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India - posted on 04/06/2014 ( 5 moms have responded )




My husband and I have six children... I carried and birthed them all...after my fifth the doctor told me if I continued having babies I could die.... Because I bleed so severely after my deliveries... I got pregnant the six time... It was nothing but Jehovah that made things go well... Don't want to chance another... I asked hubby to get a vasectomy and he said no it's not biblical..but yet he still wants to have unprotected sex and he promises to pull out but never does.I'm so terrified to get tubes tied... But it has now came down to that point...and he also said that he wouldn't support my decision if I choose to have tubes tied...Does he not care about my well being?


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Apparently not. Have your tubes tied.

And make him start to wear a condom. He doesn't want to? He doesn't have sex.

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Sorry to say, but my opinion would be that no, he doesn't care about your well being. Or, for that matter, the well being of your children.
I have 3 children. After the first one, and especially during my pregnancy with the second, I had many talks with my partner about what needed to happen if something, anything, went really wrong. I'm lucky. I've had very easy pregnancies and deliveries. But right from day one, I've said (and hubby has agreed) that if it comes down to me, or the baby that I'm carrying, *I* need to be the one who's saved because I have other children to take care of. What would be harder for them to cope with? The loss of a sibling that they don't know, have no bonded with outside of the womb. A child that is essentially just an *idea* at that point, not a *real* person to them (my kids are 5 and under) or the loss of their mother. The one who has taken care of them every day since they were born, the person who has always been there and who does everything for them?
The loss of a mother is a much more traumatic experience for a child. They NEED their mother.
Your husband is being extremely selfish and childish. Go, get your tubes tied, save your life, the life of your children's mother, and I would SERIOUSLY encourage you to consider whether this is a relationship you want to continue. Your husband is happily willing to risk your life, over and over, for ridiculously selfish reasons. . .not someone I would want to live out my own life with, although I know that I am only getting a small portion of the picture. Just think on it.

Jodi - posted on 04/09/2014




I'd stop having sex with him. And I'd probably just go behind his back and get my tubes tied. He has no right to put you through this. Not to mention your children - if something happened to you, who would be mother to the six children you already have? How incredibly selfish of him.


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