman breaking in. She could've been scared for their safety and felt she was protecting them for a potential kidnapper.

Just playing devil's advocate here. She certainly deserves the neglect charge... and considering E's motivation... the battery charge as well. Not sure she should lose her kids over it though. Mandatory parenting classes and counseling so she can get a clue for sure.....

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Well, while Heather Q is obviously in the wrong for leaving her kids in a hot car, we don't know the full story of the punch either. Did she approach her car only to find a strange women trying to get into it, so her first reaction was to attack? How long did she leave them in the car? Did she buckle them in and then turn around to put the cart in the cart return that's a few steps away...who knows. Too many variables with an incomplete story.

However, if the story goes along the same lines as the author is implying, Heather Q was annoyed that a stranger was interfering so she punched Heather E, then that's horrible but, it is no where comparable to a women in the park telling you that the pieces of melon are a choking hazard for your kid.

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Bitch.... ooops did I just say that? (to Heather Q that is)
The woman is an arsehole who left her preschooler and baby in a boiling hot car. I'm gonna go with... moron (sorry for all the name calling). When Heather E had to save the young children from their moron mother. The moron mother had to save face or... smash hers.
"How dare you question my ability as a mother!!" ummm... she wasn't berating you on feeding them formula instead of breastmilk.... she was saving your children from baking to death alone in your car because you're too lazy to unbuckle them and carry them into Walmart with you.
(I wonder if this did occur in a Walmart parking lot... I have my suspicions)
Dumbass, doesn't she watch the news... I'm guessing Jerry is a more interesting watch. *eye roll*

Amanda - posted on 07/17/2011




She punched her because some people are just idiots who think they can do whatever they want when they want to do it. Ie leaving her children in a hot car, when just about everywhere its illegal to do, and anyone with an tibit of comman sense knows is extremely dangerous.

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