What's your definition of normal?

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Everyone’s definition of “normal” varies

What’s your definition of normal…in your everyday lyfe….

Some people have maids that come to there house 3x a week, or have nannies…or ride in a town car driven by a hired driver, attending dinners or fund raisers….getting to the nail salon, making money with a hobby of yours....ect

As a stay at home mother of 2..my definition of normal is:

Having a diverse family-we are a sight to see when we go out….., getting stared at when in public when im with my husband, and when im with my 5month old son alone (just him an me)

Doing daily SAHM duties

Going to the bookstore 2x a month

Taking pics with my digital cam

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Tah - posted on 08/30/2010




normal..can i get a def of what she is supposed to be because im prety sure i haven't met her...is she the tall blonde?...

[deleted account]

apparently, my definition of normal has nothing to do with what most people say is "normal"... can't define it to be honest.

Richardson - posted on 08/30/2010




My normal is different week to week as I am a stepmum who shares equal custody with the BM.
I work full time, so that's the same week to week. Weeks with the kids are much more work for me as darling hubby doesn't "do" chores. I make lunches for both boys (hubby's mom looks after them during day but I like to make things a bit easier for her) and for hubby and I. Go to work, make supper for the family (when we are kid-less we go out a couple evenings a week for a drink and dinner). We rotate the following activities for the boys: swimming, bowling, going to the bush and target shooting pellet guns, and fishing. Between working, cooking, cleaning, shopping, bathing the kids and spending time with them, I have very little time to myself! That's "normal" for me though :)

Rosie - posted on 08/30/2010




my normal is rarely seeing my husband who works the night shift. so i end up being the one that does most of the housework, and shuttling around of the kids (i have 3 boys). tomorrow i'll be getting my first taste of what it's like to shuttle my son to football practice on a regular basis. i'll be a "soccer mom" lol!!
i spend my time cooking-most of the time for fun. and playing on the computer, and playing with my boys. i'm pretty boring. we don't go out much, we don't have people over much. i guess i do try to make time to play with my best friend, but now that schools started again, she's a teacher and has been overrun with work so i'm not getting my regular fix of time with her. can't think of much else, we;re pretty damn boring!!!

Jenni - posted on 08/30/2010




Normally i dont refer to myself as being normal. Oh wait... I just did something normal.

Amie - posted on 08/30/2010




I'm a SAHM, my husband works 12 hour shifts on a rotating 5 day on, 5 day off schedule.

3 of our kids are now in school.

Oldest two are in activities most of the week, Friday and Saturdays are free.

I volunteer with their activities but do call on the grandparents or my husband to take the kids out if needed. Their fund raising is during the winter most times and I can only freeze my butt off so many times before enough is enough.

I shuffle all the kids around.

I do most of the housework, shopping, errands, bill paying, appointments, cooking, etc. My husband pitches in when he's home.
I also do most of the yard work, just because I enjoy it.

We have a dog and a cat, with 5 kittens currently but we're not keeping them.

My brother rents a room from us.

We have family get togethers weekly, whether it's with my in laws or my family, it rotates each week.

I handle the schedule for holidays and day to day things. (I'm almost done Halloween stuff now and starting work on Thanksgiving, Christmas will be following shortly) We host almost all the holiday get togethers. There are some Gramma still does on my husband's side. I've taken over for my family though.

We go camping every summer. We take out all the big toys and we all love it.

We also go to various happenings around the city during the summer months. Folk fest, Taste of Saskatchewan, The Exhibition, Cruise weekend, Fireworks Festival, Children's Festival, etc.

There are days I even wonder how I get all the shit done that's needed. I also handle the scheduling for everyone so that helps. LOL

[deleted account]

I don't know whose "normal" includes a maid, nanny and driver...lol! I know two people my age with maids. One has a partner that owns a computer business and is loaded. But no nanny for her. The other is a stripper and makes a killing. She spends $400/week on personal babysitting, but she makes way more than that in just a couple of hours at her job. I would say that those two situations are NOT the norm.

MY normal is probably fairly normal...lol. I'm married and we have one kid and another on the way. We live in a small town in a cute neighborhood. I stay at home, my husband works. He is a nurse in a prison and works nights (which is probably not "normal"). We go to church (baptist) and he leads the music on Sunday mornings, and I work with the kids on Wednesday nights. (that may not be "normal" on a worldwide scale, but around here it's fairly normal) We like to take walks as a family in the morning when he gets home from work and before he crashes for the day. On Saturday mornings we go to the farmer's market. I cook every night and try to keep our meals as healthy as possible. Though at the moment because I'm pregnant, the smell of food makes me sick so we've been eating a lot of sandwiches and take out. I take my daughter to programs at the library and to a music class. I like a clean house, but it's not always that way (I spend too much time on the computer). I cut coupons, shop sales, and get a thrill out of saving money, especially at the grocery store. So, that's my normal.

[deleted account]

Do you mean what is normal for my life, or what society in my area perceives as normal?

In societal terms, I'm a pretty normal mom in a pretty normal family--I am a SAHM in a traditional family with a dog. We live in a cute house, and have 2 cars and a boat. My son is in elementary school, Taekwondo, and Baseball, so I am a "sport mommy" and spend lots of time volunteering with all that, organizing fund raisers, and baking crap--or more often, buying baked things that taste less like the crap I bake, then messing them up a little so it looks like I baked them. I have not had a housekeep or landscaper since I stopped working, and I'm proud to say that I've got the housekeeping under control, but the landscaping shows a little.

That said, we have some societal abnormalities that I think are perfectly normal for a day in my life. Our dog, obsesses over rocks. If he finds a rock larger than a fist, he will go crazy howling at it, then pick it up and carry it around all day--don't even try to take it away from him. And when we have company, I give him a big rock and it keeps him from barking at people and jumping on them. My husband works in computer sciences, so our "home computer" is actually an entire network including 4 computers, wi-fi, and a server, all linked into our home theater system.....in our TINY HOUSE. My husband also wears 2 pairs of socks, every day, even if it is 99 degrees outside....and it often is here. We also have a motorcycle and enjoy extreme sports that I have heard some of the other mommies at school refer to as "crazy" while shaking their heads, so I don't tell them about that :)

That's us in a nutshell!

Krista - posted on 08/30/2010




Man..I WISH my normal was having a maid come over 3x a week. That'd be sweet!

Right now my normal is trying to be there for my son whenever he needs me, do well and advance in my career, keep on top of the housework and chores, spend time with friends and family, and support my husband in his efforts to launch his own business...and constantly, constantly feel like I'm failing at all of them.

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