What are your best times as a family?

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What are your best moments as a family, and what gets in the way of having those moments?

We just went out to a BMX track with the 3 kids (7. 9 and 11) and had a really great time. PS BMX biking is riding a bike over big bumps and dips, and going faster and faster around a track.

We all love doing energetic things and BMX biking is something we can all do at the same time at our own pace - and it's even free!

What do you do together?

For us these great days are kinda rare and made me ponder on what stops us from having them more often. Sometimes the best planned day can turn into a nightmare because one or more of the kids is being really grumpy or the kids are fighting each other all day long, or I'm the one in a bad mood. Or we are just too busy and don't take the time out to have fun together.

Is it harder if the kids are spread out in ages is it hard to find something that everybody wants to do?


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Chelsey - posted on 04/22/2012




Every year our family goes camping for 1-2 weeks. We have been doing this since Matthew and I got married. What started out as just the two of us is now going to be the five of us. Our kids are 5, 3 and 2 months. The two older ones now take it for granted that we will be going and start asking when we are going as soon as the snow melts lol.

We make breakfast almost every Saturday together in the winter. We also go for a lot of walks.

What gets in the way of having a good day or a good time is lack of sleep (and in my case lack of coffee on top of a lack of sleep haha). Also when we overschedule. Trying to fit too much into a day or trip has the kids acting up and the parents losing patience.

Stifler's - posted on 04/22/2012




Go for walks to the botanic gardens and watch tv eating kabana and cheese and jatz... sit out the back watching the kids play and having a rum...

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