What is your experience with Psychics and Mediums?

Kimberly - posted on 10/17/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I think there are some mediums that have a gift that they have honed in on. I also think there are some shifty people out there.

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Louise - posted on 10/19/2010




I have mixed emotions about it. I went for a reading once and the man mentioned my son by name which really freaked me out. He told me my sister in law that had passed was holding a baby girl in her arms and this just sent me over the edge as I had not long lost a baby. He discribed my nan perfectly and showed me her mannerisums. He also spoke about a grandfather who was a postman and he was. During the reading we were not allowed to speak so where did he get this info from. We travelled for over an hour to get to see this guy and this was before facebook and such was out so how did he know? It gave me comfort in some ways and freaked me out in others I wont be going again.

Jocelyn - posted on 10/18/2010




I believe that there are awesome psychics out there, but there are also the crappy "psychics" who are just out for money telling people generic bullshit. "You will meet a tall dark stranger..."

I have had some wonderful experiences with psychics. I was actually told that I have the ability to talk with angels (which I believe could be possible, but due to me being a VERY strong Empath, I blocked all of my abilities in high school and I haven't been able to get them back *yet*)

Some people loose all faith in psychics when something doesn't happen that they were told WOULD happen, but since we have free will, we are in charge of our own destiny.

[deleted account]

Shifty people most differently..true psychics are also out there..i have to say many dont get to have a reading by them.

I was pregnant second time around and from 6weeks i had dreams 3 dreams ,i saw them as a c-section, signing papers and what i could take as having a miscarriage...all backwards.At 19weeks i started bleeding but thankfully all okay.

I had these 3dreams up to the 8mth.Well in hospital it started as cloths..what i interpreted as a miscarriage from the dream,i saw the actually curtain fabric as in the dream that was around my hospital bed when i walked from the bathroom to my hospital bed...i was holding my tummy the same and wearing the same pjs as in the dream

....i then was rushed to have a c-section and had to sign papers, i saw the same clock on the wall straight ahead of me and a poster of a flower like in the dream

..i only saw my daughters hand after birth like in the dream.

All the time i felt so alone in the dream..i was in real life my partner didnt make the birth..Freaky..i told my partner he couldn't believe it as i told him about the dreams in detail from 6weeks pregnant.Some people are sensitive or it was someones way of warning me..

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For those psychics who claim you have an unchangeable destiny ie dieing on your 40th birthday like Kylie's dad was told, is a bunch of bs. I believe that your "destiny" is changed with every decision you make. So maybe Kylie's dad, if he had stayed on the exact path that the psychic saw, would have died on his 40th birthday. I'm more interested in tarot readings and palm readings, they give you an idea of where you are headed on *this* path, but it's not concrete. Overall, I think it can be helpful but mainly for fun.

Becky - posted on 10/18/2010




All a bunch of made up fairy tales that people tell each other. It is more of a guessing game and they are not accurate at all. They have a good imagination and would be excellent for acting.

TOTAL bunk and a waste of time and money!

Kylie - posted on 10/17/2010




I've never met one or spoken to one. My my dad was 19 a psychic told him he would die at age 40. On his 40th birthday he got up in roof to get down some party lights and he fell though the ceiling..he got really hurt but didn't die. I think he was worried about dying so it's more a matter of what you think , you create rather than the physic knowing the future.

JuLeah - posted on 10/17/2010




I think there are all different levels. I think there are a few that are the ‘real deal’ A few that can tune into something most of us can’t.
I think most that self label as psychic are intuitive people, with an ability to read cues, body language, tone of voice, facial expressions faster then the average Joe.
It is not an accident that many of these folks come from backgrounds of chaos and violence. Many come from homes where addiction and abuse were prominent.
If these homes, to survive, a child needed to learn to ‘read’ energy, read body language, read tone of voice and all the rest. Smart able kids became skilled at reading a room for their very survival. As adults, these same skills can be used to help others, or make a buck.
I have had experience with folks from several levels of ability .... some amazing

Jodi - posted on 10/17/2010




There was some psychic that zoned in on my son when he was about 2 (he was with my parents at the time) and told my parents my son had healing hands.....

He is now 13, and there is no WAY he is going to be a doctor (he just isn't that bright in the subjects he would need - he struggles), so I'm still waiting to interpret that one. At the time, I told my mother maybe he'll become some sort of faith healer, LOL. But who knows...nurse, physio, chiropractor, any number of things. Time will tell if it was bullshit or not. Ask me again in about 5 years!!

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