What Sarah Palin could learn from Charlie Sheen LOL!!!

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Oh no, Sarah Palin. What's going on? Newly released figures say your popularity is on the downslide. According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, fewer than six in ten Republicans still hold Palin in a favorable light and only 58 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents think highly of her, which is down from an impressive 88 percent during her Vice Presidential run alongside John McCain in 2008. Strong Palin supporters have dropped to 26 percent, an all-time new low for her.

Yikes! Sarah, that's not good if you're planning to run for President. In fact, we think perhaps it's time you took some pointers from none other than Charlie Sheen. That's right. Here's why ...

In terms of favorability, here's where Palin currently stands among other potential 2012 Presidential candidates:

* Mike Huckabee - 61 percent
* Mitt Romney - 60 percent
* Sarah Palin - YOU ARE HERE at 58 percent
* Newt Gingrich - 55 percent

Uh oh.

Look, Sarah, it looks like you could really stand to learn something from Charlie's "winning" attitude because, heck, if Charlie can turn crazy into cash, then maybe he can give you some public relations pointers for upping your popularity at the very least.

5 Things Sarah Palin Could Learn From Charlie Sheen

1. Tea Party, really? Forget about it. Because it's not really a party at all. How about you just plain old PARTY!!! That's what Charlie Sheen does, and frankly, Sarah, you could use a little loosening of the hairclip.
2. Scrap that Sarah Palin's Alaska show. I mean, who really cares what you have to say about bears? As Charlie Sheen demonstrates, people would much rather watch your life, live via webcam in your home at all hours of the night. You don't even have to do your hair all fancy!
3. Your use of munitions metaphors has kind of backfired on you (no pun intended). Remember when you tried that "Do not retreat! Instead -- reload" thing? People didn't love it. Charlie Sheen might advise you to go for the bigger gun metaphors, like fighter jet big. It works for him: "I’m an F-18, and I will destroy you in the air and deploy my ordinance to the ground." That got everyone's attention for sure.
4. Remember when they criticized you for, in some small way, contributing to the mentality that led to the Arizona shootings? Well, instead of coming on TV and defensively trying to string together your thoughts on the matter, you should have just called the media a bunch of "fools and trolls." Simple as that, but a nice "duh" at the end can't hurt.
5. Remember that "blood libel" video you ended up taking down because everyone said it was anti-Semitic? Well, Charlie Sheen didn't take anything down -- in fact, he just kept repeating himself, calling out his boss's Hebrew name on every radio show that would answer his call. I mean, I guess if you're going make yourself look stupid, you should stand behind it.

Of course, Sarah, there is one thing we might suggest that even Charlie might overlook, based on what we're seeing out there on the "Charlie show." It's best to admit when you have peaked and then get out while you're still ahead.

What do you think Sarah Palin could learn from Charlie Sheen?


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nothing....there's nothing that anyone can or should learn from either of them...but this was kind of funny...:)

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