What do you do instead of hit the " gym"?

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There are lots of us moms & dads, who are more active in our daily lifestyle, than any paid for gym excercise program would dare to offer. In fact, I think a lot of "hard core" gym goers would have a hard time keeping up with the endurance and stamina that can be required on a typical day by a full time parent. What kind of things are keeping you fit? Here is my "buggy " bit. Dr's who claim that house, yard work and child chasing is not legitimate excercise!


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Now that it is getting warmer, I've been biking, swimming, hiking, and playing tennis with my son....we suck at tennis, but I think chasing after the ball as often as we have to makes for a pretty good workout. I've also planned some adventure sport into our vacations this year--we'll be ziplining, whitewater rafting, doing 2 ropes courses, kayaking, and lots of hiking and exploring. Next year, I am hoping J will be big/old enough to go rock climbing, but he's really small for his age, so we'll see.

My goal is to multitask by getting in quality family time while working out. Granted, the workouts with J are not as strenuous as they are when I work out alone, but I think it's okay to lay off a little in the summer as longs as we don't go completely sedentary.

CelloMom - posted on 05/20/2013




A lot of home-making work can give you good muscle tone, but very little of it actually gives a cardio-vascular workout. Unless you're talking about sawing firewood by hand when you're small like me!
I get on my bike for the grocery shopping; the roads are just hilly enough to make it a challenge, especially on days that both my basket and backpack are loaded. Mowing the grass with an old-fashioned push mower is quite a workout. But that's not my domain: "father mows best"!

Mary - posted on 05/19/2013




I volunteer at my local animal shelter. While my daughter is in preschool, I spend about 6 hrs a week hiking, running, and walking dogs. This is in addition to the twice daily walks I do with my daughter and our own two dogs.

I found that running or walking on my own was rather boring, but through in a leash and a dog or two, and I love it.

Keeshia - posted on 05/19/2013




When I can I like to walk the mile to the store with my kid when we only need a few things or walking to the park and chasing him around there. My son loves it and it wares him down so he sleeps well at night

Celeste - posted on 05/19/2013




Well, I'm not fit quiet yet and I'm overweight, but I do get exercise! I am a runner, just ran my 3rd half marathon a couple of weeks ago, and run smaller races. I'm running my 4th half in August and training for a triathalon in July.

I work outside of the home as an Educational Assistant for Special Ed Life Skills, where I get a lot of strength training and cardio there as well LOL My job is very physically demanding.

And then of course, with house work, and taking care of children when I get home.

Charity_knox - posted on 05/16/2013




I go running(training for a half marathon) or bike riding with my kids most days of the week although I love my alone time runs when i can. I have 3 kids and can all get out and stay active it is important to us. Also.... the nearest gym is 90 miles round trip.

Cece - posted on 05/16/2013




Regarding to the “Dr's who claim that house, yard work and child chasing is not legitimate exercises!” comments, I am kind of in the middle of road. Here is the reason: - You only exercise certain group of muscles while you are doing a physical work, you need to exercise all the muscles to maintain your whole body toned. I am with you about the “gym” thing. I used to go to gym a lot of time when I was single, then being a wife, being pregnant kept me away from gym, not because the house works, also the time consumption. But there are so much things you can do to exercise the muscles you don’t normally use when you chasing your kids, doing house work. When you iron your hair, try to stretch you arms as far as you can; when you get up from the couch, try not to use your hands, that will exercise your tummy muscle; when you pick up your kids, try to stretch your arms before you reach you kids; when you stand in front of the stove, try to hold your body upright, pick one of your foot…. I know these ideas sounds silly, but every bit helps me. If you want to , you will always find a way to exercise.

Darcy - posted on 05/15/2013




I teach group fitness, so I have a ton of ideas! I've posted some on www.fitfoodiemom.com, and I'll post more. This is not a money-making site -- just a way I can share my ideas and research with other moms. :)

Mother Of Pearls - posted on 05/15/2013




well things you do around the house is exercise anything you do that keeps you on your feet and moving for 30 minutes or more is considered exercise I do some squats when I have about 10 to 15 minutes to myself but keep your self moving active and drinking water and eating healthy no fried food lol you should be fine

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Good for you! Chasing your kids, in additon to when they are making just making you nuts, and playing is a fantastic workout! I give huge kudos to everyone who keeps up with the home equipment. We have all had those days where we say later, which turns into tomorrow, which turns into a clothing rack! Oh yeah, we have all been there!

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That is great! I am also a full on summer gardener, we have a large property , 10 acres, 3 of which are my market garden, lots of heavy work. All human powered. Rakes, hoes, wheel barrow and muscle. We push mow the majority of our property, which has to be started again, almost as soon as it is finished. That gets the heart rate up! Even higher if you are using a reel lawn mower.~ I have found that doing several " bonus" trips up and down the stairs get that heart rate going when I am cleaning , although my kids think I am a little wacked when they see me going up and down the stairs, music blarring and shaking my butt! :D:D~
Anxious to hear what other free and daily life activities are keeping you and your family in shape!

Amy - posted on 05/13/2013




I work retail so I'm on my feet 7+ hours a day waking around. Granted right now I am slightly overweight and I've started using my treadmill 3-5 times a week to run at least a mile and then do 10-15 minutes on my stationary bike. But now that the weather is warming up 2-3 times a week I'm outside playing soccer with my son, or freeze tag or cops and robbers with both the kids which is more cardio. We also go hiking when we can.

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I dance a lot as well, and I LOVE to run a few miles every morning in my neighborhood or around the park, but I do hit the gym for exercise as well. Try as I may, I just can't clean hard enough to get my blood really pumping. Maybe it's because I have a small house....or I'm just not that into cleaning :/

I keep a garden too, and I find yardwork is awesome for strength training, but I haven't figured out how to work cardio into it yet. Do you have any tips for that??

Right now, I spend 5 to 7 hours a week at the gym, and I would LOVE to cut that time down, so I hope lots of people share ideas.

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I will start the conversation! I dance and sing. I lost my baby weight fast.... although I am sure the breast feeding had something to do with it also;) There is nothing like some really good loud upbeat music playing to get you moving and your heart rate up while you are vacuuming, dusting or doing laundry. The bonus, my kids love that I want to listen to music all the time, which includes music that they are listening to, so they are participating with me!

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