What is safe to eat, high fructose corn syrup or sugar or other sweeteners?

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The makers of corn syrup tell you it is okay to eat, in fact, not any worse for you then any other type of sweetener. They are likely correct, but look at that statement for a moment.

Sugar, is defined by the global health center, as a poison.

Artificial sweeteners are not safe to consume in any amount. My doctor said she would prefer I take up smoking before eating, even gum, that contained aspartame.

So, to know that corn syrup is just as safe as poison and just as safe as smoking, doesn’t offer much comfort.

Our children are suffering. Our children do not have the life expectancy of their parents.

The rate of obesity, diabetes, ADHD, Autism, and cancer in our children fills me with terror.

But, we, as a society, seem to be okay with this. We still support fast foods. We still feed our children edible food like substances instead of actual food.

We will feed them fruit loops for breakfast.

We tell ourselves, once in a while is okay.

I don’t feed my child bleach or rat poison because ‘just once in a while’ can’t hurt.

The damage done by sweeteners is slower, but just as bad. The makers of the products don’t want you to think too much about it, but more and more people are thinking, intensely.

Some countries have outlawed trans fats in ALL forms of ANY amount. Some states in the US have jumped on board with that too. Let’s think about sweeteners.

In the 1960’s it was common to see a pregnant women smoking and drinking. What thinking person would do that in today’s world?

I think trans fats and sweeteners are our generation’s version of smoking and drinking while pregnant.


Bailey - posted on 09/08/2010




I wholeheartedly agree! High fructose corn syrup in particular is absolutely poison. It even contains mercury! Not to mention the fact that it is made from corn, and all corn (at least that which is grown in the United States) is GMO. We don't buy anything that contains HFCS.

Aspartame is absolutely poison, and it is a complete atrocity that it is even on the market for consumption. It causes blood disorders, and has even been linked with autism. Pregnant women who consume aspartame often have miscarriages. If they do manage to carry their babies to term they often have severe birth defects. Did you know that aspartame is made from the feces of genetically engineered e.coli bacteria? Seriously.

Flouride is rat poison, and they do sell it to us, and even put it into our water. They tell us that we NEED it to keep our teeth healthy, but the truth is that it is cheaper for them to sell it to us, and put it in our water than it would be to dispose of it properly. Fluoride is an industrial byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

On the other hand, more people seem to be realizing that these products are bad for them. Here's a rather encouraging article to that effect:

Jenni - posted on 09/07/2010




I totally agree! It`s so sad that we live in a world where money talks and if people are willing to buy it they will sell it. The corporations that make these products have so much power they can overlook any serious health effects these products have on their consumers. And they probably would sell us consumable rat poison if there was a market for it. People are so afraid of giving their government too much control but they need the rights to enforce regulations on products. Unfortnately they`re all in large coporations back pockets as well. The only thing we can do is as individuals make informed choices when choosing what we put into our bodies.

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I don't really know the answer to that one because I'm not even sure what high fructose corn syrup is. We don't really eat processed food or cereal and I don't worry too much about the latest research. I prefer to cook from scratch and eat oats for breakfast, so it probably doesn't affect us either way.

Stifler's - posted on 09/08/2010




i like frozen veggies, once veggies are 5 days old they have lost all nutritional value.

Petra - posted on 09/08/2010




Kashi is delicious, all natural cereal. Expensive, but so good.

I've been trying over the last few years to avoid processed foods - anything with a long shelf-life can't be good for you. Avoiding the center aisles of the grocery store is a good strategy - only buying fresh fruit, veggies, meat, tofu and making it all yourself is a good way to consume clean, healthy food. I rarely have juice or pop in the house and I buy multi-grain chips for a snack - if you're going to eat junk food, at least try to be reasonable about it. The media is hopping all over this topic because America, Canada and England all have huge obesity rates - but it comes down to personal choice. Educate yourself about food and eat McDonald's at your own risk. Like Emma said, living causes cancer, so do what you like and try to be aware of what you are putting into your body.

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I have a problem with HFCS because of mercury. I'm not interested in eating corn in any form other than a cob or maize.

I'm anti trans-fats, and mostly anti all artificial butter, regardless of transfat content.

I'm not anti sugar, but I do prefer raw cane sugar. I also recommend agave nectar. I love honey as well, local honey is supposed to help with allergies and since I live in the 1st or 2nd worst place for allergies in the state I'll try it out....

Anyway, anything can be a poison. The problem with sugar is its processed until all nutritional content has been sucked out of it. We all know it's empty calories, and we all know HFCS has a similar caloric and nutritional (lack of) content, difference being HFCS contains actual poison : http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con...

So no, I don't feed mine froot loops for breakfast, or any other cereal. Someday he MIGHT get kashi. Kashi is safe.

There's no benefit in companies using HFCS anymore, the cost isn't so alluring. Sugar is only bad if your lifestyle fits into that bad. There's not much difference, at the end of the day, in where you got your sugar from. If you didn't burn it off you'll get fatter and set yourself up for all the risks associated. The problem is the chemicals within the sweetener. empty calories or empty calories+mercury? I'll take the former.

Rosie - posted on 09/08/2010




totally true cathy. tuna is supposed to be great for you, but for that pesky mercury. hell, i even heard the little burned parts of your toast can cause cancer. think you are doing your part by using cloth diapers, not if they're white. use tampons? pads? all bleached. my point is danger is EVERYWHERE around you. you just can't stop living. at least i can't....

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I also think real sugar is the lesser 'evil' of the 3. I must admit that I don't label read at all though. Do enough research and you'll probably discover that just about anything you eat and drink will eventually kill you. So... I live in denial, but at least it tastes good. ;)

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I try my best to make sure my children only eat the purest of things...granted snack foods do consist of goldfish, applesauce, rice cakes etc...I try to make sure that if they are going to have sweets that it is NOT artificial. I would prefer real sugar.

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Sugar is bad. No argument there. When shopping I try to buy products without any. If it does have sugar, I only buy it if it's below a certain amount and if it's real sugar. Yes, we limit it and try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners altogether. But staying sugar-free altogether is nearly impossible.

Charlie - posted on 09/07/2010




Too much of anything is bad .

I would never take artificial sweetners yuk , i want to keep my brain intact thanks .

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Oh dear. I don't believe sugar is that evil. I like soft drink sometimes and other kinds of food that are sweet. I think obesity is caused by lack of education on what kind of calories we should be eating vs how many. back in the day there was hardly any of this processed food to worry about. I know of people who eat large packets of chips and coke for breakfast and then they're like WHY CAN'T I LOSE WEIGHT... THIS IS ALL I ATE TODAY! I don't have sugar in my coffee or tea and really avoid unnecessary sweetening like in yoghurt and all that, I just eat natural yoghurt.

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i agree that there is too much sugar and HFCS in our foods these days, but i don't believe these substances when used in moderation are harmful. reason why people are getting so obese is because nowadays everything has excessive amounts of it in it, and we eat excessive amounts of those things containing sugar and HFCS.
everything in moderation is the key to just about anything, i say.

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i try to avoid the processed sugars and what not, I like natural sugars and honey but I don't go insane trying to avoid them.

My guess is that HFCS causes obesity because the people were lazy to begin with.

I was always wary of artificial sweeteners. Still am but if I'm at a restaurant and I want to drink tea, I have to use sweet&low because sugar dosn't melt in a cold drink. I've bought a box of packeted stevia though so I can keep a few packets in my purse so I can avoid that.

If my kids want a twinkie - they can have it. Because i know they won't eat more than one before being overwhelmed by the sweetness of it.

I'd like to see companies switch to more natural sugars myself. thankfully my kids prefer fruit to most any other treat.

Katherine - posted on 09/07/2010




I believe sugar is the lesser of the three evils. High fructose corn syrup leads to obesity,heart disease and diabetes. Artificial sweeteners have been known to cause cancer in lab animals.
I am surprised with that article on sugar though. I try to keep away from all 3.

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