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Amanda - posted on 12/02/2010 ( 22 moms have responded )




I was watching a show on tv tonight and it was about 2 police woman who had a call to a house where there was 2 pregnant young mothers to be, and both were so high on ice that they were barley able to hold a conversation. The one girl already had a child who was 3 and taken into custody by the state, and was born addicted to methadone. The mother didn't seem concerned that she was addicted to a drug at birth, and said she was glad that she was healthy. Um I don't see being addicted to something the child didn't have a choice about would be considered healthy...but who knows! They had marks all up and down their arms, saying that they hadn't done any heroin that day, just ice. Like that's okay. The policewoman asked how far along they were, and the one who wasn't very big said maybe 4 months, and the other who looked like she could pop anytime now said she thought maybe 5 or 6 months. The policewoman said there is no way your only that far along! you got to be ready to pop! What did your dr say?! They both than informed the cop that neither had had any prenatal care!!! Since there was no drugs on either woman the cops couldn't arrest them. I don't see how a drug addicted mother to be can just stay out on the streets until she either has an addicted baby in some hospital just to leave and continue drugs, or die on the streets trying to get them, or die of an overdose! What the heck is wrong with people anymore? An addict needs help! Not just for themselves but for that poor innocent baby! What's your opinion on this topic?


Sharon - posted on 12/02/2010




In this instance, its obvious to me that both of those 'women' intend/ed to carry their babies to term.

SINCE that is/was their intention they need to be held to a standard. Kind of like "i'm going to be a doctor." ok great, you can be a doctor, but there is a standard and that means medical school, you COULD bypass it and just wing it but its illegal. WHY? because we have a STANDARD OF CARE.

SO! With that in mind, considering their histories, considering their obvious altered mental status, they needed to have their retarded asses dragged down to the hospital, blood drawn, tests run and then locked the fuck up until the babies are born and THEN immediate surrender without the option to fight the state, for the babies, needs to be implemented. i'm sick & tired of babies & toddlers being stuck in fucking government care hell while their crackwhore moms fuck around pretending to give a shit.

Becky - posted on 12/03/2010




I have worked with and placed so many babies of drug addicts, and it is just heartbreaking and infuriating. One little guy, his mom had used cocaine so heavily, that she had burnt out his digestive system. He was in constant pain, couldn't keep anything down, at 6 months, he only weighed 10 lbs! His foster mom honestly didn't think he was going to make it.
I think that any woman who is known to be using drugs during her pregnancy - particularly after the first trimester - needs to be forced into and held in treatment until the child is born. The child should be removed from her care at birth (and almost always is here if the mom is a known drug addict or the child tests positive for any illegal drugs at birth) and not be returned until the mother has completed treatment and maintained a period of sobriety and follow-up.
I always said, if I had my way, after you screwed up your second child by using drugs or alcohol during pregnancy, you'd be sterilized. It may sound harsh, but I have heard of women who have had 18-19 children, all in the system, because of their addictions. They outright say, "I'm just going to keep having kids until Child Welfare lets me keep one." Ummmm, maybe rectify the reasons CW keeps taking them away and they'll let you keep one, dumbass!

Lacye - posted on 12/03/2010




people like that should be sterilized after the first child was born addicted to something. and that is all i'm going to say on that matter.

Shauna, I feel for you! you have a son, he may not be yours biologically but he is yours!, and he has an egg donor like that. I hope things work out for you and that bitch turns over her rights.

Ez - posted on 12/02/2010




I also think it should qualify as child endangerment. What's more dangerous than pumping an unborn baby's body full of that shit?

[deleted account]

They should be taken into custody where a team of doctors can try and decide if it is better for the mother to be refused drugs (since some withdrawals can be worse than the drugs) or given them in a controlled amount/environment. They should be held (not in jail, maybe some rehab type place) until the child is born and then the mother can decide if she wants to give up her baby and go to jail for however long the court decides or stay w/ her baby in the rehab center until she can stay clean on her own.... and tabs should be kept on the mother and child for a significant amount of time.

That's my 'dream world scenario' (well, not quite... my dream would would HAVE no drugs), so I don't know how possible that would ever be.

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Nikkole - posted on 12/03/2010




She should have her child taken away and made to have her tubes tied women like this should not even be allowed to own pets let alone kids!!!!!!!!!! And i saw the same episode watch it every week :)

Lauren - posted on 12/03/2010




i think if your caught once endangering the life of a fetus , your baby should be taken away at birth and under court order your tubes should be tied . Call it whatever you want but if you couldn't get your act together the first time what makes people think your going to for the 2nd 3rd or 4th . I grew up and went to school in a pretty shawtty neighborhood , it was not at all uncommon for many of my classmates to suffer from FAS or or disabilities due to a selfish pregnant mother soaking it up for 9 months . People like this as well as a few other select groups should be banned from ever reproducing again , cause when they do its usually made into someone else's problem and they go on their way . It really makes me sick

Jackie - posted on 12/03/2010




I also think that you should suffer the same consequences if you were to give your child ice or heroin.

[deleted account]

thats a sad story. I think women need to suck it up and curb there addictions for their childs sake. and i think anyone who knows an addicted pregnant woman who has it within there power to act on the situation, should. Report them, or encourage them to go to rehab or whatever. sometimes you can do nothing though. It would be great if laws could be put in place that if a woman is caught high on any drugs whilst (obviously) pregnant. (because at three months they might not even know they are preggers, and would deny knowing anyway) they should be arrested and put under strict supervision in some kind of rehab for mums. I know its alot of government money so it's a nice dream, but it would be good. I mean there are ways to protect children of drug addicted parents, mums and dads who are under the influence of drugs whilst children are in there care.... but pregnant women are parents too... so same laws should apply.

youll love this, once a few yrs back when I was doing casual work for McDonalds, a woman who was HEAVILY pregnant came thru the drive thru. she ordered a big meal, drove to the window to pay, and was smoking a very smelly cigarette, the car was full of smoke... then she said in an adament voice "now you need to make all of this food very fresh, its important because im pregnant you know".... hahaha, I almost laughed out loud in amusement and desgust... but managed to pull a subtle smirk instead.

seriously? You think a 4 minute old large fries and cheeseburger will do more damage to your unborn child than constant tobacco intake? WOW.

perhaps drug and alcohol education should be more taught to pregnant women?

Stifler's - posted on 12/03/2010




The baby should be taken away as soon as they're born. I have no respect for those kind of people.

Denise Janse Van - posted on 12/03/2010




To be straight out... I dont care how big a addict you are or what ridiculous excuses you make for yourself and your habit but when you are pregnant I think it is the most selfish thing to do.. as your child doesn't have a say as to how you bring them into the world and I always believe if your responsible enough to be having sex then you are responsible enough to look after your child and give them the best that you can. I dont have time for Drug addicted mothers.... Get yourself together and for heaven sakes get over it!

Shauna - posted on 12/02/2010




My stepson's mother was a meth addict. She had her child in prison the state i live in is one of the VERy few that allow this. She also has 2 other children by different fathers whom she lost custody of for "abandonment" and also " unfit mother" ... She decided to "raise" my stepson and bring him up while in prison b/c she got a shorter sentence for doing so. And everywomen in that prison knows this. My Husband pays child support and she has "full custody" HOWEVER we have him 80% of the time he calls me mom..... not her and SHES OK WITH THAT!!!!! .... she even admits to us she doesnt care and likes receving checks from my husband in the mail.... she goes from boyfriend to boyfriend ... tells my stepson those guys are his fathers .... whoever she likes at the moment becomes his father ..... long long story ... its a sad one..... My point being ... in my opinion based off of my experience i do not think mothers that know they are pregnant and continue to abuse drugs should have rights to that child once its born!!! ... You are putting your child at harm! and they know it..... yeah drugs alter your brain and chioces yada yada .... but your still commiting the crime. In my case .... my stepsons mother wasnt ready to be a mother 2 children ago and still isnt .... only this time people know she has a son and she doesnt want to ruin her reputation by handing rights over to us ... *her words* she said "people will think im a bad mom then" .... NEWS FLASH YOUR ALLREADY A BAD MOM.

Amanda - posted on 12/02/2010




Nice debate ladies!!! I am having to agree with all of you! These women are lowlifes and don't need to reproduce EVER! No child an innocent child deserves to be born with addiction to a drug that they never had a choice to say they wanted or not! But yes like Sharon said it's very touchy subject!!! :) Too bad we didn't live in a dream world!

[deleted account]

So then the next question is: Who the hell foots the bill for these lowlife moms? Us! The taxpayers! So then of course the follow up question: Would you object to added taxes to support drug-using pregnant women to find some kind of treatment? And would these mothers be required to relinquish their parental rights if they are repeat offenders? Very touchy subject with lots of different paths.

Bonnie - posted on 12/02/2010




It's very sad, but even more sad when those babies are born and they have to be hooked up on a ton of monitors and they go through withdrawl all because of their own mother.

Jodi - posted on 12/02/2010




If these women were holding newborn infants in their arms and those infants had tracks up and down their arms and appeared to be high as a kite, they would be taken away into custody immediately. That is child endangerment...how in the hell is it any different if that baby isn't just yet out of the womb?! This is why I couldn't be a cop, because I would be knocking on their door, every day, several times a day, just waiting for them to fuck up and have drugs on them so I could bust their asses and take those poor babies away from a future of hell. I would get fired for sure!

Dana - posted on 12/02/2010




My opinion is woman like this make me want to vomit. Honestly, in cases like this, I don't think they need to have drugs on them, I think they need to get prenatal care and pass a piss test, then go from there.

[deleted account]

It's a very sad situation and the reality of the problem is that treatment is minimal. Sure, the pregnant women could be locked up, but eventually she will be released. She might have her baby behind bars and therefore give birth to a hopefully somewhat healthy baby if given any pre-natal care behind bars. But the system is flawed on so many levels. This woman could be taken down, booked, serve 30 days, then back on drugs high as the sun. Unless this mother-to-be WANTS help, no one can force it upon her. If the system was truly effective, there would be better and affordable drug treatment centers out there.

Sara - posted on 12/02/2010




There are drugs that people can take that will impact their brain chemistry in such a way it can actually sever or negate the mother/child bond. I think that, and a heavy dose of denial is the only way a mother could do something like that to unborn child. I think it's horrible that people are so selfish and so strung out that they don't take responsibility for a life they created on purpose. And that child, if they survive, will more than likely have severe developmental and psychological problems. You can't tell me that a baby's brain can develop normally in conditions like that. The whole thing makes me sick, really. Those women don't deserve the priviledge of bringing a child into this world.

C. - posted on 12/02/2010




Oooh, wow. I agree. I think the fact alone that they are endangering their unborn babies is enough to take them into custody. That's crazy!

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