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Ok, so my mom and my brother both work at the same hotel. My brother has been working nights, as they had to let the night auditor go, and my mom works mornings.

Apparently there was this guy that was found out on the walkway of the hotel this morning and he was non-responsive. One of the guests staying there was checking out and said that he saw that man the night before and figured he drank too much and just left him there. There was a family of 4, I believe. Two adults and two young teenagers.. They literally stepped right over the man laying in the walkway and didn't care to help him, according to a witness.

Now, they have cameras at the hotel, but the place where the man was laying, you couldn't really see anything, especially at night. So when my brother was periodically glancing at the screens to make sure everything was fine, he never noticed the man. Once my brother was made aware that there was a man in the walkway, he immediately dialed 911 and emergency response vehicles were sent out.

According to the EMT, the man had taken a bunch of pills and it appeared that he was trying to seek some sort of help. Maybe he was trying to commit suicide and realized upon taking the pills that it wasn't what he really wanted. They tried to revive him, but upon doing so, he was still not responding to anything, even though he was technically alive.

This just really bothered me. How selfish and heartless can some people be? I know for a fact that if it was me that passed by the man, I may not have stopped to ask if he needed help (just to be on the safe side b/c there are too many crazies out there that pretend they need help), but I WOULD have at least told the worker at the front desk of the hotel so they could go check it out or call the police to come check it out. That man had been laying there for about 7 hours, maybe more. And he's probably dead now b/c nobody called 911.

I just can't get over something like that. It really makes me sad to think that he could have survived. He could have been taken to the hospital and they could have pumped his stomach before anything really had a chance to effect his body.

I know some of you are going to argue that he shouldn't have taken the pills. That's true. But if you were in his shoes and realized you had made a mistake and was trying to get help, wouldn't you want someone to help you??



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That is sad. I would have at least told the person at the desk in the hotel.

Your post reminds me of that show "What Would You Do?" Sometimes we just don't know how we would react until placed in a certain situation. Fear gets in the way of doing the right thing.

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Patricia - posted on 07/31/2010




Typical...we as humans give very little concern for other humans.What a shame to know that someone would step over another human and think nothing of it. But very typical.

Danielle - posted on 07/30/2010




Yeah I'd want someone to help me and I'd also notify the front desk immediately after seeing the guy passed out. Even if he just had a few too many beers, a few too many beers can be pretty damaging. It's called alcohol poisoning! Which requires medical attention. I mean, I'd know the guy didn't just pass out outside his hotel room for the fun of it so...I agree, those people were heartless for not doing something when they saw him.

Stifler's - posted on 07/26/2010




If he drank too much and passed out I'd still have callled security or an ambulance. But I'm nosey and like to help people.

Becky - posted on 07/08/2010




So sad! I don't know if I would actually try to help him or go tell the front desk, but I would definitely do something! I remember that story about the homeless man. Our society has truly become pathetic in some ways!

Andrea - posted on 07/08/2010




That's horrible! I would think this would be common sense that if someone is laying on a side walk there is something wrong. Even if I thought they were drunk, I would think there something wrong in just passing out on a sidewalk. I couldn't just step over someone like they were just some random object. People's reactions to thing just blows my mind. I'm the type of person if I see someone's car broke down on the side of the road. I all ways stop to make sure they had called for help or had away to call for help. I yelled at my boyfriend to stop the other day because a car was on the side of the on ramp to the highway she had an infant in the car, I could see that much. I thought she might had need help, turns out she was feeding her baby. The point is I couldn't imagine not checking on someone that appears to need help.

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yeah there was a story on fox news at least a few mos ago.. i think it was in nyc go figure.. a homeless man was lying on the concrete sidewalk, just all 4 limbs out lying there.. there was a sec cam right there.. idk all the details about how long he had been there or anything, but everyone who came by there either ignored or just looked at him and went on.. i was like really? thats terrible, turns out he died i dont know why but def dead.. i watched the video and couldnt believe how many people just ignored him! about 6 mos ago during mass an asian woman passed out during service.. her poor old husband was right next to her holding her hand during the our father prayer.. he looked around after it happened.. i've taken cpr classes in the past.. so i went over, a few rows ahead.. just didi the reg check.. she was conscious but out of it.. so i yelled to the usher i saw call 911!.. lol.. the deacon came down and was like oh my gosh thnks for that i didnt know what was going on .. she ended up fine, just overheated and old.. ambulance came and so on.. but man i waited about 30 secs.. noone did anything so i did what i could.. i know people get nervous and scared.. i did too.. lol.. but i was like ok someone has to do something

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That is awful I will never know how people can just leave someone like that - I would definately stop and check the man was ok and on finding he was unresponsive I would call 999 for an ambulance.

I was in a similar situation to this - One day I was driving down a busy road, there was a person who turned out to be a young boy approx. 8 yo having a seizure on the ground with his bike lying next to him - he was in full view of the road (it is a very straight rd) yet nobody stopped to check he was ok until I pulled in and started giving him first aid (while hubby rang for an ambulance), then 10 people stopped - I could not believe people were just driving past poor child!

C. - posted on 06/30/2010




Thanks for your input. From what I know, the man didn't make it.. That's just really sad.

And no, Sharon, they don't have a security guard or anything on the grounds- just cameras, and unfortunately you can't see everything on them. It's a Choice Hotel, so there probably won't be any change in that.

Ez - posted on 06/30/2010




I agree with you Christina. How anyone can just walk over someone passed out and alone on the ground baffles me. Even if he had just had too much to drink, he clearly still needed help. If I was by myself I probably wouldn't approach him, but would definitely call an ambulance and get help from the hotel. What these people did is completely unacceptable.

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I wouldn't have tried to help him directly, but definitely would've told someone in charge about him. That's sad. :(

Rosie - posted on 06/30/2010




i would've gotten the attention of a hotel worker, i'm much like you were i wouldn't touch him. i'm afraid of the crazies too.

[deleted account]

I also remember these type of scenarios in my Philosophy class. But yes, it is very sad and a shame NOT to at least contact 911 or alert the hotel staff. Simply walking over/around/on top of a person lying there is inhumane, IMO. Shame on that family and I hope karma bites them! Incidentally, does the hotel have a security person that roams the grounds overnight?

Sharon - posted on 06/30/2010




Even if I smelled booze I would have called 911. If it turned out to be nothing at least I knew I did all I could.

La - posted on 06/30/2010




if you found an unconsious person there would be almost no way of telling that they had ODed on pills unless the bottle was in their hand, so if I saw someone passed out I would assume it was a medical issue such as diabetes coma, heart attack, stroke, asthma, etc. Regardless of the reason I would check pulse and call 911 (even if I knew it was in fact a suicide).

[deleted account]

Unfortunately these days there are far too many people with the opinion of "Oh, someone else will do the right thing so I don't have to." In my psychology class we spent a whole day on this subject and it is quite fascinating and disturbing at the same time.

I would do the same as you, Christina. I am too afraid of crazy people trying to play tricks to get victims (I blame my self defense teacher, Vinnie. I do miss those classes though!), but I would go to the front desk and/or security counter and alert them to the man/woman who looked like they need help.

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