what food for 6 month old didnt get much response on welcome page...not a debate

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I am wondering cause I have forgotten when to feed my 6 month old - meat, toast and bread. She has been on cereal at 4 months, I took her off it and now eats brocolli, carrot, apple, pear, sweet potato, mashed banana, rockmelon and pumpkin. She wont eat the pumpkin or brocolli so that was wasted.

It it ok at this age to make some spinich, peas, or avacado to get in her green veges? Ive made up some meat with gravy and veges (these foods descriped are all pureed btw) but its too thick she choked on that when can she have that. When can she have toast and bread or what other finger food can I give at 6.5 months. thanks in advance


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ok, my six month old was knawing on pizza crust... LOL! Maybe I'm not the one to ask... ((ok, maybe 7 or 8 months...but close enuff)

But I think as soon as you've introduced the fruits and veggies and given them a chance to start digesting them and see if there are any allergies, you can start introducing meats. I think they try to hold off on the sweets because they want them to get a good flavor for the healthy things...

I think most of the chunkier baby foods suggest 9 months and up, but I made most of my last child's food, and she ate slightly chunky stuff earlier than nine months.

Most babies in our church nursery are all on very soluable cookies (like graham crackers, nilla wafers, etc..) and sometimes ritz crackers by about 6-8 months. Also, once they start pincher grasping, cheerios, broken pieces of fruit loops, etc.. start to be ok.

As for mixing in stuff... just try something new one at a time... as there could be allergies, and you would know what product caused it if you only add one new thing at a time.

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gravy is no good for babies, its the excess fat from the meat. they dont need it.

Any vegetable is great for babies,with a few exceptions. Carrots can sometimes cause a rash when used as a first food. Oranges and other citric fruits are best to hold off on because they are too acidic. Anything else is fair game, unless allergies runs in your family, then i would be cautious of the foods that are high risk for allergies.

If you find a food too thick, thin it down with breastmilk formula or water.

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Peas are good. I gave my boys those at 6 months. I don't think I started feeding my boys meats until they were 7 months, maybe even 8, but I don't think it should harm her as long as it is a thin consistency. I didn't give my boys toast until around 8 or 9 months, without the crust because it doesn't break down as easily and it was whole wheat. Regular bread (not toasted), I didn't give until at least 18 months because it is a choking hazard. It doesn't break down easy.


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I was pureeing my babies food until a couple of weeks ago. Now i just use the masher so it's chunkier for him. My older 2 have left bread on the floor and before i got to pick it up it has gotten into his mouth and he ate it. The little shit follows the older 2 around so when they drop something he can get it. I don't think there is a specific answer to your question i think it's all trial and error she will surely let you know if something is to much for her.

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HMMM. When Logan was 6 months it was Farex (rice cereal) for breakfast, mashed apples or pears or a banana for lunch and mashed pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot for dinner. Sometimes I threw broccoli in or white potato (not often). I've only started feeding him meat now that he's 1.

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WITH MY KIDS I fed them according to their needs. However, we always limited what breads, and meats our kids had before the age of one. At the age of one we started introducing chicken and about 14-16 mos. we introduced red meat. However, we made our own baby food so that it was fresh produce and we knew there wasn't anything unhealthy in it.

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at 6 mo my child had eaten everything available. but i did the jars. Dont have a puree maker. We did the organic jar food and there were some pretty weird combos of food and he ate them all just fine.

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