What does your hair say about you? Not a debate


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Katherine - posted on 11/15/2010




Kylie, your hair is beautiful. Mine was decent before I chopped it :(

Nikkole - posted on 11/14/2010




My hair usually says im a Hard working stay at home mom LMAO i ONLY fix it if im going out with my hubby or friends so its usually going crazy because its wavy and short so it sticks out every which way!! But my mom used to be a beautician so she cuts and colors my hair ive NEVER been to a salon and paid and never will!

[deleted account]

This girl (doing the thumb point / arm flexing at myself) ALWAYS has a hair tie on my right wrist. It's like someone who wears a watch all the time...I feel naked without it lol

LaCi - posted on 11/14/2010




*sigh* my hair says nothing about me. None of my issues were on the list :/

Melissa - posted on 11/14/2010




Umm didnt read the artical yet but my hair says I am broke and and a mom...no time to fix and no money to color..lol!

Desiree - posted on 11/14/2010




I could care less about articles and what they say tomorrow one will come out to contridict this one and so on and so forth. My Hair shows I am an overworked mom with no time to sit in the hairdressers more than a couple times a year. Oh well that's life an my hair.

Kate CP - posted on 11/14/2010




Aside from my scalp psoriasis I do love my hair. It's curly and bouncy and a really pretty shade of auburn-blonde. :) Now that it's finally cooled off some I can wear it down without sweating buckets. :P

[deleted account]

Haha! Joy, that sounded like me until a week ago. My MIL used to be a stylist so she gave me a good hack and an amazing color job. I made her take off 4 inches and layer the crap out of it. I LOVE IT!

[deleted account]

Oh, and what does my hair say about me, just by looking at it? It says, "Please! Someone throw away the hair ties! Give this girl a hair style that doesn't involve tying me in a pony tail every day of my life!!!"

[deleted account]

Except for a little dandruff now and then, I don't fall into any of those categories either. I never cut my hair but I don't have split ends. The last time I got a trim was in April '09, just before my wedding. I've been thinking about getting a trim lately though. The winter here is already making it look dry. Maybe a hot oil treatment? I've never done one. My aunt just told me the other day that heated, good quality olive oil can work wonders too. Has anyone ever done it? Or mayonaise? I did a beer treatment once but then I felt guilty for wasting two beers on my hair...I have a lot of hair lol

Katherine - posted on 11/14/2010




@ JuLeah, I NEVER cut my hair!!! I mean like never. I'll do it once a year and maybe color it if I feel like it a few times but that's it. And I don't go to the salon to do it.

Jenn - posted on 11/14/2010




I guess I must be pretty healthy because I don't have any of those problems! In fact, I've always loved my hair. Although I do still have bad hair days - more so now that I'm a Mum because I don't have as much time to style it, and I haven't had a professional cut in a LONG time.

Rebecca - posted on 11/14/2010




Hmm.. I don't fall into those categories... Then again, I am only 19. lol.

JuLeah - posted on 11/13/2010




Interesting. Mostly, what my hair says about me is that I am poor. I overheard two women talking about how, with the economy being what it is, they have had to cut back to twice a month visits to the beauty shop and have even started to do some touch ups at home between visits. Each visit runs them a couple of hundred.
I had to laugh. When I can swing it, every few months or so, I spring for a $10 trim. What made me really laugh was when the two women kindly made effort to include me in the conversation, "Do you have the same problem dear?"

[deleted account]

Phew, thankfully I don't fall into any of those categories. I love my hair....I was actually voted best hair in highschool!

Nikki - posted on 11/13/2010




Interesting, I have the first hair type and I have thyroid problems, so I find it quite believable. From an aesthetic view my hair says that woman obviously needs more time to herself!!

Sarah - posted on 11/13/2010




That is interesting. I hate my hair. It's thin, flat, limp, boring, and just blah. I've tried every hair cut, shampoo, product under the sun to try and get some volume to my hair, but no such luck. I think mine is more hereditary though, considering both my parents have really fine hair. :( Luckily my son got my husband's hair.

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