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Ok, so, we talked about how much stuff we give our kids day to day... if we limit them or buy them things all the time... and many gave kids Christmas and Bdays....

Here's what we do...

Christmas - Jesus got three gifts, so my kids get three gifts under the tree some were even used!

Birthdays- IF we have the money, I will spend a little on a party, but not every party. Most of them are cake, ice cream and a few friends at home. Presents depend on party... if I spend a lot on party, presents are pretty thin...

However, I will comment that I hate breakable, generic, crappy toys... I'd rather find good toys on clearance or used even... Christmas was several used and new things this year...

((just a note... we spent about $150 on three kids, between three gifts each and stockings which aren't included in the three gifts... LOL!)) i think that's more than enough. Tighter years, we spend less.


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Jodi - posted on 02/10/2011




We spend avbout $250 per child each for birthday and Christmas. Now that they are older, a lot of things are more expensive. Especially the teens. We do buy them clothes in amongst that, generally, which is something they need anyway.

We also spend a little more on our youngest daughter than any of the other children, because they each have other homes to go to where they get a second lot of gifts. Because our youngest only has the one lot of gifts, she gets a little more :) No-one has an issue with that.

Jenny - posted on 02/10/2011




My partner goes overboard. I am trying to break his habit of showing love through "stuff" that we end up getting rid of. He likes to see a pile of presents overrunning the whole damn room. Birthdays are a bit more conservative but that's only because one is the day after Christmas and the other one is three weeks later.

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Well this year I think we figured it out! Christmas my daughter's first year was way too much. I started picking up little things here and there in July...lol! The next year I set a price limit. I happen to be a very good shopper so again, there was too much stuff. This year I did an item limit...this item limit can be flexible from year to year depending on what is needed and how much money we have to spend. This year she got...a swingset for the backyard, a camping chair, a flashlight, a movie, and a stocking filled with packaged cookies and juice boxes. It was perfect.

For birthdays we do a party with family and friends. Both years we served hamburgers, hotdogs, homemade ice cream and cake. We didn't get her anything for her first birthday (unless you count the bookshelf we were going to buy anyway). Year two I go her potty training stuff...the potty seat, Elmo's potty time dvd, and panties. This year for her third...not sure what we are doing. She doesn't NEED anything, so we might not get her anything. She'll get plenty from our family as it is. I've thought about getting her a bike with training wheels, but I don't think she's ready.

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I only spend $25-50 on each girl, but usually make them things, too. I love taking my oldest to the fabric store, letting her pick something out, then suprising her with a dress or bag, etc.

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Christmas I got Logan MegaBloks, a snail where you put the shaped into one of the 3 at the top and it's supposed to sing but I think the battery was dead when I bought it and bowls, spoons and new sippy cups wrapped up and a stocking full of big boy stuff like toothpaste and a new teething necklace etc. He got heaps of stuff from other people too. His birthday I got him a rubber duck, and books... he had a party so other people bought him presents too. I'm not really sure how much we spent but it wasn't that much.

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I 'think' I spent about $300 for last December, but that's 3 kids Christmas and 2 kids bday (girls are December 13).

2009 was a bit more, but I got my son his guitar AND his bike that year (pretty much his only gifts except a few small stocking items).

We do have a party every year, but it's just family and a few friends (that ARE family to me), food, and fun.... beach or park or our church playground.

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